Monday, June 10, 2013

Frau Obama Cracks Under Minimal Pressure

It's not polite to heckle a speaker.

However, Frau Obama's threat to leave if a heckler did not cease and desist at a fundraiser is instructive regarding the mindset and worldview embraced by this administration.

Instead of viewing the matter initially as that of an individual needing to be corrected, the reflexive response on the part of the Queen of Communalism was to punish the entire group.

So if this is the way that the Obama's treat their most enthusiastic supporters willing to dish out more money than many common laborers bring home in a single year just to sit at the feet of their gods, just think what this regime would inflict upon those they actually dislike in the name of spiteful retribution?

This entertaining exchange of tantrums is worthy of notice for another reason as well.

In the rush not to draw too much attention, it is either overlooked or hurried through in a number of accounts of the incident that the originator of the outburst was a lesbian at a lesbian function.

So shouldn't the media now commence with the obligatory banalities about how such verbal eruptions undermine civility, coarsen the public dialogue, and other related blather designed to intimidate the critical into silence?

by Frederick Meekins

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