Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Church Obama Attended Opposes Free Speech

If the British Royal family was as concerned about actual morality as they are about their asininely detailed wedding etiquette, they might have adhered to their marriage vows with Lady Di possibly still being alive today.

Biosphere 2 Coopted For Environmentalist Propaganda

Sword Fight Erupts Among Ungroomed Heathens

Interesting how radio commentator Michael Savage, who has never killed a human being is banned from Britian, but Queen Liz invites those in that have had killed those that did nothing more than disagree with a political policy.

If Queen Elizabeth is being defended for not inviting former Prime Minister Tony Blair to the royal wedding on the grounds she can invite whomever she wants, isn’t it a reflection of what a wretched human being the old bat really is when she invites assorted Third World dictators?

If ruling elites really cared about America, wouldn't they rather contribute $35,000 each to debt reduction rather than political fundrainsing dinners?

Lizard Might Bring Oil Exploration To A Screeching Halt

President admits God gave us brains to figure things out. Does that include realizing what a fraud Obama is?

If transgender beating victim had been a run of the mill White person, the story would have likely gotten next to no press attention. The IT would have then been lectured to be grateful to experience firsthand the affliction of the oppressed. The perpetrators would have then likely received an increase in their welfare check.

Obama Administration laughs off Easter & The Resurrection as unimportant.

If a White family day were held at the National Zoo, wonder if it would regularly end in violence.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Obama Insists Decreased Fuel Supply NOT Increasing Prices

No Legal Prohibition Prevents One From Voluntarily Paying Higher Taxes

Would Scientists Rather Lemurs Go Extinct Than Be Preserved In A Sanctuary?

Obama Kisses Backside Of Arabist News Network

Leftwing clergy at National Cathedral mocked Glenn Beck's diahrea sponsor. Would an AIDS medication be mocked? Come the kind of dictatorship & deprivation imposed by the radicals this naive preacher is sucking up to, he's going to wish he had some diarhea medicine.

If Obama really believed in sacrifice, wouldn't he hand over more than $453,000 to gov. Why not turn over the enitre million he made? That's about the tax rate you are going to end up paying anyway before the collapse becomes irreversible

Eventually, Americans will be given the choice of 100% tax rates or having property/family turned over to Maoist, Islamist, or Hispanonarcoist slavemasters.

In condemning Roy Moore for enunicating his message in a way that would appeal to all Americans & simply not to a particular variety of Christianity, a particular Christian Reconstructionist reveals that there is no room in his version of America for anyway of another worldview or theological interpretation.

September launch of IPHONE 5 announced. With gas predicted to surpass $6 per gallon, will there even be a viable or functioning U.S. economy left by that date?

If DC leftwing Anglicans really supported "social justice" why do they need as ornate a structure as the National Cathedral? Perhaps it should be levied the same kinds of property taxes the rest of us are forced to shell out in the name of income redistribution.

Did Obama Brush Aside The Resurrection As No Big Deal?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Obama Threatens Reporter

Yes, since radical feminists are going to insist that it is always abuse if a man does nothing more than raise his voice at a woman, why shouldn't this be seen as a threat given what a President can do to someone that doesn't obey him?

FL Spends $14,000 On Superhero Capes

Guess folks can use these to keep warm when society collapses from insurmountable debt. Or, perhaps, they help the wearer leap over the increasingly taller and taller piles of crap falling from the mouths of bureaucrats and elected officials.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas website insists "Diversity strengthens our organization & enriches the work we do". Wonder how many among their higher level managerial elites are anything other than lapsed Episcopalian WASP or secularist Jew.

Obama To Anathematize Non-Collectivists As Lacking In Compassion

World Totters Closer To Starvation

See if you still think Glenn Beck is a total nut that should be removed from TV when your stomach is growling so loudly that you'll gladly pick the kernels of corn out of a pile of cow dung in an attempt to silence the gnawing hunger

Gov Brewer Kneels Before Zod (Oppps, I Mean Obama)

So if certain Christian Reconstructionists believe that the only valid marriages r between Christians wedded in churches recognized by their regime, does that mean everyone else would have to be remarried? I do realize even raising this kind of question is likely enough to get me stoned or burned at the stake someday

Sharpton rally gripes about no Blacks working at construction sites. Would they even work there if given the opportunity?

Overall, those most elated about Glenn Beck's pending removal from the Fox News lineup seem to lack the imagination expansive enough to grasp the horrors about to be released upon the world.

If there is no basis to time travel, why would China ban it?

Washington Post headline insists abortion only a "small part" of Planned Parenthood's activities. That's like saying lynchings were only a minor form of Klan outreach.

Since Judge Roy Moore has allied himself with Christian Reconstructionism, before he gains wider support among Christian voters, he needs to be asked what is his position regarding the execution of people that "violate" the Sabbath. A religious dictatorship is no more desireable than a secularist one.

The U.S. is helping Qaddafi to find a refuge from which he can plot revenge against us. In other words, America will provide this piece of refuse with a better retirement than most US citizens will receive.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ruminations Regarding Libya

Another brilliant move on the part of the Obama Administration.

Officials have let it slip that the CIA has operatives on the ground in Libya.

Shouldn't the proper response be when such a question is raised "neither confirm nor deny"?

Better yet, what is so wrong with outright prevarication in regards to such a matter? Some truths are not necessarily owed at the time they are initially raised.

Doesn't the discerning individual already realize that the great powers, by default, have operatives at work in nearly every other great nation around the globe?

In his speech to the American people, the President assured that the Libyan resistance could be trusted since the ranks of the movement consists of lawyers and doctors.

In other words, these people aren't the common street rabble employed as greeters at the Bengazi Walmart or Tripoli Target (the store that is, not the air strike coordinates).

Interesting how Obama applauds these desert nomads for clinging to their guns and their God but thinks it is somehow a threat to the Republic when the armed theists in question happen to be from Pennsylvania.

In regards to the alleged moral superiority of doctors and lawyers over we mere common laborers, weren't a goodly percentage of Nazi managerial functionaries drawn from the professional classes? As Mark Steyn remarked while filling in as a guest host on the Rush Limbaugh program, Fidel Castro and Che Guevara not only rank respectively among modern history’s most famous lawyers and doctors but also among the discipline's most bloodthirsty revolutionaries as well.

Interesting in the case of Libya how in Obama’s mind doctors somehow rank without investigation among the noblest of civil servants that sacrifice willingly for the good of the broader society. But here in America during the healthcare debate, the President depicted the practitioners of medicine as so lecherous as a whole that such wanton avarice had to be contained by layer upon layer of new bureaucracy.

If Qaddafi threatens to go house to house killing Libyans to put down the revolt, what makes him any worse than Prince Phillip who wants to be reincarnated as a killer virus to decimate world population?

Considering they consider themselves enthusiastic members of Qaddaffi's retinue, Americans must ask if given the chance would Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan inflict here the kind of bloodshed their patron is in enacting in Libya.

The propriety of intervention in Libya is now sort of a moot point. Given the Lockerbie Bombing, Qaddaffi must now be taken out if for no other reason than to prevent another similar tragedy.

Guess those Americans living in Libya being interviewed by Geraldo realize now living in the trashpile nations of the earth isn't so glamorous after all.

Qaddafi has been a plague upon mankind for decades. This human pustule has been allowed to fester ignored for so long that no matter what action is taken, the aftermath will infect the world for a long time to come.

by Frederick Meekins

Does American Idol Suborn Bulimia?

Since a judge is allowing students to wear "I love boobies" bracelet as a sign of support for breast cancer research, shouldn't those concerned about testicular cancer be permitted to wear ones declaring "I love creamy nuts"?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wonder what these food Nazis advocating dietary aseticism scarfed down as children. As anyone that has sat through an evangelistic missionary testimonial knows, those griping the loudest about your errant ways are usually the ones that could make a sailor blush before they came to religion.

Obama Plans To Seize More Of Your Money

According to the President, you don't need it anyway as you are not to eat what your want, drive what you want, or even climate control your domicile.

Heck, before it's all over with, Obama or those following in his path will even attempt to persuade you that you don't even need your own privately owned home but should rather dwell in a government relocation center.

Tolerancemongers Denounce Right Of Activist To Speak Before Committee

Interesting how mainstream journalistic outlets such as the Washington Post bemoaning the decline of the status of Blacks as the majority in the nation's capital offer no similar lamentation how in some area kindergartens less than 10% of the class is White? Who do they think then will buy their worthless paper in the future? Barely literate Hispanics aren't exactly renowned for the acumen in nuanced policy discussions.

When arrested, wonder if the DC mayor was as maltreated at the hands of police as any other street rabble would have been when taken into custody.

Is Painted Toenail Ad Sound & Fury Signifying Nothing?

Before the debate erupts, who decides anyway it is the inviolable standards for girls to paint their toes since such ornamentation is not inherent to nature anyway?

Most of women's fashions tend to be what men expect women to dress like anyway.

A Facebook legalist decrees that a true Christian would not read a particular graphic novel. So is the person making such a pronouncement not a true Christian since to make such a determination one would have to read at least a portion of the material?

Chicago school's policy of controling what students eat an example of threat posed 2 human liberty by public ed. Sad thing is many private educators r just as eager 2 usurp parental authority. Compounding that, if schools r religious, they'll then compile lengthy theological justifications y u r not a "good Christian" if don't have a smile plastered across ur face regarding the handed-down decree.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Nation That Claims The Moon Will Control Earth's Future

Post Hack Insists Nonmajoritarian Opinion Should Be Supressed

The FBI UFO Files

If it catches on in conservative Christian circles that average believers employed by government r somehow "ungodly" irrespective of their actual occupational tasks or mass giggle fits erupt over such individuals losing their pay during a government shut down, perhaps such "heathens" ought not put anything into the collection plate for awhile especially if such comments originate from the pulpit.

If it is wrong for a Christian to work in any government other than a "flawless" Rushdoonyian style dictatorship, then why isn't Scripture condemnatory of Joseph or Daniel?

Rome so devalued its currency that the Roman government would not accept its own coins as payment for taxes. Wait until our own government starts confiscating your personal & real property in the attempt to resolve the debt crisis

Listening to a Teaching Company lecture series on The Early Middle Ages. I say sarcastically, the episode on the Fall Of Rome has no parallel whatsoever to what is going on in America these days.

If a Utah child rapist is too incompetent to stand trial, how does he know that a certain appendage is for anything other than expelling urine from the body or even more importantly, that it can be used to mistreat women?

If a Utah child rapist is too incompetent to stand trial, how does he know that a certain appendage is for anything other than expelling urine from the body or even more importantly, that it can be used to mistreat women?

Why is it up to the government to pay for mammograms? No one is clamoring over budget cuts for prostate screenings. From the terms of the debate, one is forced to conclude that men never have health traumas.

A Congresswoman flying into hysterics over proposed curtailments in subsidies to baby-killing front groups claims that Republicans are out to kill women. Apparently, she's confused the GOP with the Red Chinese and Jihadist allies of the Democratic Party.

Unstoppable Pestilence Festering In Indian Slum Water

If it catches on in conservative Christian circles that average believers employed by government r somehow "ungodly" irrespective of their actual occupational tasks or mass giggle fits erupt over such individuals losing their pay during a government shut down, perhaps such "heathens" ought not put anything into the collection plate for awhile especially if such comments originate from the pulpit.

Leftwing Jews Forget Niemoller Doctrine

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Nature Enthusiasts Trash Mt. Everest

Same people that would trash you for driving a car or for even heating your home.

Blacks Flee Cities To Get Away From Foreigners

So, are they going to get lectures and sermons tossed at them by leftist clergy and school administrators for preferring their offspring grow up around certain kinds of people?

Likely not.

Any catch phrase used to rhetorically frame the issue won't be quite as catchy as "White Flight".

Audio: Headline Potpourri #20: Ghetto Ipods, Weeping Congressmen & Peanut Butter Police

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Online Presidential Biographies Condemned For Not Denigrating America

Motivational Speaker Kills Himself

Some headlines beg to be written.

Sort of comforting in a distorted way that those thinking they can tell the rest of us to be happy probably rank among the most despondent.

Were Incoherent TV Personalities The Victims Of Microwave Mind Control Technology?

Ghetto Filth Beat Ball Fan Into Coma For Wearing Wrong Jersey

Hindu Deity On Life Support

Monday, April 04, 2011

As expensive as books are, these preachers and loose canon ministers burning assorted religous texts and other books they don't like obviously don't need any more money put into their collection plates since they have more than enough if it can be tossed about so carelessly and in less than optimal ways.

Government Healthcare Kills British Medical Bureaucrat

The trick to easedropping is to not let those your listening to to know you are listening in.

Does Petraus preface every sacred text he mentions with the adjective "holy"?

Pastor Guns Down Wife

Easrdrop all you want. It's not your fault if the loudmouth in the cubicle next to you can't keep their mouth shut or feels compelled to tell the world the status of their hemoiroids.

How in the name of Ghenna does the NYC Health Department plan to enforce it's "no easedropping rule"? And if it plans to cut in half the portion size of snacks served at agency functions, what is to prevent someone from taking two. And if you rat out your fellow bureaucrat for doing so, isn't that violating the spirit of privacy embodied by the no easedropping rule?

If AZ intends to fine overweight, smoking & diabetic Medicaid recepients, do they also plan to impose such punishments upon chronic fornicators & sodomites as well?

New York Food Police Ban Fried Foods From Health Department Lunches

How long until they begin to snoop through everyone else's lunch boxes?

Wasn't cultist Terry Jones offerred a car last year if he'd call off his Koran Burning. If he ever accepted the vehicle, now does he have to give it back since he went through with the textual emolation this year?

If heathen mobs in the Third World have the level of technology to go on murderous rampages over what happens here, perhaps they aren't as underdeveloped as we think and don't need as much of our money as a result.

Aldi's sirloin burger soup isn't as thick as it use to be & it seems they have discontinued the bean soup all together. But so long as Obama can vacation in Rio & have Mo Town Night at the White House, all is right with the world.

Cannibal documentary on National Geographic Channel being advertised with cutesy music. Wonder if the Ku Klux Klan would be approached in the same lighthearted manner or do the cannibals get a pass because they likely dined on those of the same color.

If Libyan rebels have sufficient # of bulletins to shoot them aloft in celebration, obviously they are not in need of our supplies.

Since Qaddaffi is such an SOB, Geraldo should ask the Americans he's interviewing there on the ground why they would move there in the first place.

An interesting Facebook status update by Brannon Howse regarding a Youth Pastor fired for taking his students to a Worldview Weekend conference. Obviously some churches prefer people of all ages remain in a state of ignornance and thus easier to control.

If Rev Terry Jones an honorable clergyman, he'd give back the free car.

Guess those Americans living in Libya being interviewed by Geraldo realize now living in the trashpile nations of the earth isn't so glamorous afterall.

If National Georgraphic is going to make cannibalism lighthearted & entertaining, isn't the network undervaluing the humanity of the victims?

Classic Christian theology holds that marriage is a common grace extended to all humanity. As such, it is not the place of certain Reconstructionists to restrict it solely to members of organized churches.