Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Twitterian Analysis Of The State Of The Union 2010

Obama certainly looks down his nose in a condescending manner. Why do I hear "KNEEELLLLLLLLL BEFORE ZOD!!!" from Superman II in my ear?

In opening the State of Union, Obama mentioned the Speaker of the House, the Vice President and the American people. What, no acknowledgement of illegal aliens? Obama apparently is not as tolerant as made to appear.

Isn't Chris Matthews forgetting that Obama is Black more offensive then Harry Reid saying "negro dialect"?

By invoking Bull Run & the Bloody Sunday of the civil rights movement in the State of the Union, Obama implies disagreement with him is racist.

Obama claimed he took office amidst growing government debt. It's getting even worse under him.

Biden certainly seemed gleeful about hosing the banks. Biden looked like a bobblehead the way he couldn't keep his neck still.

Guess we’ll see at tax time if Obama is blowing smoke up our rears about not raising taxes.

If Obama is supposedly one of the greatest orators of world history surpassing Bush’s limited elocutionary abilities, why did he use the word “cops” rather than “police”?

President plans to toss $30 billion here; $30 billion there. Reminds me of the Simpsons bit about Internet stock.

And what if the job bill Obama demands “without delay” is delayed?

I guess all that clean energy technology China is inventing was the cause of all that smog at the Beijing Olympics.

Will Obama really allow offshore drilling or is this a phantom promise like clean-coal technology?

Pelosi’s grin is scarier than the Joker’s.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Naplotano applauds like a lethargic Walrus.

Why does Obama pronounce “Colooombia” with an Hispanic accent?

If everyone needs a college education since Obama decrees that high school is no longer enough for career success, won’t college become as worthless when the government “gives” it to everyone?

Why should future government workers have their student loans forgiven sooner than those in other occupations?

Obama promised to make mortgages more affordable. Didn’t steps like this cause the housing and banking crisis to begin with?

Frau Obama is to lead a purge against childhood obesity. May start out as pleas to exercise more, but will likely end with the government monitoring what youngsters eat, threatening to remove from parental custody those not within established guidelines, and eventually the program will be expanded to include adults. As a former porker now out to change the world, Huckabee will likely endorse this as he also thinks your weight is the government’s business.

If Bush’s prescription drug program was expensive, wouldn’t Obamacare be even more so?

If we are freezing government spending with the exception of outlays related to national security, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, is that really freezing any government spending at all?

Why is $250,000 considered ostentatiously rich?

Obama's said "The more that TV pundits reduce serious debates to silly arguments, big issues into sound bites, our citizens turn away." This really means that to disagree with Obama is subversive. Look for more attempts at resurrecting the Fairness Doctrine in the name of diversity, national security, and assorted communitarian drivel.

Are Obama's comments about pundits spreading cynicism "respectful". Why don't these "turn people away from the process"?

It is claimed that the military will be out of Iraq by the end of August. Expect the next Iraqi uprising to begin the first of September.

When Obama's claims the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department is once again prosecuting civil rights violations and employment discrimination, does this include cases on behalf of White people whose rights in the workplace are trod asunder? If the case of where the charges of voter intimidation were dropped against Black Panthers threatening White folks on election day 2008, it is highly doubtful.

While our values "allowed us to forge a nation made up of immigrants from every corner of the globe", those values did not originate from every corner of the globe. Like it or not, those are largely Western in that they are predominately Judoe-Christian and Greco-Roman.

Obama should be ashamed if he accepts the donation to Haiti from the 8 year old boy. Notice how Obama did not recommend people send their charitable donations through a private organization instead.

America still faces a potential Obama dictatorship. His attitude towards the Supreme court is quite chilling. Now leftists are condemning Justice Alito for not taking his rump kicking with a "Please sir, may I have another."

Congress needs to get a handle on this presidential executive order thing irrespective of the administration issuing these decrees or our Republic is through.

In the Republican response, Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell used "her" as a universal pronoun. If one is not using designations for both genders, "him" is the grammatically correct one to use.

Fox News counted 86 rounds of applause. I tabulated 93 instances of clapping. Some of it seemed more subdued than in previous years.

Karl Rove claimed Obama said "I" 96 times. Reminds me of that scene in the series finale of the original Prison. In my college days, one usually got points deducted for overuse of the first person personal pronoun. At least Bob Dole had the decency to begin his sentences with "Bob Dole".

by Frederick Meekins

Is Dubai Superscraper Linked To The Georgia Guidestones & The Tower Of Babel

Wonder if the IPAD is another Star Trek idea come to life. Remembers Kirk & Picard reading from such devices.

Hillary was no doubt holding Tom Clancy's "Executive Orders" close to her heart during the State Of The Union & wishing it were so.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Governor Castigated For Telling It Like It Is About Welfare

If government assistance doesn't encourage profligate procreation, lets cut out additional subsidies for each additional child.

If it is objectionable to liken human beings to animals, then why are these very same liberals the same ones pushing Darwinian evolution in the public schools and that nature, unconstrued through any kind of divine revelation, is to be the source of our morality and ethics.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Uproar over pro-life superbowl ad. So drunken dancing girls are OK. Just don't discuss what to do when such titilation goes to far.

Clinton Lets Intellectual Terrorist Into The U.S.

Funds Diverted From Brighter Students To Provide For Dimmer Minorities

One must also ask are these students academically deficient through no mental or biological defect inherent to their own ontology or rather is it because they are just lazy and think "the Man" will fund their way through life.

Female Chauvnist Wants Men Tossed Out Of Congress

If a male member of Congress said they could get more done if women and other assorted miniorities were sent home since these tend to be the demographics that tend to think the government owes them a living even if they could provide it for themselves, we'd never hear the end of it.

If Leftists are going to give the green light for the propagation of stereotypes, one of the inferences of Rep. Carol Shea-Porter must be addressed.

In her remarks she insinuates that only the female members of the legislative body have been responsibile for taking care of family.

It should be pointed out men that go out to work each day are also taking care of their families.

Anyone that argues otherwise should support the abolition of child support laws as well as govenment welfare handouts and see just how long children thrive without any kind of material and nurtitional sustenance.

This brings us to yet another observation.

It is safe to say that most of the female members of Congress did not come from the ranks of scrubwomen earning minimum wage.

As such, many no doubt possess professional backgrounds where they actually placed their careers over and above that of their children.

Rep. Shea-Porter (with her hyphenated last name indicating her identity derived from that of wife and mother is not sufficient for her) can pull the public leg all she wants; however, it is actually the babysitters and nannies that have taken care of the female members of Congress.

Thus, when this Novemeber rolls around, we should toss out both genders also irrespective of how the plumbing is hooked up.

By Frederick Meekins

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Environmentalism Not About the Earth But About Control, Part 2

Those still not convinced should ask themselves before they run off and join such groups how much control they want to cede over their lives to the beneficence of the collective. For once one signs over the very right to ownership to one’s dwelling and possessions, where does it end?

Willing to relinquish rights to the conjugal affections of your spouse to the group? Don’t snicker.

In many cults, those not willing to surrender their spouses to the group are labeled as being insufficiently devoted to the group or "too individualistic" in orientation. Interestingly this allegation is invoked increasingly in the churches of today as they totter ever closer to the edges of apostasy and unbelief.

Those enamored with their own smug progressivism will claim such excesses are more characteristic of the religious mindset. Secularists would never stand for such outrages and the infringement on the most basic of relationships?

Think so do you? Though he might have started off religious, before the last drop of Kool-Aid was slurped, Jim Jones' position on the Scriptures and the beauties of socialism had more in common with the National Counsel of Churches than Moral Majority or the Christian Coalition. And for those that think Marx is the cat's whiskers, what do they have to say about this thinker's proposal that the individual family and private marriages should be abolished?

And even if one happens to have a proclivity to these bizarre living arrangements without all the kinky wifeswapping and such, on what grounds does one object when these compounds lay claim to your children? Some of these COMMUNITIES conspire to undermine familial bonds between parents and offspring in a group setting or by minimizing the time parents spend alone with their biological progeny.

Yet one does not have to be locked away on some dope-smoking commune to be influenced by this kind of childrearing mentality. The perspective is already prevalent throughout the social welfare establishment that children do not belong to the parents but rather to the COMMUNITY as manifested by the state. If anything, a child enjoys a status barely above that of a library book since the parent is granted permission to enjoy the child for a time but forced to surrender the youngsters to the state on the terms of the state as evidenced in laws establishing lower and lower ages for mandatory preschool and bureaucratic homevisits.

With America's relative prosperity, citizens are pretty much able to ignore such kooks. But what will happen when these lunatics acquire more and more power unto themselves and connive to impose their cherished deprivations upon the rest of us?

For if these neo-primitives have their way, you won't even be permitted to procure the same quality of sustenance to which you and your family are accustomed. Rather, you will be compelled to gnaw on the twigs and shrubs beneath your very feet if you are fortunate to be deemed worthy enough of the privilege of continued existence.

For a while now, it has become popular in eco-socialist circles to whine incessantly about how far food must be transported to reach the masses of humanity. Instead of marveling at the bounty and variety of food available year round and in the most hostile of climates, environmentalists lament this fact.

Anybody that is anybody these days has a website (I wonder if the ones run by these people function on moonbeams and fuzzy thoughts since the rest of us are suppose to cutback on electricity), an organization, and a cadre of propagandists to spread the message. The mass starvation racket (or the inconvenient food syndicate) is no different.

One such outfit fomenting this hooey is Slow Food USA, described as “supporting and celebrating the food traditions of North America.” Let me point out they are not referring to a burger, fries, and a Coke.

The organization’s executive director Erika Lesser (“lesser” is the amount of food you’ll be eating if her organization has its way) gave a lecture titled “Live Slow: On The Path To A Delicious Future”. Those in attendance were invited to “Join the slow food table on biodiversity issues and the benefits of good, clean, and fair food." This ought to be considered because, "Education in taste is the first step towards transforming consumers into co-producers who can help safeguard food traditions and the health of the environment. By choosing wisely and eating with pleasure, you --- as well as your community and the planet --- can reap the delicious and healthful rewards of responsible coproduction.”

From that litany, the primary thing that stands out is how the consumer will be “transformed” (New Age socialistic euphemisms meaning revolution imposed from above whether you want to participate or not) into a “coproducer”. In other words, it is the intention of this to drag you out into the fields for a little conscripted labor.

For some reason, upon reading about being transformed into being a coproducer, I can’t get out of my head images of what I’ve read about the placards that use to hang on the gates of the concentration camps run by the Nazis reading “Work shall make you free” or how the Khmer Rouge use to march the people out to labor in the rice paddies. You know, the entire reeducation through labor bit (or as it is called today, “community service”).

Though slow food fronts disguise themselves in an agrarian or proletarian cloak, as with most that make playing unscrubbed revolutionary their life’s work, the movement is quite elitist in nature. For example, on the website the organization laments the advent of low-cost chickens consumed by the masses.

Rather, the group advocates more expensive breeds. Most likely since the consumption of meat will be limited to the revolutionary vanguard whereas those of us deemed to possess a consciousness of insufficient awareness and sensitivity will be compelled to simply piddle in the dirt for a root or a grub; but we will probably be forbidden that as well since disturbing the soil to even a miniscule extent will be an example of the butterfly affect that could lead to an erosion-based environmental disaster.

As with most of the other groups mentioned in this epic epistle, Slow Foods USA has a phobia about people doing things by themselves. This is for pretty much the same reason the Nazis did not want people listening to the radio alone. When you are alone, you are more likely to be critical since in that context you are more apt to pay attention to the message rather than taking cues on how you are to respond from those around you.

Rather than eat alone, the socially responsible are obligated to join and take their gastronomical orders from a group called a “Convivium”. Since everything to these people is group and movement oriented, if food is now to go in one end in the presence of the group, I guess it won’t be long until one will be obligated to have the remnants emerge at the other end in the presence of the COMMUNITY. After all, only those with something to hide want privacy we are constantly reminded by the radical communalists.

Use to be, one ate meals with one’s family. Maybe if these hags had not aborted themselves into sterility, supper time would not have had to be turned into an act of COMMUNITY service measuring one’s devotion to the good of the cause.

Slow Food USA prides itself on being everything fast food is not. Thus, one good thing about the movement is that the shrill biddies comprising the membership might be forced back into the kitchen where hussies with too much time on their hands belong and won’t have enough energy to undertake their idiotic activism.

As stated, left to themselves and cordoned off from the rest of us, these radicals would not present all that much of a problem. However, as with other useful idiots manipulated by the elites, these halfwits play a vital role in bringing an end to life as we know it when they form strategic alliances with the other mouthpieces of perdition for the purposes of getting the American people to surrender their freedom with a wink and a smile.

To the regular American blissfully ignorant of the ideological struggle being waged all around, television news outlets and correspondents exist to convey in an objective manner information of use and importance to concerned citizens. However, often these communicators and the interests they represent are as partisan as those blatantly seeking to persuade you as to the veracity of a particular opinion.

Prominently featured in the top half of page 10 of the 2006 edition of the Green Festival program was an advertisement for a panel discussion conducted by WRC-TV news personality Wendy Rieger. From the text, the reader learns that Rieger’s “Going Green segment features green lifestyles and products.”

However, had Rieger earned a reputation for grilling adherents of this movement and exposing the fallacies in the arguments endangering the nation’s very standard of living, it is doubtful she would be given a place, the promotional literature categorizes, as on the “main stage”. Furthermore, if Rieger is snuggling under the mulch with environmentalists, how can we be sure the remainder of her reportage is not as slanted?

Would the Green Festival allow a correspondent more critical of the celebration’s claims to ascend the rostrum such as John Stossel or Rush Limbaugh? Tolerancemongers will snap, “But its a private function and the organizers are not required to invite anyone they don’t want.”

And they are absolutely correct. Perhaps we should remind them of that as these Reds drag out notions such as the Fairness Doctrine in the attempt to silence Conservative talk radio.

Conversely though, if we are suppose to trust some dyed-blonde newsgirl in the green movement's pocket, would those having no problem with that be as quiet if some newsgal was in Jerry Falwell’s back pocket getting chummy with the Moral Majority gang at one of those kinds of shindigs? The aging beatniks do not consider what they believe to be a bias as anyone that does not believe as they do will be carted off to electroshock therapy once they ascend to unrivaled power.

Some will dismiss this clarion warming, claiming it has gone all over the map and too far afield. However, Francis Schaeffer once pointed out that a shortcoming of the Judeo-Christian mind and thus the conservative worldview as an extension of that perspective is the failure to view reality as a single comprehensive unit.

As such, if the free peoples of the earth give a foothold to these Communitarians in one area, by curtailing our innate liberties in that particular area, it won’t be that long in terms of the totality of history until we will have surrendered all the areas that make life worth living. If today we allow these so-called “guardians of the earth” to alter driving patterns and the like, what will prevent them in the future from coming back to take our cars and even our homes away all together?

by Frederick Meekins

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wonder if the Texas schoolboard would enforce its hair rules if the tike was from some backwards non-White culture or practiced some heathen religion

Apostates Evangelize Door To Door For Mother Earth But Not Father God

Frankly, I'd rather have cleancut Mormons knocking at my door than some overly-manly "clergywoman" bent on haranguing by buying "locally grown" victuals.

In the spirit of ecumenicalism, don't open the door for anyone you don't know.

Will Haitians Be Subject To Same Limitations As Americans?

Rush Limbaugh is being condemned for raising the issue of whether or not Haitians will be subject to the same kind of assistance limitations as Americans such as healthcare review boards populary referred to as "death panels" based upon their power to deny life saving treatment to those of marginal social utility.

Why isn't this a valid question?

If the first purpose of the United States government is to provide for the general welfare of its citizens however one might decide the scope of that notion, shouldn't foreigners irregardless of the desperation of their their circumstances be subject to similar rigors?

While the victims of the earthquake in Haiti deserve sympathy and charity, engaged patriots must not allow the elites to use this tragedy as an excuse to blunt the discerning criticism of good citizenship.

by Frederick Meekins

Fox Might Produce American Version Of Torchwood

Not to sound like a PBS snob or something, but I hope they don't botch an otherwise excellent series.

Goat Barges Into Strip Club

Wonder if this will replace the old adage about the bull in the China shop?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Indigent Murders Pedestrian

In Washington DC, crimes directed against the homeless can receive a stiffer sentence.

However, what is to protect the domiciled from these rampages.

There will no doubt be leftists out there who will claim we should thank these vagabonds for these attacks.

Cato Institute & National Review Betray Grassroots Conservatives

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Protobeast Prepares To Select His 10 Kings

Apostasy Rampant Withing The PCUSA

Students Learn What A Fraud Obama Is

Now, they'll just need to figure out how they are being manipulated by their teachers since from the story is seems they thought themselves worthy of presidential recognition simply for being what color they were.

Robertson might be a doofus for his earthquake remark, but contrary to Valerie Jarrett, he is not required to "express the spirit of the President"

Does Morbid Art At Denver International Airport Hint To The Facility's True Purpose?

Obama Stooge Plots To Abolish Free Thought

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

If Beck & Palin like immigration so much, maybe Fox news can replace them with two from Telemundo willing to broadcast for sub-par wages.

White House Garden Toxic

Guess the Obamas aren't the only thing full of it at the White House.

I wonder if they will be leveled a hefty fine and blocked from their home as is the fate that often befalls many of those having contaminated land.

TSA Nominee Sees Christians As Bigger Threat Than Muslims

It's going to be little old grannies rather than ragheads that are going to be harassed in airports.

PETA caves on Frau Obama ad. Eventually won't be able to criticize the Obalord & consort without permission.

Obama Lauds Bestiality-Advocating Atheist

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's pretty self-explanatory what a "Negro dialect" is. It's just that everyone is too afraid to admit it.

Frankly, this battle was lost when this gibberish was elevated to the status of a dialect.

Catholic Immigration Policy Undermines U.S. Borders

If we are to loosen criteria as to whom we let into the United States, shouldn't the Papacy follow a similar policy as to who can be admitted as a good Catholic or even the priesthood?

Diversity Destroying Britain

School Bans Lads Locks

Not to sound like a hippy or something, but unless one can invoke the Bible (which you apparently can't in public school) on what grounds does one ban long hair on a boy but not a girl?

What regulations are there to make sure girl's retain a traditional gender appearance?

Is it now racist to not understand the clerk at MacDonalds taking your order and ask them to repeat themselves 3 or 4 times?

Monday, January 11, 2010

Harry Reid shouldn't resign just because Trent Lott lacked the spine to remain in office.

Pope Laments Copenhagens Failure To Establish World Government

Frigid Seals Seek Beach For Warmth

Now racist to notice Obama's diction better than Flavor Flave or Snoop Dog.

Avatar Denounced As Racist

Some racemongers are not going to be satisfied until the last White person is dead.

Even stories where the White guy ends up siding with the downtrodden minorities are now denounced.

I hope they miss their welfare checks when we are all gone.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Security System To Read Body Language

Wonder if it can tell if you've passed gas also.

Islamists Slaugther Worshippers During Coptic Christmas

Would Ted Koppel be so "French" in his response to terrorism if ABC News had been the terrorists' target?

Ugandan Heathens Sacrifice Children

Guess we'll end up sending these people foreign aide payments. No doubt good Obama voters and supporters.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Obama Nazifies Christmas

Some may claim that this headline is a little strong. But if one goes back and studies history, one finds that Hitler also deemphasized the religious aspects of Christmas in deference to a generalized "winter holiday".

This was only Obama's first Christmas in the Oval Office. Yet the President has already tried to de-Christ Christmas in at least two instances.

It has come to public's attention that the White House considered not putting up its Nativity display. Instead, plans were considered for a "more inclusive" Christmas.

G.K. Chesterton said "Religious liberty might suppose to mean that everybody is free to discuss religion. In practice it means that hardly anybody is allowed to mention it." So in the vain attempt to feign a posture of expansive sensitivity, the Obama administration was on the verge of excluding those who had someone sitting on the throne of their hearts other than Barack Obama.

The President provided more insight into his theology at the lighting of the National Christmas Tree on the Ellipse just beyond the White House. Obama said, "Tonight, we celebrate a story that is as beautiful as it is simple. This story of a child born far from home to parents guided only by faith, but who would ultimately spread a message that has endured for more than 2000 years --- that...we are each called to love one another as brother and sister."

That is only part of the story. While Christ did come into the world to teach us that we are to love one another, more importantly, that love is only possible as a result of the part of His message that Obama deliberately omitted. That is that Christ came into the world to die for our sins and to rise from the dead so that whosoever would believe in Him would have everlasting life.

However, Obama is not even content to allow Christians to bask for a moment in the glory of a watered down version of their holiday as something unique this particular belief system has given to the world. He has to take that away from them as well, and in so doing, Obama reveals the most dangerous aspects of his worldview.

Obama continued, "While this story may be a Christian one, its lesson is universal. It speaks to the hope we share as a people. And it represents a tradition that we celebrate as a country --- a tradition that has come to represent more than any one holiday or religion --- but a season of brotherhood and generosity to our fellow citizens."

It is interesting and revealing to compare Il Duce's minimalist recognition of Christmas and the Christian message as merely a generalized world religion with "universal themes" with him being all a flutter earlier in the year during the White House Ramadan celebration over the contribution of Islam to civilization. Of this faith, Obama said, "Islam as we know is part of America. Like the broader American citizenry, the American Muslim community is one of extraordinary dynamism and diversity. On this occasion, we celebrate how much Muslims have enriched America and its culture in ways large and small.”

What is it exactly that Islam has done for America? One might make a case that the Muslim world played a role in preserving the collected learning of Mediterranean civilization during the Dark Ages.

But that was about a thousand years ago. How much longer are they going to slide by on this accomplishment and hold it over our heads? Though many Muslims live respectable and unassuming lives, for the most part Islam has become more of a liability than an asset to the United States.

At this point in his administration, one has to admit that Obama has not yet crossed the line to become a Hitlerian figure. However, there are a number of mechanisms in place such as expansive versions of COMMUNITY service and a litany of advisors with an appallingly low view of individual human life such as Cass Sustein, John Holdren, and Ezekiel Emanuel that would easily allow for the transition into such a nightmare scenario should a fortuitous calamity just happen to transpire.

For even though Nazi Germany will forever serve as a warning as to the ultimate outcome of ethnic hostility and suspicion allowed to fester out of control unchecked, this was far from that regimes only shortcoming. A common characteristic of all forms of collectivism is a fundamental hostility towards God as the ultimate authority and a propensity to subordinate the traditional accoutrements of religion to the state as a result of this presupposition.

For example, in an address at Georgetown University (an explicitly religious institution of higher learning), Obama, like a vampire unable to look upon a cross, demanded that images or references to Christ be covered over with a black cloth. Even more disconcerting is the commentary compliance with this request makes regarding the spineless nature of contemporary Christianity. Though it might have cost them the photo op, university administrators should have told Obama to go to Sheol (or perhaps at least Purgatory since this was a Catholic school).

One can assume that how one’s Christmas tree is decorated is a reflection of the things an individual holds most dear. For example, a perfectionist will have a tree where the ornaments are all the same and placed at uniform distances all just so. Someone that places a high value on family and memories will have a hodgepodge of treasures spanning the decades that barely go together aesthetically yet bring tears of joy to those that hold such knick-knacks dear.

One must, therefore, ask what does it mean when someone allows an ornament of Chairman Mao and one of their own visage superimposed upon Mount Rushmore placed upon a tree under that person’s authority? Some might dismiss the matter, saying that there are all kinds of eccentric decorations (after all, I have a Garfield bike reflector from a box of 1980’s cereal on my tree).

However, one cannot help but be a bit more concerned when one learns that the queerly decorated tree (there is also a transexual ornament dangling from its branches) is found in the White House? For victims of the public school system, Mao was the Communist Chinese dictator whose regime killed even more that Hitler’s did.

So isn’t this the equivalent of placing a swastika atop of the tree? This is even more disturbing when it is considered in conjunction with the ornament of Obama’s countenance elevated to Mount Rushmore status.

Anyone that would place a Mao ornament upon a tree no doubt admires those wielding absolute power who do not care at all how many lives are destroyed in the attempt to remake reality in compliance with some ideological vision. Anyone of political significance allowing an ornament with themselves added to Mount Rushmore on their tree believes that they ought to be the one to remake society.

From an objective historical standpoint, what we know as Christmas grew out of originally pagan celebrations that were imbued with new meanings as society came to embrace more explicitly Christian values and perspectives. It is thus only natural that, as society slides downward morally, the one heralded by the reprobate as something akin to a post-Christian messiah would want to metaphorically see himself in the manger rather than the Christ that reminds each of us just how far short we all fall of glory of God.

by Frederick Meekins

Oprah might be "fur free", but I bet she is for the unborn being hacked to pieces.

Why Some Effigies Wrong But Not Others?

Albert Mohler's sidekick Russel Moore denounced the Obama Effigy as "Satanic".

Was this theologican as outspoken in condemning similar outrageous attacks against President Bush.

More importantly, would he now care to speak out against the Founding Fathers for similar protests against King George during the Revolutionary War, or is this form of protest only immoral when directed against a Black person?

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

NYC Teaches Junkies How To Shootup Dope

Yet it must be pointed out that this is the jurisdiction where scholastic bakesales are on the verge of prohibition and where, if city officials had there way, table salt would be frowned upon apparently more now than hard narcotics.

Is The U.S. Holding Summitt Negotiations With Extraterrestrials?

French Thought Police Plot To Invade Private Homes

This is to be done in the name of preventing "psychological violence".

However, what advocates of this law might not be telling you is that, to the left-leaning man-haters out there, this offense consists of little more than simply disagreeing with a woman, verbally boring into a woman during a spat started by a woman, or merely speaking to one when they've basically told you to shutup.

It should be interesting to see how this law plays out.

For you see, France is being overrun by Islamic immigrants and it is part of their religion to beat their wives and even kill them when they get out of line.

Since France is a Western European social democracy, in most instances these multiculturalists lack the spine to declare that a foreign culture is in the wrong.

Therefore, what will happen will be that the Muslims will continue to do whatever it is they do to their women and it will be the European male that will be further denuded for fear of criminal prosecution.

Is Obama The Next Jim Jones?

Beck Mocks Those Raising Concerns Over Obama's Birth

Wonder how long until those he was whipped into a froth turn against those raising this important avenue of inquiry.