Monday, September 27, 2021

Distinctions Manipulated To Undermine Individual Well Being

For insisting that all moral and legitimate work on the part of the Christian is a form of ministry in that such efforts further the purposes of God in the world, I was accused of obliterating the distinction between the secular and the sacred.

That is ironic that about a decade ago the online theologian leveling this allegation was the same one insisting that the secular/sacred dichotomy did not exist in terms of allowing women to hold elected office and in some instances even voting and that individuals possessed no right to profess a theology at variance with state-sanctioned orthodoxy.

So intermingling the sacred and secular must be kept apart if their conceptual intermingling might imbue the individual with a sense of purpose transcendent beyond the mundane.

Yet the sacred and the secular must apparently be brought together when such an amalgamation can be used to bludgeon basic human liberties.

The result is a religious collectivism that ultimately undermines human spiritual flourishing.

By Frederick Meekins

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