Thursday, October 14, 2021

Just Because Pastor Doesn't Watch News Doesn't Mean We Can't

In a sermon, a pastor boasted that he no longer watched the news.

The purpose in so sharing seemed to be to insinuate that “since I don’t, neither should you.”

It was suggested that instead of paying attention to the social and cultural decay around us, our efforts should rather be directed towards bringing Jesus to the attention of the lost.

All well and good as that is the only way to prevent people from going to Hell.

But of those converted, will they be encouraged to return to those spheres of influence from whence they came or had an interest in as a sort of ministry or will they also be expected to join the chorus of only “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus”?

If that is the case, will things really improve to any considerable degree?

You will end up with pretty much the same diehard reprobates continuing to wield power for corrosive and destructive ends.

And those now with both the ability and insight to perhaps do something about it will find themselves shamed into embracing the pious nonengagement demanded by the prevailing herd mentality.

By Frederick Meekins

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