Thursday, November 26, 2020

A Heeping Helping Of Thanksgiving Parade Snark

In the opening of the 2020 Macy's Parade, Jimmy Falon remarks in light of the Pandemic, you can't take the Parade away from America. Ashame most aren't as adamant about the Constitution and basic liberties.

Why aren't the maskless announcers and dances at the Macy's Parade in violation of Commissars Cumo's concealed visage edicts?

NBC propagandist Savanah Guthrie assures parade viewers that all safety precautions have been taken. That is reassuring, given from her Presidential town hall performance we all know she wouldn’t spin the truth for her own advantage or that of her media overseers.

Given that the Macy’s Parade musical numbers are always lip-synched, forcing these court jesters to wear masks like the remainder of the serfs in the population would not have impacted the audio quality of the performances any.

Does Cumo intend to hand down a Castro-like performance in condemnation of parade dancers engaging in the sort of human contact he has created an atmosphere surrounding causing residents of his state to fear could run them afoul of law enforcement and over which sheriffs stating they will not enforce such edicts are viewed with more contempt in his eyes than Antifa and BLM subversives that he did next to nothing to stop?

A gay marching band being celebrated. Does each sort of fetish get to field a band? The gas mask freaks ought to be prominent right now. Those preferring partners of more substantial girth could march to the tune about liking big butts.

If the Plague is as virulent as technocrats insist, should a recent sufferer of cancer such as Al Roker be on the front lines of the parade?

Al Roker was closer than six feet from a parade performer dressed as a stick of butter. But don’t you dare hug a relative.

The dynamics of the Macy’s Thanksgiving spectacle are reinforcing the new cultural expectation that only those of sufficient importance will be allowed to appear maskless in public.

The Thanksgiving Parade commemorating the Puerto Rican Parade. Does the Puerto Rican Parade take time to acknowledge the Thanksgiving Day Parade?

Given that so many of the floats and performers at the Thanksgiving parade are going out of their way to beat viewers over their heads with minority supremacism, will there be any explicitly celebrating White accomplishments?

Given the extent to which so many of them probably have AIDS, shouldn’t these broadway types be wearing masks and standing more than six feet apart in their parade performances if the Coronavirus really is such a deadly threat that the rest of us can’t even eat Thanksgiving dinner around others without threats and fear of WACO style raids?

It’s your house. Do whatever the Hades you want in it in terms of dinner and who you eat it with.

Turkey is notorious in plugging a certain percentage of the population up with constipation. If the government issues an edict how we shouldn’t be eating it for Thanksgiving, should we simply acquiesce to that command as well?

If that balloon is being celebrated for being the first in the Thanksgiving Parade designed by a woman, perhaps its appearance is pretty much a testament why there have been no others.

During the Smokey the Bear Balloon presentation, it was pointed out that most wildfires were the result of human activity. Perhaps it should be pointed out that these fires --- both manmade and natural --- are now exacerbated by lack of human activity in that for whatever reason combustible debris is not being managed on these public lands, threatening wildlife, human lives, and property.

Lifetime Christmas movies? So the network has apparently expanded beyond the men are scum, kill your abuser fantasies.

If this goes down as one of the lowest rated Macy’s Parade’s in history, that can’t all be blamed on the Plague.

by Frederick Meekins

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