Friday, April 27, 2012

Biden Announces Obama Has A Big Stick

Some headlines write themselves and can't be ignored.

Was There A Proverbial Negro In George Zimmerman’s Woodpile?

New York Post

Will Egypt Legalize Necrophilia?


State Department Denies Terrorism Still Exists

If the War on Terror is over as one State Department functionary proclaimed, shouldn't we abolish the more onerous provisions of the Patriot Act such as those allowing the government to snoop through our library records and kick off the government payroll perverts doubling as security personnel in the nation’s airports?  If there is no war against terror but the state continues to enforce these deprivations of liberty and personal dignity, aren’t we living in a police state bordering on dictatorship?

Occutards Threaten May Day Rampage

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rush Limbaugh insists New York Times staff on the verge of losing their pensions are getting what they deserve because of what the journalists have written over the years and for how they have voted. One could make a similar argument regarding Limbaugh’s deafness and cardiac events in light of his struggle with drug abuse.

Watching the Price Is Right, one should not be assaulted by Earth Day propaganda. One of the eco-conscious showcases featured a trip (no doubt consuming unnecessary fossil fuels) to the Spotted Dog Cafe. The establishment not only sounds like a place President Obama would like to eat but also what he would like to order from the menu.

And how does Rush Limbaugh suggest the aged unable to work or forced from gainful employment by physically superior youth pay for healthcare? And don’t tell me they should have saved enough by then. I know of someone whose nursing home care is $9000 per month. Most of us never even make that much per month. Should those of us that never will forfeit our right or privilege of continued existence?

The GSA spent $7000 on sushi in Las Vegas. If you are going to blow that much on seafood, at least make sure it is cooked.

DC Mayor Plans Environmental Dictatorship

Are Smart Meters The First Step Towards UN Energy Control


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Penguin Assassin Assaults Gingrich

Yahoo News

Whoring Secret Service Agents Deserve No More Respect Than Drunken Paper Pushers

Sean Hannity is apprehensive about discussing the Secret Service prostitute scandal because of deep respect he possesses for the agency.

Then shouldn't he be as reluctant in detailing the GSA convention shenanigans as not every member of that agency participated in that squandering of taxpayer funds either?

Law enforcement or military personnel that betray the trust of the American people are deserving of no more respect than any other public employee that fails to live up to their obligations.

And they are perhaps even more deserving of greater condemnation since, unlike errant paper pushes caught going wild on someone else's dime, when these servants neglect their obligations the innocent could very well end up losing their very lives.

I guess there is a degree of solace knowing that the Secret Service agents had a thing for firey Latin women rather than that bizarre clown fetish over there at the GSA.

An editorial in the 4/6/12 issue of America: The National Catholic Weekly condemns Stand Your Ground Laws. Does this mean the papal security detail intends to renounce physical weapons and defend the life of the pontiff with only prayer and rational persuasion?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

If Cuban Americans rampage in the streets wanting to deny the expression of ideas that they oppose, what makes them really all that different at their core than the dictator they claim to oppose? It’s just that they have not yet been able to violently put down their adversaries. So I guess the moral of the story is that opposing anyone opposing the prevailing ideological consensus should have an array of persecutions inflicted upon them ranging from outright existential liquidation to the deprivation of livelihood. Granted, the Florida Marlins are well within their rights contractually to dismiss an employee propagating an embarrassing message. However, one would think a group claiming to know the pains resulting from a disregard for freedom would be a bit more reluctant imposing a blossoming tyranny of their own.

If he said it as reported, Rep. Allan West is likely correct that a sizable percentage of congressional Democrats are probably Communists.

Jesse Jackson Insinuates Jesus Would Defecate On Police Cruisers

The news was in an uproar over the death of 8 illegals in a Texas traffic accident. Are local auto wrecks with a similar fatality tabulation broadcast across the nation? If so, are we also obligated to wring our hands over the economic status of such victims if they are run of the mill Americans?

If you are on the verge of rampaging in the streets over what some baseball manager says, you have way too much time on your hands.

Mayor Bloomberg has announced a campaign to abolish Stand Your Ground Laws across the countries that allow the individual to defend themselves against violent assault. As a mere municipal official, what business is it of Bloomberg what the laws are in another state. Perhaps rural sheriffs should now interject themselves into the policies decisions of Babylon on the Hudson. And if the average citizen cannot protect themselves with firearms, why ought police be permitted to?

Holder Praises Sharpton For Bringing America To The Brink Of Violent Upheaval

Baltimore Law Enforcement Lackadaisical Regarding Attacks Upon Whites


Eric Holder has assured that Americans feel the pain of Trayvon Martin's parents. How about the pain of the White child set afire for daring the answer a Black history question? How about the pain of the elderly White man in Ohio nearly kicked to death by rampaging Trayvonites? Or how about the pain of the elderly couple driven from their home as a result of inaccurate tweets on the part of Spike Lee and Roseanne Barr? But I guess the victims of these crimes insufficiently resemble the visage of our exalted leader.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Scrotum Attack Victim Taken To The Ball Hospital


White House Guests Invited To Play With Obama Balls

USA Today

Was former Congressman Wiener asked if he wanted to dribble the Obama balls?

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Friday, April 06, 2012

I guess Obama won't call the elderly gentleman beat up by the Trayvonites because the hoodlums look like Obama's sons if Obama had them and I guess the old man didn't look enough like Obama's grandpa (at least the one left behind in the mud hut).

Eco-Nazis To Herd Remaining Humans Into Concentrated Areas (One Might Say Camps)

Trayvonites Beset Upon Elderly Caucasian In Revenge For Their Fallen Messiah

Hardcore Calvinists claim their system is not about works as the route to salvation. Yet the most strident of this persuasion insist one is not even a Christian if one does not agree with them regarding matters not even directly related to Christology or soteriology.

Turning up the AC and turning down the heat defeats the purpose of having AC and heat.

Burger King has been condemned for featuring a Black singer in a commercial about fried chicken. Diversitymongers claims a stereotype was promoted as a result. There is no winning with these people. If one had produced an advertisement featuring White folks, these malcontents would be all uppity about that.

Clucking Biddies Henpeck President

At a White House forum on woman's issues where President Obama was to be henpecked by a bunch of clucking biddies, he announced that his healthcare legislation included domestic violence screening.

The thing about bureaucrats is that they end up finding what they want to see even if what they are initially charged with looking for really isn't there.

 So expect these investigations to go beyond black eyes and broken bones.

It must be warned that to these nags a man doing nothing more than raising his voice in frustration at a wife that's been texting all day rather than cleaning house or merely disrupting a woman during a verbal berating constitutes abuse of the first order.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

New Yorkers Urged To Curtail Thoughts Of Dinosaurs, Aliens, Birthdays & Halloween

In other words, anything worth thinking about.

Food Fascists Want Ice Cream Trucks Banned

So in leftwing hovels where such a policy is implemented along with medical marijuana dispensaries, the Good Humor Man will be more of an outlaw than the sanctioned drug dealer.

Octomom On $2000 Per Month Of Foodstamps

An integral part of Obamacare is the curtailment of medical procedures to those deemed to be a poor return on the investment.  Perhaps one of the procedures that ought to be abolished is artificial insemination, especially for the unmarried.

If Obama mouthpieces are now handing down edicts as to what genders should be admitted to the membership of a private country club, how long will it be until federal officials are telling you what genders may occupy your church pulpit? Will Obama demand men be granted access to female gyms and aerobics classes?

Just for spite Eric Holder should have turned in a 6 pages double spaced analysis on Judicial Review rather than 3 pages single spaced.

"The Freedom Manifesto" by Steve Forbes

"It's Never To Late To Be What You Might Have Been"

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Katy Perry Wears Sports Bra To Kids Choice Awards

Interestingly, still not as offensive as her sex with aliens video.