Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Plague Cult Urges Parents To Brainwash Children That Sacramental Alchemy Only Way To Be Liberated From Slave Muzzles

What parents need to tell children is that since more will be allowed to do things without slave muzzles they will also be doing more without slave muzzles outside even if they are not vaccinated. 


If asked if they are vaccinated that they will respond that they are even if they are not. 


For unless the person asking has the power to take you away in handcuffs, the person is not entitled to that degree of honesty from you. If they have friends whose parents are that wrapped up in the Plague Cult, perhaps you as a parent need to rethink who you are letting you children hang out with. 


After all, these same thralls of the regime would have no problem cutting you or your child out of their own lives should they learn that you yourself advocate a more conservative or libertarian worldview. 


And if you tell them that Mommy and Daddy are vaccinated it is only because the Bad Guys have taken over and that it is the only way Mommy or Daddy can continue to make money to buy you things like food, shelter and toys.


 If the tiniest of children are supposed to be told about the mindwarping aspects of existence such as transgenderism and the specifics of sexual mechanics, there is no reason they can’t be taught about the rudiments of tyranny and how sometimes we have to struggle to win back freedom in surreptitious ways.

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