Wednesday, October 14, 2020

The New Monasticism & The Global Pandemic

One should be allowed to hunker down to the extent one desires to avoid contact with the Plague.

However, it should be concerning when statements regarding such are formulated in such a way insinuating something is mentally wrong with you if you long for an eventual return to the way things once were in regards to freedom of movement and such.

Ironically, most of these individuals look and sound like the sorts that would gravitate to the "keep your laws off my body" or "how dare you impose your morality on me sort of churches".

As such, just because they might want to be locked inside for the rest of their lives, who are they to demand that from the rest of us?

Also the discerning will find it somewhere along the spectrum between bored and irritated to the extent capitalism was bashed.

But was it not capitalism that allowed for the development of the technology that allows them to communicate across such vast distances and to pursue such bourgeoisie pursuits as artisanal chocolate making while quarantined?

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