Thursday, January 16, 2020

Pastor Insists Believers Obligated To Celebrate The Demise Of White America

In the sermon, the pastor says he would not say whether liberal politics is good or bad.

Yet he boldly declares that the believer is obligated to celebrate America becoming increasingly Latino and African (in other words the demise of Whites if he wants to make race and color an issue).

He also praised Karl Barth for selecting his actions on the basis of what he believed rather than what he knew.

The pastor elaborated that making decisions in such a manner represented a level of maturity most us us don't have.

Does that include the lengthy extramarital affair Barth had with a colleague?

From such a standpoint on what grounds can the pastor's Evangelical Christianity be said to be any more correct that someone claiming that they are the breeding sow of a Pleiadian extraterrestrial with whom she produced hybrid offspring or the terrorist savages that flew jetliners into the World Trade Center?

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