Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Will Jericho Expose FEMA Camps?

For my commentary “Contract Granted For American Concentration Camps” those conditioned into accepting whatever the government does as good and acceptable dismissed me as some kind of raving lunatic.

I wonder if they will be singing the same tune when more and more Americans of commonsense come around to my viewpoint on the topic.

On the conclusion of the Jericho midseason finale, the episode closes with a band of weary stragglers wandering into the Kansas town the series is named after.

According to TV Guide these are refuges from a FEMA camp where things were getting ugly (33). As fans will remember in another as dramatic moment, it was revealed that mercenaries based loosely on those belonging to the Blackwater corporation were using just such a facility as the excuse they had for coming to raid the town’s supplies.

Of course, this story has to be totally fictional. For it was based on reality, the discontented would never have been allowed to leave as transpired with those seeking to leave the Superdome turned back at gunpoint during Hurricane Katrina operations.

By Frederick Meekins

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