Thursday, September 30, 2010

Louisville area schools plan to integrate along income rather than racial lines. This should spark even greater outrage. In most cases, you can look at a person and tell what race they are. However, to hand down decisions as to financial status, one has to dig into private matters that the education establishment has no business asking or make the kinds of exaggerated stereotypes that tolerancemongers always assure us are inaccurate when they disadvantage their particular special interest or front group.

County to hold a lottery for 390 taxicab licenses. Why should government be permitted to restrict free enterprise to this extent? Authorities might have a role in making sure for the sake of public safety that drivers are sufficiently trained and vehicles adequately maintained. However, it is not the place of government to determine or protect profits of an economic system characterized by considerable liberty.

County to hold a lottery for 390 taxicab licenses. Why should government be permitted to restrict free enterprise to this extent? Authorities might have a role in making sure for the sake of public safety that drivers are sufficiently trained and vehicles adequately maintained. However, it is not the place of government to determine or protect profits of an economic system characterized by considerable liberty.

The grandson of a deceased medal of honor winner was denied entry to the West Wing of the White House despite being invited because casual dress is not permitted there. I guess Bill was in his formal wear when he slipped it to Monica. The office can't be any more defaced by a tike in a t-shirt with his grandfather's picture on it than it already has been by a number of its contemporary occupiers.

Obama Picked On Camera Dupes Based On Appearance

One must also ask, and what if these people refused and more importantly what kinds of security restrictions were imposed upon the neighbors?

Pentagon Brownie Recipe Exceeds 25 pages

Obama To Compile Eco-Tyranny Slowly

Death Threats Issued Over Tea Party Coloring Book

A typical response on the part of the advocates of civility and inclusiveness

Hispanicists Electorally Threaten Republicans Refusing To Surrender The United States

Il Duce Denounces Fox News As Subversive

Military Undermines Second Amendment Rights

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cowering Whites Keep Sharpton In Power

Pictured on the cover of the 8/12/10 issue of Newsweek Magazine is a portrait of Al Sharpton.

To the left of the infamous rabble rouser's visage, the title reads, "The Reinvention Of Reverend Al: From Tawana To Obama (What Sharpton's Longevity Says About Race In America)."

What it says is that White Americans have been so beaten over the head with the threat of being labeled "racist" that most are too afraid to expose this huckster for what he is.

At best, Sharpton should only be brought out occasionally as a semi-entertaining buffoon to serve as a foil on media interview programs rather than as any serious kind of policy visionary.

Was Dead Restauranter Dipping His Finger In His Pastry Chef

So in Utah, do you face a possible five year prison term if you get caught cheating on your wife and she doesn't know about it, or does the sentence only apply to those who have their wife's blessing?

The Senate intends to bestow upon the late Robert Byrd's family compensation equal to a year's salary. If you croke before the end of the month, your family is expected to return the Social Security check.

Utah police are investigating the stars of a reality series glamorizing polygamy over allegations of bigamy. If the queers, the shacked up, and chronic fornicators are going to insist that what we do in our bedrooms is our own business and in terms of legal benefits there is only one valid marriage among this group, on what grounds does the state turn around and prosecute consenting adults?

Stephen King Sinks Fangs Into Vampire Bandwagon

Mandatory Sex Vaccine Kills Unsuspecting Teens

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Leftists Call For Riot In Washington

Billed as a rally, it is a safe wager there will be more arrests and destruction of property than at any Tea Party. Should make for interesting CSPAN viewing. Won't be able to see as many freaks gathered in one place until January's American Idol auditions.

Obama Propaganda Effort To Violate Property Rights

Don't think so? Ask the neighbors of these dupes if they were allowed out in their yards and such while the New Lord descended upon these patches of earth.

Obama Supporters Embrace Ahmadinejad

Americans Wallow In Religious Ignorance

Just as much blame needs to be placed on the nation's churches for teaching all this COMMUNITY, COMMUNITY, COMMUNITY garbage these days instead of actual religious and theological doctrine.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

School Girl Sentenced To Multiday Detention For Possessing Jolly Rancher

The girl was told to write an essay as to why what she did was wrong.  What if she did not see the act as inherently wrong?

Parking Tickets Laced With Yoga Propaganda

One might assume that Jennifer Lopez is the replacement judge for Paula Abdul on American Idol. Such a judgement might be mistaken. Given his level of drug useage, it might actually be Steven Tyler filling the role once held by Paula.

General Orders The Ranks To Embrace Sodomites

The women exhausted from defending Obama has gotten what she deserves. The thing is though, she and her ilk have dragged a significant percentage down with them.

Is The Equinox A Scientific Fraud?

Jimmy Carter Shoves His Nose Up His Own Rearend

At the Institute On The Constitution's October 1st Friday event discussing the qualificiations for holding government office, the organization should clarify statements made by one of its spokesman about putting to death leaders of non-Calvinistic sects referred to as "false prophets" & what political rights/opportunities they think ought to be denied women & others not belonging to recognized Calvinistic churches.

Father Charged With Disorderly Conduct For Confronting Bullies

And will the adolescent pissants be charged with anything as well? Will probably end up getting a fat welfare check instead.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Eleanor Homes Norton Caught Requesting Donation Of Questionable Repute

Dawkins & Hitchens Call For The Pope's Arrest

Van Jones Bent On Destroying Fox News

Teen Invokes First Amendment To Justify Looking Like A Heathen

Guess DC mayoral candidate Vincent Gray's vision of "One City" doesn't include much of a role for White folks since these were made the scapegoat and villian of his campaign.

Police Stand By As Family Raped, Murdered, Set On Fire

Likely stuffing their faces with doughuts. Bet if the father had blown off the heads of these scumbag criminals, the police would have gone in to arrest the man defending his family.

In coverage of a lunatic possessing body armor believed to be a threat to the President, it was remarked one should not be allowed to threaten the President. And that is absolutely correct. But shouldn’t it be as much a crime to threaten all of America as a whole? As such, the Ground Zero Imam should be taken into custody as well.

A kook suspected of threatening the President is being charged in part with illegally possessing body armor. So basically, the police are allowed to protect themselves from homicidal miscreants but we as citizens are not allowed to protect ourselves from homicidal miscreants which easily include errant police. Since no one is harmed if an individual owns a bullet proof vest since the vest alone cannot be used as an implement of violence, a free citizen would be allowed to own a bullet proof vest.

Salvatore Giunta is the first living recipient of the Medal of Honor since the Vietnam War. Wonder how many other soldiers named John Smith have acted as valiantly but whose names were not alluringly exotic enough to merit such public accolades.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

At Least Marie Antoinette Would Let Us Have Cake

During his campaign for the presidency, Barack Obama lamented the tendency of Americans to eat what we want, drive SUV's, and keep our homes climate controlled at 70 degrees. Some will observe that I have already published a number of columns regarding the aforementioned sentiment. And I will continue to do so for as long as the Obama's hypocritically admonish to the minutest detail how we are to live lives of sacrificial austerity for the sake of the COMMUNITY while they themselves wallow in opulent luxury.

According to, the President attended a fundraiser in California primarily for the benefit of Senator Barbara Boxer. Despite likely expending more in fossil fuels to reach his destination than the average suburbanite does puttering around town in a Ford Explorer or Jeep Cherokee, the opulence did not stop there.

When most regular Americans have a get together, they usually have cheese whiz and maybe Dominoes Pizza if they really feel like splurging. Such provisions, however, aren't quite good enough for those that not only think they are better than the rest of us but that it is their place to run our own lives as well.

According to, those paying over $17,000 per person to attend the fundraiser held at the Getty Mansion ingested quail eggs and caviar, salmon, avocado on tortilla chips, and Kobe beef short ribs with potatoes. For desert, those gathered had buckwheat crepes with roasted cherries and almond ice cream. If one is what one eats, wouldn't that now make Obama "buckwheat" with one granted linguistic amnesty from being denounced as racist since one would simply be making a dietary observation.

As the type that expect to be praised and heralded for all that they do, the Obamas's didn't start a vegetable garden at the White House as a way to relax by poking around in the dirt at the end of the day. Rather, to the First Lady especially, the very bounty of the Good Lord's earth is to be co-opted for the purposes of scolding the American people as to our ways deemed errant in the eyes of contemporary world Bolshevism.

One of the obvious reasons behind the garden is to rub the noses of the American parents in the nutritional insufficiencies of what they decide to feed their children. For example, should the social conditioning proposed by Frau Obama fully take hold, feeding your kids short ribs and ice cream all in the same meal will probably be grounds for a visit from social services should the neighbors catch wind of it.

The symbolism of the White House garden, however, goes beyond the centrality of nutrition to healthy living. The Obamas not only want to tell us what to eat but also from where to eat.

Catching on among those ashamed for enjoying a standard of living above that of Third World squalor are the Slow Food and Locally Grown Food movements. According to the advocates of these positions, the elites should admonish we lowly masses to only consume non-processed victuals grown in our respective areas. Most conveniently fail to mention that, if this mindset replaced current food production practices, Americans would be chained to their kitchens (or wherever else these fanatics allow us to prepare our sustenance) and more importantly, what is to prevent widespread starvation in areas where not much grows in the winter.

But so long as the likes of the Obamas have full bellies, it really doesn't matter what kind of gastronomical hardship their policy idiosyncrasies might impose upon the American people. It is the assumption, after all, among the circle Obama is most comfortable with that the population needs to be reduced anyway.

It has been argued that an army travels on its stomach. Other than the relationships with God and family, none are as profound as one's relationship with food.

A leader's attitude towards basic sustenance will reveal a great deal about his underlying political philosophy. Unfortunately, it seems Obama believes he is to be denied no culinary delight while you as a mere commoner are to endure happily a life of dietary aestheticism.

by Frederick Meekins

For supposedly being among the toughest people to walk the earth, the NFL certainly gets its collective athletic supporter in a jumble in regards to every politically correct cause that comes down the pike.

In his Sept 11th remarks, Obama insisted Americans need to "give back to their COMMUNITIES". You'll be doing plenty of that in more ways than you realize come January when tax rates are expected to rise.

Unstoppable Germ Traced To Third World Squalor

Find it interesting that Albert Mohler blamed men that the majority of those graduating with doctorates are now women. Perhaps most men realize what a crock and waste of time higher education happens to be. Are these women pursuing degrees in legitmate academic subjects such as the hard sciences and traditional versions of history or in things such as queer theory?

Oprah Whips Snooty White Liberals Into A Ghetto Frenzy

Government Deploys X-Ray Vans To Spy On Motorists

The stated purpose is to find contraband such as weapons, narcotics, and human smuggling. But given the Obama's propensity to control every aspect of your existence, what is to prevent them from determinging what kinds of foods you are purchasing at the supermarket?

According to the 9/14/10 edition of USA Today, Colorado provides a free school breakfast for all students. From the text & photo, it seems this meal consists primarily of a carton of milk & a prepackaged serving of cereal. If parents can't afford this at home, THEY OUGHT TO KEEP THEIR PANTS ON & REFRAIN FROM PROCREATNG!!!

Ground Zero Imam Threatens Terrorism If He Doesn't Get His Way

Dodgers Hire Russian Worlock

Monday, September 13, 2010

Time magazine's 2010 annual national service issue insists to "Teach Is To Serve". So if government teachers can get paid upwards around $45,000 to $50,000 and still be considered to be engaged in public service, why should the rest of us be continually hounded about "giving back to the COMMUNITY" for free when the occupations we are engaged in are as every much a social and economic necessity as the teaching profession.

Obama To Celebrate The Demise Of The White Race Twice In One Week

Peruvian chicken dealer on the radio promises an authentic dining experience. Does that include the cramps, sweats, and runs also?

First Nag Demands More Apples & Less Butter

This from someone that has barely ever cooked; she lives with her mother and had chefs on staff even when she was a nobody like everyone else.

Frankly, if one goes out to eat, one is going out for the slop. One can eat healthy at home.

Ground Zero Imam An Accused Slumlord

If one is "a person through other people", what is to keep them from denying you this conceptual status if it is bestowed by the group rather than something innate to you as a being created in God's image?

Those that go around burning books or flags at mass rallies have too much time on their hands. A sizeable percentage of these probably live on some kind of welfare --- be it government (Food Stamps or foreign aide) or ecclesiastical (handouts collected from threatening congregations how they will incur God’s wrath if they don’t pony up into the collection plate).

Cops should have probably shot the owner along with or rather instead of the dog at the DC street festival. As with people that drag newborns out into extreme cold or heat, often those that have to drag their dogs to mass gatherings unless they are seeing-eye type dogs merely want attention for themselves and don't really care about their animals.

Pentagon Develops Brainwashing Machine

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Christian Reconstructionist Inconsistent Regarding Chuck Baldwin

A fruitcake Christian Reconstructionist has condemned Chuck Baldwin's decision to retire from his Florida pastorate in order to move to Montana to start a new ministry focused on preserving what freedom remains.

The criticizer, who among other things believes Glenn Beck should be executed as a false prophet, contends that one cannot fight for freedom.

Hypocritically, the hyperpuritan making this claim himself works for an organization that purports to stand for the Constitution.

If we are to carry this analogy to its conclusion that one cannot fight for freedom, isn't that akin to saying it's sinful to go to work as that would be a sign of not relying on God to provide for your daily needs?

Thursday, September 09, 2010

U.S. Milirary Burns Bibles In Afghanistan

McLaren Embraces Universalism

The Pastor of the The Dove Christian World Outreach might actually make a good Muslim. Of those studying (or rather brainwashed) under his tutelage, he dictates how much and where they can eat (sort of like Michelle Obama), how they may interact with members of the opposite sex, and even the kinds and extent of contact they may have with their families.

If deadbeat mobs in the trashpile nations of the earth have the time to rampage over the actions of a single pastor of a small church, they obviously aren't anywhere near starvation so we should cut out the foreign aide.

Ground Zero Imam Threatens Violence If Heathen Structure Moved

Eco Police To Sniff Around In Your Garbage

This Obama financed civilian security force intends to use computer technology to make sure you are recycling and compel you to undergo reeducation if you do not comply.

School Cafeteria Compiling Dietary Dossiers On Students

Questions regarding the Koran immolation. If the cult purchased the texts they plan to destory, isn't that supporting Islam with the pocket book? And are the Korans in question Arabic or English translations. If English, the fanatics most likely to fly into a rampage don't even view these texts as actual Korans.

Since the handbook of the Dove World Outreach ministerial training academy is blatantly cultic, perhaps there could be a counter protest where the advocates of religious liberty burn copies of that document instead.

Koran-Burning Church Run Like Cult

America has a thriving pork industry. Should we also give that up if it ticks off the Muslims?

Audio: Rationalism & Fideism

Audio: Rationalism & Fideism
- Watch more Videos at Vodpod.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

In for a penny, in for a pound. Burning the Koran is not the smartest move apologetically. However, if the Florida church backs down now, Islamists will view Americans as weak and will up their demands. Will it get to the point where American military leaders and the likes of Sean Hannity will insist that Christians be castigated for holding to the divinity and exclusivity of Christ?

Interesting those concerned about the questionable background of the Koran burning pastor don't get all that worked up over the terrorist links of the ground zero imam.

Jungle Bunnies Bump & Grind At White House

It might be justice to lock the horse butcherers, who started taking the meat off another person's horse before the creature even died, in a very small pen with an extremely irritated and territorial horse.

Establishmentarian Media Debates Whether To Side With The Truth Or Propaganda About The War Continuing In Iraq

Will Immigrant Horse Butcherers Get Light Sentence?

Guess we will be told to respect their "cultural" practice of removing the meat before the horse has even died and that, as rich White people, the owners deserve this kind of heartache and should be thankful for the opportunity to contribute to the sustenance of minority COMMUNITIES.

Apostates Announce Solidarity With Islam

Hartford, Conn Surrenders To Islam

Mafia Benefits From Windenergy Handouts

World Famine Looms

Billy Ray Cyrus & Heathen-Looking Son To Become Reality TV UFO Investigators

Congressional Democrats Plot To Herd The Masses Into Glorified Concentration Camps

Expensive environmental upgrades will force property owners to give up their homes or face financial ruin.

The Obama administration and liberal media are the ones seeking violence in the afterglow of the Koran pyre. Otherwise, who would know what an otherwise miniscule congregation would be up to. Probably more end up dead in an average Islamic riot than attend the enitre church.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Regarding the threat by the church playing with less than a full deck to burn Korans: in America at least you are free to have as many Korans as you want for any purpose. In lands where Islamists rule, it is against the law to own a Bible and a capital offense to eventually be persuaded as to the veracity of that particular text.

Americans Murdered In Iraq Despite Ballyhooed End Of The War

Al Gore School Environmentally Toxic

Did Wikileaker Consider Sex Change?

The Kennedy Center's celebration of Mexico commences on September 11th. Will Al Sharpton organize a protest of this event for taking attention away from the higher purpose of this solemn day?

Jesse Jackson's Gas Guzzler Carjacked At Environmentalist Rally

President Obama is complaining that his critics talk about him like a dog. Well, his wife is a real b----.

If General Petraeus is now handing down edicts as to what kind of expression is going to set off radical Islamists in regards to the plans to burn Koran's by one church, is he also going to hand down similar opinions regarding sodomite nuptuals and tramps sauntering about with 3/4's of their jiggly bosoms exposed for all to see?

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Those touting Zipcars as an alternative to automobile ownership should stop and think seriously for a moment. This concept is gaining in popularity on college campuses. As such, are these cars thoroughly screened and cleaned between renters. If not, when you are pulled over by police, are you willing to go down on a drug charge for the last person that borrowed the car and forgot to take their pot with them when they parked it?

John Lofton has threatened to "report me" if I dare post anything on his facebook wall. Guess he doesn't like me questioning his desire to see Glenn Beck executed as a false prophet. People need to wake up not only to the vipers outside of Evangelical Christianity but as well as the snakes they have let inside the tent as well.

Vitamin Water recruits Gary Busey as spokesman. Not exactly the comeplling embodiment of physical vigor and mental vitality you'd want associated with a healthfood product.

If John Lofton believes that every last stipulation of the Old Testament law must be implemented literally without being tempered by God's grace, the food at the Institute on the Constitution picnic must be kosher.

Movie Depicting Gringo-Killing Hispanosupremacist Applauded As Hilarious

Obama Blows Up Another Oil Rig

Youth Groups Wallowing In Regurgitation, Feel Up & Homoerotic Activities

The Discovery Channel building hijacker wanted a stop put to the birth of parasitic human beings. How is he any worse than the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger? She played a role in the death of millions of human beings while this fruitcake didn't kill a single person.

Taser-Happy Cops Zap Cardiac Patient

Cops tell man to stand up and then shock him for compliance. To show how brainless many police are, the nervous system runs on electrical impulses and then law enforcement act all surprised when someone is convulsing on the floor as if they have control over their reaction. Police like these are one reason why the Founding Fathers gave us the Second Amendment

Burro orifice John Lofton forbids me from posting on his profile asking him to clarify his position on wanting to execute those he disagrees with such as Glenn Beck. Given that the show he hosts for his employers at the Institute on the Constitution, the American View, sounds similar to some of my websites The American Worldview which the IOTC use to link to years ago, you'd think I'd deserve a bit more respect.

The Discovery Channel building hijacker wanted a stop put to the birth of parasitic human beings. How is he any worse than the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger? She played a role in the death of millions of human beings while this fruitcake didn't kill a single person.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Ecoterrorist takes Discovery Channel Building hostage. Are we now going to blame Whale Wars in much the same way we blame talk radio for every gunnut that goes off his rocker?

Did Prince Phillip Have Lady Di Murdered For Refusing To Bed Him?

But perhaps an even more shocking headline is that apparently there was someone she wouldn't sleep with.

Islamists Launch Propaganda Campaign

Ought one be careful about calling for the execution of false prophets? Because no doubt in someone else's theology, those calling for the death penalty against false prophets could very well be considered false prophets.

If one of the organization’s primary spokesman thinks that Glenn Beck and Harold Camping should be executed, should average Conservatives and Christians feel at ease at a meeting of the Institute on The Constitution? For if one of the meeting’s organizers had his way, he would just as likely burn you at the stake. At the groups upcoming barbecue, just stop and think that it might very well one day be you turning on the rotisserie.

Should Mike Peroutka be asked his opinion on one of his key staff members hinting that Glenn Beck should be executed?

Contrary to a commenter of one of my columns posted at, my purpose as a commentator is not “to get conservative Republicans elected to office. To paraphrase the Bard,. “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in you electoral system.” Politicians are to serve us and not we them. Anyone that believes that thought and expression should be curtailed to serve the alleged needs of establishmentarian Republicans are as much enemies of human liberty as any Democrat.