Sunday, September 19, 2021

Did Converse Adopt Satanic Iconography?

I think these should be spoken out against. 


No longer buying the brand as a result of this business decision is one thing.   


However, I am not going so far as some as to toss out perfectly good shoes that I spent money on as some are doing.


 I’ve worn Chuck Taylor’s off and on my entire life to the point that at times I was known for them.  


I’ve had three camo pairs, two plain black pairs, two batman pairs, a purple low cut pair (like those worn by David Tennat Doctor Who though I owned them before I saw them in that role), a Hawaiin pair, two turquoise pairs, and a blue camo pair.


I don’t wear the style as much as I use to since getting old I need more arch support when I walk.


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