Monday, March 14, 2005

John Walsh Takes On Mexican Kidnapping Rings

This was a very informative story about an issue you don't hear much about in the mainstream press.

According to the report, Mexican drug cartels --- some composed of former military personnel or in league with sympathetic police --- are kidnapping individuals they suspect possessing access to financial resources.

Thus far from the report, it seems they have primarily struck south of the border, but are extending operations into the United States. But as Mexican cultural influence continues to spread into the United States this could very well become a threat to all Americans. For if these desparados will do this to American citizens of a similar Hispanic background as their own, just think what horrors they would be willing to inflict upon Americans of Caucasian extraction.

In this era of sweeping the state of things to the south under the rug, John Walsh is to be commended for brining this issue to the attention of the mainstream media.

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