Saturday, July 24, 2021

Does God Really Care If You Skip A Vacation Sunday?

A pastor suggested that at this time we as Christians stop straining at gnats given that there are those that have never heard the Gospel.  

As such, does he renounce his declaration as to what a lousy Christian you are if you do not go to church while away from home on vacation?  

Talk about the Pharisaism he claims he does not want as part of his congregation.  

In support it was claimed one does not take a vacation from God.  

That is true.  

Unless you are touring the brothels of Thailand or Nevada, God can be enjoyed and fellowshipped with during any wholesome recreational activity.  

One does not need a hireling clergy standing over one’s shoulder to invoke deity.  

Most people don’t go on vacation by themselves.  

If we are all really priests as Scripture says, why can’t one hold a makeshift service with one’s family in the car? 

 Ironically, those insisting the most vociferously regarding the impropriety of such would insist upon making a stand against the perceived formalism of Roman Catholicism and other deliberately liturgical churches.

by Frederick Meekins 

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