Saturday, March 19, 2005

Like Father, Like Son: Will The President Embrace His Heritage As A Wimp?

It is assumed that a president in his second term has less to lose since he is not eligible for reelection and as such possesses a greater opportunity to assert himself in terms of policy than many consider prudent for a Commander-And-Chief in the first term. In a time of war, one would assume this would mean the President would come down harder upon the enemies of the nation vowing to wipe the United States from the face of the earth.

Regardless of one’s opinion of President Bush, one has to admit at certain moments in the war on terror he has spoken with refreshing bluntness uncharacteristic of a politician holding public office. However, as the President prepared to commence upon his second term he backpedaled and seemed to say some things that could be construed as embracing the Kerryite doctrine of waging a “more sensitive war”.

According to President Bush in his pre-inaugural Barbara Walters interview, he regretted having said in reference to the Iraqi insurgents “to bring it on” and that he wanted Osama Bin Ladin “Dead or alive”. While his feelings regarding the Iraqi insurgents are understandable in light of the tragic deaths of American servicemen serving as a testament that these savages were not as easy to neutralize as originally assessed, why in the world should anyone feel bad about wanting Osama Bin Ladin brought in dead or alive?

Perhaps we need to be reminded what this homicidal fanatic is accused of doing. Encase everyone has forgotten, Bin Ladin is responsible for killing over 3000 Americans.

Why in the name of Hades should we care if Bin Ladin and his groupies get their feelings hurt? From the impression given by the President, he might be more afraid of his old lady than international terrorism.

Thus the Commander-And-Chief feared as a cowboy in the Bolshevist press is actually henpecked and beholden to the Mrs. in a manner different only in degree and not necessarily in kind to that of the Oval Office’s previous occupant. For as with the previous administration, this one also is tempted to pursue a foreign policy characterized by the female characteristics of timidity and weak-mindedness.

After receiving a verbal smack down from Laura, the spanked President said with his head down, “So I have to be cautious about...conveying thoughts in a way maybe that doesn’t send wrong impressions about our country.” And what “improved” image does this apology convey: that in America the President’s wife is the spouse wearing the pants in the First Family?

That will certainly go a long way in striking fear in the hearts of our enemies. The only thing it will do is serve as evidence that, like the sisssified nations of Europe, the United States is decayed and ripe for conquest.

Apparently, in apologizing the President would rather America be perceived on par with France or Spain rather than as a cowboy. But whom would you rather call on in a crisis: John Wayne or Peppi La Phew?

When some scumbag breaks into your home, are you going to prattle on about the brotherhood of man and the equitable distribution of resources or are you going to do whatever it takes to get the brigand --- dead or alive --- off your property and away from your loved ones? The decision usually isn’t difficult for real men; however, it is in all likelihood, more ponderous for European ones or those seeking their approval.

Equally naive is the President’s belief that tsunami relief will improve the image of the U.S. abroad, especially among Islamic nations. For while President Bush is to be commended for realizing the threat posed by world terrorism, he fails to grasp Islam’s inherent hatred of Judeo-Christian values and civilization as well as hostility to U.S. strategic interests.

In an expression of heartwarming gratitude, the Indonesian government intimated they wanted relief forces out of the country and went so far as to forbid the Marines from carrying firearms in their backwards nation swarming with terrorists and assorted malcontents. But no guns, no Marines.

The Indonesians are the ones needing the aide. It makes no difference to America what happens to such an insignificant country if that’s going to be that nation’s attitude.

Indonesia needs America a lot more than America needs Indonesia. They ought to be grateful for every penny we send them and should welcome with open arms military assistance as first rate and magnanimous as ours.

As a result of a desire for approval, the perceived indecisiveness of the elder Bush led him to be derided as a wimp. We can only hope the current President Bush’s desire for acceptance does not compromise the need to stand up for American liberty’s in this precarious age.

Copyright 2005 by Frederick Meekins

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