Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Will Christians Take A Ride On The Tyranny Buss?

In an analysis of Charlie Sheen's revelation that the actor is infected with HIV, Christian social apologist Scott Alan Buss pretty much blamed that development on all Christians.

In a column at his website FireBreathingChristian, Buss writes, “We see porn shops and strip clubs operating all across the fruited plain in direct violation of God's word.”

Those strip clubs are the fault of their owners and those that frequent them.

If you are Christian and you do not, you have nothing to answer for in regards to such smut peddling.

Even more disturbingly he writes, “We read about Muslims, witches, and even Satantists openly worshiping their false gods in the land in the name of all American/anti-Christian versions of 'freedom' and 'liberty'.”

Linked to that column is another titled “There Is No God Given Right To Worship False Gods.”

It would depend upon what is meant by that.

If that means that, after a life spent as an adherent of a false religion you go to Hell when you die, that is a correct statement.

But by that his pronouncement does Buss mean that the governing authorities should punish those advocating a perspective other than the religion officially sanctioned by those holding power?

In his condemnation of religious liberty, Buss insists that it is the epitome of statism to allow the adherents of non-Christian religions to worship publicly.

But what social institution would be charged with enforcing the law against those violating these statutes in his idealized Christian regime?

How is what he suggests little different than Iran that utilizes force, violence, and compulsion in the attempt to impose theological purity and uniformity?

The case can be made that there is less in the New Testament urging these as the preferred methods of evangelistic outrage than the long hair with which Buss is depicted in a number of photographs which Holy Writ counsels is a shame on a man.

By Frederick Meekins

Is Vermin Supreme’s Platform Any More Bizarre Than What Elites Plot In Secret Societies?

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Marthin Luther & The Church Before The Reformation

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Extraterrestrial Contact In Native American Traditions

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Vatican Insider Admits Protestants Not So Wrong After All

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Will Organized Religion Undermine U.S. Border Security?

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Will Refugee Crisis Exacerbate Obama's Messianic Psychosis?

In remarks overseas, President Obama categorized opposition or even reluctance to admit swarms of Syrian refugees to the United States as offensive and needing to stop.

And what if it doesn't?

The free speech of actual Americans is a higher constitutional priority than granting entrance to those who are not.

The President added, “We are not well served when in response to a terrorist attack we descend into fear and panic.”

Would he be as brave if he was not surrounded by multiple layers of security?

White House propagandists have developed a social media hashtag welcoming refugees.

Will these migrants --- either vetted or unvetted --- be allowed to congregate unrestricted in the vicinity of the First Family?

The President and his decreasing number of supporters in Congress insist that welcoming refugees is an American tradition.

At one point, so was marriage only being between a man and a woman.

Liberals certainly didn't mind altering that to suit their policy agenda.

In his support of flooding American cities with potentially Islamist refugees, President Obama asked are critics afraid of widows and orphans.

However, it must be remembered that Islamic societies do not necessarily gage the age of majority in the same manner as Western ones.

After all, it must be remembered that many of these savages think nothing of marrying nine year old brides and deriving carnal pleasure from them in the same manner mentally healthy men do with woman around their own age.

In an attempted compromise, a number of Republicans have suggested that perhaps a system could be implemented granting verified Christians resettlement priority.

The President insisted such a religious test was an outrage and unacceptable.

However, it is more of a humanitarian gesture than what Saudi Arabia is even extending to fellow Muslims, none of whom will be allowed into that desert kingdom but for whom mosques will be gladly built in Western lands as part of their religious obligation of planetary subjugation.

If religion is not to be taken into consideration in determining refugee status, why is the Obama administration denying it at a higher rate to Christian applicants than Islamic ones?

It is generally considered bad form at best and borderline treason at worst for Americans to criticize their nation or even its leaders while on foreign soil.

As such, shouldn't a similar standard apply to the President as well?

By Frederick Meekins

Decorative Angel

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Homicidal Death Cult Insists The Existence Of Women Contradicts The Will Of The Tribal Lunar Deity

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Obama Begins His Scorched America Campaign

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ISIS Graffiti Dismissed As No Big Deal

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The Church Of Oprah

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Obama Demands To Control Your Dinner Conversation

He'll e talked about around the dinner table alright.

It's just that if the conversation were to be played on broadcast TV, significant portions of the remarks would get bleeped. Click On The Headline

Monday, November 23, 2015

Beatnik Merchants Feign Posture Of Despising Holiday Profits

REI (think Cabella's or Bass Pro Shop for beatnik hipsters but less fun) is foregoing Black Friday by closing its doors and even postponing digital orders that day altogether.

The retailer is instead encouraging customers to enjoy the outdoors that day.

As if there is nothing more enjoyable to do than freeze your backside off exposed to the elements in late November.

There is a valid point about keeping wanton materialism at bay in light of the Walmart employee trampled to death a few short years ago by a mob questing for discounted electronics as elusive as the Holy Grail.

However, there is no moral superiority or obligation to be found for retailers or shoppers to avoid commerce on what is not even a legally obligatory holiday.

If it is wrong now to shop the day after Thanksgiving as a tangible gesture of how much one despises capitalism, why are the doors being reopened the Saturday following Black Friday?

Won't those wanting overpriced outdoor gear simply show up then?

If REI really opposed the idea of people blowing their money on junk they really don't need, wouldn't the company close its doors forever and simply go out of business?

By Frederick Meekins

Yoda Claus

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And How Many Syrians Will Be Bunking In The Domicile Of Pro-Refugee Southern Baptist Russell Moore?

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Dimwitted Baptists Insist Christians Obligated To Embrace America’s Ethnic Demise

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Whithered Crone No One Would Want To Touch Apparently Harbors Rape Fantasy

Isn’t this the same nutcase that condemned Stephen Spielberg for killing a dinosaur?

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Friday, November 20, 2015

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Bird Skeleton

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Obama Downplays Extent Of Christian Persecution In Syria In Favor Of Muslims

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Obama Condemns Egypt For What Few Protections It Grants Christian Population

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Podcaster Suggests Non-Christian Religions Should Be Criminalized

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Will Failure To Embrace The Herd Mentality Land You In The Looney Bin?

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Happy World Toilet Day!

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Snowmen Duo

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Duggarphiles In Uproar Over Infant Adorned In Pants

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Kenneth Copeland Insists Televangelist Theatrics Sufficient To Bind ISIS Spirits

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Vetted Refugees Attempt To Purchase Stinger Missile

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Jihadist Sympathizers Celebrate Parisian Massacre

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Archbishops Make Statistical Claim Obama Grants Entrance To Muslim Over Christian Refugees

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Southern Baptist Defending Hunting Undermines Other Christian Liberties

It would be a proverbial understatement to say that the death of Cecil the Lion at the hands of hunters touched something in hearts and imaginations around the world. The mark of a skilled theologian or apologist is the ability to take nearly any subject and try to view the topic through the lens of a Christian perspective.

The Baptist Press of the Southern Baptist Convention attempted to do this in regards to Cecil the Lion in an article titled “Lion's Death Occasions Defense Of Legal Hunting” by that news service's chief correspondent David Roach. Overall the examination of the topic was quite balanced.

On the one hand, the article recognized that the Bible allows for hunting in that man in this dispensation has permission to use the animals with which we share the world for our benefit and enjoyment. However, the article also pointed out that this activity must be undertaken only with a sense of solemnity and responsibility.

The really discerning theologian goes beyond what is plainly said to shine light on that which might not be noticed so easily.

Accompanying the text is a photo of former Southern Baptist Convention president and president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Paige Patterson. The caption reads, “Paige Patterson and his son Armour killed a roam antelope during a hunt in Zambia.”

Patterson was interviewed to provide a great deal of the article's theological context. Of his analysis, one really can't find much fault.

However, it really should be pointed out that the variety of antelope depicted in the accompanying photograph aren't known for a territory that overlaps geographically with the ecclesiastical stronghold of the Southern Baptist Convention in, well, the American South. That would mean that, in order to get within rifle range of such a creature, Paige Patterson would be required to travel a considerable distance.

There is nothing inherently wrong or morally alarming about travel. It is, in fact, one of the great blessings of the contemporary era that people can travel in a matter of hours distances that in decades or centuries past would have taken days, weeks, or even months.

However, the question must be asked. With what funds did the Pattersons travel to Zambia where they recreationally killed one of God's creatures? Did these funds come out of their own pockets or were these collected under the banner of some grandiose missionary outreach effort for the purposes of reaching the lost in the forsaken corners of the Third World?

Concern over this is sparked in part over the way in which conservative Evangelicals such as Southern and Independent Fundamentalist Baptists raise funds to conduct missionary outreach. No longer is the spiel formulate, “Look at those poor savages languishing in squalor. If you could spare a little, we might be able to increase their quality of life and also try to convince them that they need Jesus rather than their heathen witchdoctor to keep them out of Hell.”

Now, the missionary bordering on the fanatical blows into your church and drums up support for their overseas expedition by laying a guilt trip on the pewfillers as to how wretched the American culture and way of life is because the Land of the Free is not characterized by these Third World deprivations. By the time that the presentation is concluded, the donations are not collected so much to better the lives of the less fortunate but rather as some kind of penance for you having committed the sin of having been born in the United States. It is almost as if you are expected to thank these foreigners for accepting your money rather than the foreigners thanking you for your willingness to give.

Even if Paige Patterson is as clean as the wind-driven snow in terms of how the funds were obtained to finance this hunting safari, the issue is not settled. For to Patterson the professional religionist, your money that you earn is not yours to do with as you please within the parameters of morality even after you tithe or slip a little into the collection plate.

Rather, much of what you have is to be at the ready disposal of your ecclesiastical betters. Patterson has insinuated as such in a number of epistolary appeals.

One of these letters is titled “Ten Things That We Owe Dr. David Platt.” These are essentially ten disturbingly cultish pledges Dr. Patterson believes Southern Baptists are obligated to undertake in relation to the denomination's International Missions Board President David Platt.

Propositions seven and eight are particularly relevant in regard to this issue at hand.

Number seven reads, “Willingness to do whatever Platt asks that is not contrary to our deeply held convictions and within our power.” Principle number eight spells this out in more detail as it reads, “Willingness to make sacrifices in order to extend the kingdom of our Lord...and if the gospel is to go to the people of the world, without question Southern Baptists who believe in the world mission enterprise must be prepared for even more sacrifices.”

So whereas you are expected to flagellate yourself over and over in your mind as to whether or not you really need that day trip to the beach this year, Paige Patterson and his son expended the resources necessary to fly themselves to Africa. For despite such near messianic fervor lavished upon David Platt, it is doubtful that even his most enthusiastic supporters are able to walk on water.
Those conditioned to blithely accept nearly anything done by those anointed to these ecclesiastical offices will respond that Patterson might have been among the deprived heathen as part of some grand missionary undertaking. Surely such a servant of God has earned the right to relax in a manner of his own choosing.

In an open letter addressed to Southern Baptists regarding this topic to which Patterson is a signatory, it is written, “Revivalist and church historian Lewis Drummond once asked whether we would be willing to see our country brought to its knees financially if that is what it takes for revival to come to America. This may be that day.”

What such religious leaders are saying is that they hope to see you starving in the streets in the hopes that such suffering will break your will and bring you into compliance with the ecclesiastical elites. Don't worry though. Such prominent fat cats will not only always eat well but will continue to enjoy the privileges you are obligated to deny yourself such as opulent vacations such as oh, I don't really know, perhaps HUNTING SAFARIS TO AFRICA.

It is doubtful anyone in the upper echelons of the Southern Baptist Convention eats from discount grocery chains. In fact, at one time Russell Moore penned an article sneering down his nose at those frequenting such retailers as a way to stretch their nutrition dollar. One must ask is he as critical of those that do not so much hunt as way to provide subsistence for their families but rather as an excuse trot halfway around the globe for mere pleasure?

Paige Patterson is to be commended for his balanced yet eloquent consideration of the moral complexities surrounding the hunting issue. Let us hope that the leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention would be less pushy in those areas of life where the explicit oracles of God do not necessarily say as much as these theologians would lead those under their teaching to believe.

By Frederick Meekins

Turkey Decoration

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Legalized Pot Paves The Road To Global Government

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Abbie Of NCIS Attacked By Deranged Vagrant

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Cauciosubordinates Comply With Afrosupremacist Demands To Vacate “Healing Space”

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Maybe Shep Smith Will Let Refugees Slum On The Fox News Deck

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A Lutheran Analysis Of Christian Fiction

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Monday, November 16, 2015

Mary Statue

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Has Charlie Sheen’s Debauchery Caught Up With Him?

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Methodist Apostates Applaud Sodomite Marriage Proposal

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ISIS Beheads Octogenarian Archaeologist

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Obama To Remand Christian Refugees Back To ISIS Militants

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Black Lives Matter Deabdbeats Insist French Lives Don’t

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Obama Celebrates Attack On Paris With Release Of GITMO Terrorists

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Episcopalian Hierarch Among Those Unwilling To Admit Terorrist Attacks Islamic In Origin

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Vatican Functionaries Aroused By Woman Over The Age Of Consent For A Change

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Obama Insists Americans Obligated To Embrace Islamist Insurgents

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Pope Agitates On Behalf Of World Bolshevism

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Pope Hints Dispensationalists Might Be Right After All

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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Berry Bundle

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Is Pope Francis Conspiring To Elevate His Word Aboive God's?

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Wrestlemania Quality Spat: Bill O'Reilly Vs. George Will

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The Jesus Of Non-Christian Religions

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Planned Parenthood Sow Executes Baby Because She Couldn’t Keep Her Legs Together

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Red Autumn Leaf

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Space Case Neil DeGrasse Tyson Fancies Himself As A Gun Policy Wonk

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Freak Demands Right To Dangle Doodads In Front Of Coeds

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Building Gods: Transhumanism, Artificial Intelligence & Nanotechnology

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Pollinating Bee Close Up

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Ivy League Revolutionaries Calls For The Abolition Of The First Amendment

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Thought Police Patrol For Hurtful Enunciations

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Banshee Academic Would Deny First Amendment To Counterrevolutionary Propagandists

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Church Of Iceland Frigid Towards Freedom Of Conscience

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Afrosupremacists Threaten Violence Over Insufficient Amounts Of White Denunciation

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Deadbeats Not Wanting To Get Run Over Should Get Out Of The Street

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The Parliament Of World Religions

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Obama Youth Terrorize Baltimore Streets

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Monday, November 09, 2015

Bee Pollinating Flower

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Is It Racist For Whites To Celebrate Their Heritage?

In preparing Great Britain for eventual Islamist conquest and subjugation, a researcher at Leeds University has condemned Viking cosplay and popular depictions of Thor such as those in the Marvel movie series as racist.

But haven't these films gone out of their way to pander to minorities by casting a Black actor to play Heimdall despite the character being described as the “whitest” of the gods in Norse mythology?

Does this professor intend to speak out as vociferously against Muslim women that prance around in their obnoxious headgear largely for the purposes of intimidating brainwashed multiculturalists into compliance or minorities that insist upon wearing T-shirts telling everyone what color they are despite it already being obvious simply by looking at the person?

What's next?

Will Renaissance Faires be condemned for celebrating the unique beauty of plumper wenches over the malnourished sickly appearance preferred by the New World Order crowd?

By Frederick Meekins

Jem & The Holograms Outrageously Flops

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Thursday, November 05, 2015

Mess Of Pumpkins

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Headline Potpourri #80

In a posting at SermonAudio, a pastor complained that, when he invited fellow believers to join him in a “season of prayer” where they could linger to pray as much or as often as they wanted outloud, even solid Christians did not have much to say and only prayed outloud once. So the pastor's offer really wasn't to pray as one wanted or felt moved. Rather, what he was saying is that he wants those around him to pray in a manner that impresses the pastor rather than to verbalize an appeal to God. Given that God tends to be the strong silent type in terms of usually avoiding audibly detectable means of communication, can you really blame the Christian if detectable outward prayer tends to be somewhat succinct with it more likely to continue more as an act of private contemplation afterwards?

Meet The Press host David Gregory confessed of his wife in a Christian Post interview, “She made an enormous sacrifice for giving up the ability to share her faith tradition with her own children because we're a Jewish family.” In other words, to this particular woman, fame and fortune apparently mean more than the souls of her children. Also of importance, if it was publicly revealed that a Christian broadcaster forbade his Jewish wife from instructing her children in the traditions and teachings of that particular faith, how long would he retain his seat behind the anchor's desk?

The Obama administration claims that ISIS has acquired a suspicious number of Toyota sports utility vehciles. There is a call for an investigation. Too bad the government was not as concerned about U.S. military equipment left behind in Iraq following the retreat from that theater of combat. Mark these words. Before the issue is resolved, you will be compelled to tell the government why you are purchasing a vehicle. Once the American people have been conditioned to accept that level of government intrusion into their lives, bureaucrats will have the final say as to whether or not you really need a vehicle (all in the name of preventing terrorism of course).

Interesting how white bread is condemned as junk food when consumed in a domestic setting but offered as the epitome of nutrition when served in an institutional environment.

Propagandists and social engineers are insisting that people are actually happier in smaller domiciles. Eventually, it will be insisted that people are truly happiest when they are herded into camps with tall fences enclosing the perimeter with signs over the entrance admonishing “Work Shall Make You Free” and the communal showers after which you no longer happen to see the particular resident any longer.

Regarding the protester yelling "DOWN DOWN USA!", has she renounced her welfare handouts and free Obama Phone?

The next likely step for a Bergdahl once released? Probably appearances on an MSNBC as military affairs pundit and analyst.

Some preachers are downright bossy with little justification. In one homily uploaded to SermonAudio, one preacher snapped, “Look up here. You've seen someone walk through a door before.” Frankly, it's my head. I swivel it in any direction I want. Maybe the person walking through the door was just better looking to gaze upon than the pastor. If a preacher is that controlling, you ought to consider not going back. In the same sermon, the pastor remarked that those in the congregation were obligated to either remember everything the pastor said, to relisten to the online recording, or to take copious notes. And if you don't, you are in danger of incurring God's judgment. The response to such is one will whenever the pastor begins to say something worthwhile.

On a Fox News debate regarding smaller houses, the woman in favor of ample living space assured the audience that she “wasn't about things”. If there are your things, why do you need to beg for social approval as to a desire to retain them? It's not like those heaping condemnation upon you for refusing to adopt a Spartan lifestyle provided these objects.

A forum on microaggressions is to be followed by an ice cream social. But isn't that itself a microaggression against the diabetic, the lactose intolerant, the socially anxious, and those opposed to the mammary exploitation of ruminating ungulates?

Ben Carson has gone on the record as criticizing Young Earth Creationism. However, the earth being created in just seven days is no more asinine than some of the bunk he believes as a Seventh Day Adventist.

Apparently now that he can't get it up anymore without pharmaceutical assistance, Hugh Heffner has lost interest in nude photography.

Is there really that much of a tetanus epidemic going around to make a vaccination part of a mandatory wellness program? If most of the Third Worlders were kept out of the country, the nation would not need to be as concerned about the spread of these plagues.

A vagrant has been arrested in Arlington, VA for secretly living in the attic of a Catholic Church for three years. In compliance with Vatican immigration policy, shouldn't he not only be allowed to remain but also applauded as morally superior to the members of the congregation that conduct their lives in a legally compliant manner?

Geraldo fussing that illegals pay property taxes. As illegals, shouldn't they be forbidden from owning property in the first place? And since they enjoy American infrastructure such as roads, police and fire protection, why shouldn't they be saddled with property taxes like the rest of us?
Apparently Lamar Odom is a reminder you had better hope those pharmaceutical enhancements wear off after the four hour warning.

A pastor remarked that God never said God helps those that help themselves. But neither did He tell you to sit there doing nothing. In fact, He said if you don't work, you don't eat. Meaning that you ought to try and do something productive.

In the Democratic Presidential Debate, candidate Bernie Sanders remarked that America's rate of childhood poverty is shameful. But isn't that more the fault of the parents rather than the society at large?

It was said in a sermon on putting on the armor of God that our struggles are against the spiritual forces of evil and not ideologies. But is it not through assorted ideologies that these spiritual forces epitomized by Satan deceive and ensnare many souls? Ephesians 6:11 warns, “Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes (NIV).” What is an ideology usually other than a detailed and intricate system designed to justify some kind of elaborate scam?
If salvation in the armor of God is depicted as a helmet covering the head, isn't that proof of the importance of the mind and objective knowledge in the life of the believer?

A pastor said that the armor of God is not to be used against fellow Christians. However, a significant number of the spiritual objects described therein can be used to protect yourself from believers run amok.

On Fox News, Neil Cavuto asked what's the big deal about the upcoming Star Wars film since there have been previous movies. Then why is it acceptable to get excited about the Super Bowl? The game is, after all, played every year. There hasn't been a Star Wars film since about 2005.
 Furthermore, fans never expected these sequels to actually be produced. And with the return of Harrison Ford and Mark Hamil, there is the prospect that these films won't be screwed up like the prequels by actors less convincing in their performance than the average high school drama club.

If there was no cause for alarm regarding industrious young Akmed's clock, why couldn't the pupil bring it on his invited trip to the White House in order to present the device to the Glorious Leader?

A health insurance provider sent out an edition of its email newsletter with the article header titled “Four Tips To Clear Clutter.” Is this really the concern of health insurance companies? This dispatch was justified in the name of stress reduction. In the future, wellness program requirements are expected to become more stringent as the Obama regime tightens its grip around this sector of the economy. Therefore, to be in compliance with these standards and to avoid the increasing fines for failure, will those covered by this insurance provider be required to quantifiably prove how many items of personal property have been surrendered?

The cover story of the October 2015 Atlantic Magazine is titled “The Black Family In The Age Of Mass Incarceration.” Isn't this pretty much the fault of those that end up in prison and those that insist upon procreating whether or not doing so is economically feasible or morally sound? What do these women expect when they enter into marriages and relationships knowing full well that these men refuse to go to work, look for a job, or even pursue legitimate tasks that would bring in a steady stream of income? Maybe if many of these individuals came home at night instead of roaming the streets like a bunch of cock roaches, they would avoid being tossed in the slammer.

Regarding the Benghazi hearings. Why should Hillary's recollections be trusted? She was so brain damaged in a fall at one point that she literally needed specialized lenses to correct double vision resulting from that particular blow to the head.

Carl Bernstein apparently contends that Benghazi was no big deal. Then why did this so-called “journalist” get jacked out of shape back in the day over Watergate? Unlike Benghazi, not a single American died as a result of a malfeasant administration.

Forbes Magazine estimates that, of the $230 million Clinton fortune, Bill earned 80% of it. Therefore, the luxury enjoyed by feminist icon Hillary Clinton was provided by a man. It will be responded that, as a married couple, the resources belonged to each of the partners equally. Mind you, these are the same crones that believe women should have a bank accounts separate from those of the husbands but likely not the husband funds distinct from those of their wives.

If Malia Obama was caught playing beer pong while on tour of Brown University, shouldn't she and not the observant citizen capturing the photo be the one apologizing? Hasn't her father's regime contributed to the “see something, say something” mentality? If other parent's of underage boozehounds can be categorized as negligent or unfit, shouldn't the same condemnation be leveled against the Obamas?

The World Health Organization is in a conniption over how red and processed meats allegedly cause cancer. Wonder if similar pronouncements will be released regarding sex outside of marriage, particularly of a homosexual nature.

It was remarked in a sermon how many a missionary's child went astray because they were not prayed for by the supporting churches. Maybe if the missionaries has been as enamored with their own children as the foreign heathen, perhaps these children would have been less likely to go astray.
It was remarked in a sermon that a missionary to Japan whose mother is now suffering from dementia has switched the focus of her ministry from children to the elderly. Wouldn't her ministry efforts be best directed towards overseeing the care of her own mother?

It's a pretty weak God that doesn't know where to send His healing power unless you are in the prayer meeting to direct the supplication towards the correct nursing home.

In a Christian analysis of “The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials”, it was suggested that it would be a sin to kill a zombie. Such an act, it was argued, would violate the commandment against murder. But wouldn't that depend more on the type of zombie you were confronted with? It might be wrong to kill a zombie that was minding its own business. But what about these new style fast-acting, cooperative zombies that coordinate assaults against undefiled humans? Surely you as a potential prey item have the right to defend yourself. To say otherwise would be akin to saying that an elk is to be condemned for fending off a wolf attack with its antlers.

The lawyer of the teen featured in the videoed altercation with police insists that his client was bodily injured as a result of the physical encounter. That will certainly give her something to consider the next time she wants to defy law enforcement.

The same liberals tossing a hissy fit over the police officer putting the defiant South Carolina brat in her place probably rank among the same applauding peaceful protesters being forcibly removed from public sidewalks in front of abortion clinics.

A number are outraged regarding the videotaped altercation between a student and police officer in South Carolina from the standpoint of how dare a man put his hands on a woman in such a manner under any circumstance. But in order to earn the deferences and courtesies extended a lady, a female should first act like one.

Regarding this commercial repeatedly playing regarding the need for whooping cough vaccinations. Wonder if that pestilence would even be much of a problem anymore if the government had enforced immigration law as it ought to have.

For what should have been a morally harmless plotline, “The Martian” certainly had an inordinate amount of profanity. One could understand perhaps one explicative as the protagonist realized he had been abandoned to be the only human on an entire planet. However, the remainder of that dialog wasn't all that necessary for the purposes of moving the story along.

By Frederick Meekins

Did Francis Illegitimately Seize The Papacy?

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Introduction To International Relations

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Student Suspended For Manipulating Non-Corporeal Telepathic Arrow

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Subversive Baptist Advocates Celebration Of Invading Islamists

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Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Yellow Cat

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Southern Baptists More Condemnatory Of Trick Or Treating Than Inner City Rioting

Of Halloween, theologian Albert Mohler posted on Facebook “Christians need to consider that there are pagan roots to many of the holidays on our calendar, but what makes Halloween different is that it alone is a celebration of paganism and the very attempt to recover in one means or another those pagan roots.”

It's rather instructive regarding the state of the Southern Baptist Convention, of which Mohler is one of the most influential voices, that among the ranks of the institution's leadership there is louder condemnation of youngsters trick or treating than of the Obama voters and welfare leeches that attempted to burn American cities such as Ferguson and Baltimore to the ground.

An article was published in the Fall 2015 edition of BaptistLife: the Newsjournal of the Mid-Atlantic Baptist Network titled in the table of contents as “Loving Our Urban Neighbors”.

Interestingly there were no accompanying articles about loving our rural neighbors or even our trailerpark neighbors.

The article commenced with the following quote: “It's no question the spring riots in the aftermath of Freddie Gray's death sparked a national conversation about the rights of people who live in impoverished inner city neighborhoods. Many who took to the streets simply wanted their voices heard, their circumstances recognized, and their hopes and dreams acknowledged, too.”

Later in the article, these ecclesiastical propagandists praised that “..many of the rival gangs had come together, bonding over their shared commitment to protect their city.”

In other words, instead of robbing and killing each other, they decided it was probably best to loot local businesses and threaten any White folks happening to wander into these derelict territories.

In this era, do official Southern Baptist publications go out of their way to argue on behalf of legitimate concerns raised by the Ku Klux Klan, the militia movement, or even the Tea Party?

Liberal readers will respond in a heated froth that how dare anyone insinuate that grievances raised by at least the first two of that disreputable triad be categorized as valid.

Yet these questionable associations are probably no more criminal than the inner city gangs that the Mid-Atlantic Southern Baptist Convention insists upon referencing as if these criminal syndicates were no different than the Chamber of Commerce or the Kiwanis Club.

Wonder if Southern Baptist leadership would be so enthusiastic about this “conversation” if its offices were the ones being pillaged rather than the pharmaceutical counters of the local drugstore.

By Frederick Meekins

Emasculated Baptists Applaud Speech Police Harassment

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Racialist Guilt Apparently A Self-Loathing Liberal’s Favorite Halloween Treat

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Should Obama Youth Be Allowed To Rampage Unopposed?

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German Church Embraces Islamist Conquest

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Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Wicker Cow

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Martin Luther: The Christian

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Ministries Condemning Halloween Less Than Ideal In Other Areas Of Doctrine & Practice

In an anti-Halloween sermon, a pastoress remarked how if those in Satanic or Wiccan covens are late for a ritual, they are punished by demonic entities. Instead of celebrating how the Christian possesses a degree of freedom not found in spiritually counterfeit systems of belief, the pastoress lamented lack of similar discipline in the ranks of the true church. If one wants to be such a ramrod stickler to detail with everything being done by the book to a fanatical degree with little room for forgiveness, what is a woman doing being a pastor in the first place?

It was argued in an anti-Halloween sermon that, if you trick or treat, you are endorsing a particular worldview. As such, if you use a light bulb, does that constitute an endorsement of Thomas Edison's occultic proclivities? Likewise, does driving an automobile endorse Henry Ford's alleged anti-Semitic inclinations?

The latest homiletical trick employed in anti-Halloween sermons seems to center around a proverbial immigrant (usually from Africa) that is profoundly disturbed and disappointed that America would have a celebration characterized by the motifs and symbolism associated with Halloween.

Interestingly, seldom do these accounts tell of an individual so persuaded as to the correctness of their convictions that this immigrant is willing to forsake the delights of steady electricity, clean water, and a reliable food supply in order to return to their less-developed but more innocent homeland.

On the Internet, it seems a number of AWANA clubs are just happening to hold their costume nights in the month of October. A number of them stipulated that the costumes must be non-violent. So that would mean there are a significant number of Biblical characters that a child would be forbidden from dressing as such as King David, Jael's wife, or the bear that ate the children that ridiculed Eli?
In anti-Halloween sermons as to why Christians should have nothing to do with Jack-O-Lanterns, the eponymous Jack is often said to have been eating a turnip when Satan tossed a coal from the fires of Hell to place in the vegetable to use as a torch throughout eternity. If the Christian is to be so worked up to avoid even a hint of associating with these questionable practices, does that mean we Christians should forgo eating turnips?

In a number of sermons, Pastor Jim Staley of Passion For Truth Ministries condemned not only Halloween but Christmas and Easter as well as celebrations unauthorized in Scripture. Therefore, the sincere Christian ought to avoid them in order to maintain their testimony (the blanket excuse one invokes when one wants something to be wrong but can't really articulate a very specific reason as to why). This pastor's suggestion might carry a bit more weight if he wasn't serving prison time for defrauding a group of elderly investors of nearly $3 million. For are not the stipulations against theft and mistreating the elderly more explicit than whether or not a child spends an autumnal evening ritualistically collecting candy around the neighborhood or an early winter one putting a popcorn string around a tree?

If a church condemns Halloween but holds Trunk-Or-Treat, isn't that the equivalent of erecting a pole dancing stage in the church basement to pat yourself on the back how that keeps men out of strip clubs and nudey bars?

In a condemnation of Halloween, a Christian podcaster said that he could not imagine Paul, if the Apostle had children, allowing them to participate in a Christianized version of a pagan festival so that they would not feel left out. But in the Book of Acts, did not Paul appear on the Areopagus where, in his outreach to the Greeks, he appealed to the assembled by referencing the altar to the unknown god and by quoting classical Hellenistic literature to them? Therefore, why can't certain aspects of the Halloween celebration be utilized in a similar manner?

There have probably been more children molested by pastors insisting upon the threat posed by tampered Halloween candy than children harmed by tampered Halloween candy.

By Frederick Meekins

Will Josh Duggar Fondle Himself While Viewing Sister’s Tongue Sucking Photo?

Jill Duggar’s tongue sucking Instagram photo is still pretty sedate compared to Jim Bob humping his breeding sow on a public golf course in one of the episodes.

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The Necessity Of The Reformation

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Pastor Admits Halloween Tirades Are An Attempt To Keep Having Sex With His Wife

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Would Pervs Be Allowed To Gawk At Obama Daughters In Locker Rooms?

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Bill Gates Calls For Planetary Ecological Dictatorship

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Monday, November 02, 2015

Skeleton Firefighter

Photo by Frederick Meekins

Cemetery Visitation Condemned As Part Of Halloween Hysteria

In a criticism of Halloween, a pastor condemned a Scandinavian custom where loved ones visit the graves of the departed on that day to light candles of remembrance as a form of mourning.

Unless participants are expecting to communicate with the dead through this custom, what passage of Scripture expressly forbids this practice?

The pastor insisted that Christians aren't to celebrate death but rather life.

As proof, he quoted the Scripture that the death of His saints is precious in the sight of the Lord.
Once again, a Scripture or doctrine has been invoked that has little bearing on the issue at hand in order to perpetuate the fraud of happy face Christianity.

In most instances, families do not visit graves to celebrate that the departed are six feet under.
The grave is visited as a grieving mechanism to honor what the individual meant to you.

Yet, from the impression given by this fanatic pastor, you are just about committing the unpardonable sin if you do anything but blot the existence of the departed loved one from your memory and never mention them ever again.

In Christian teaching, the grave site is also visited in recognition that the human physical form also possess value as we are not Gnostics.

But even more importantly, it is from that particular spot that the interned individual will rise in their glorified state during the Resurrection.

By Frederick Meekins

Will Vampires Seek Protection Under The Americans With Disabilities Act?

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Tom Jones Undergoes Test To Determine If Negro DNA Explains Rhythmic Aptitude

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Fashion Police Threaten To Arrest Activist Over Pro-Life Apparel

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The Church & Halloween

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Was Jar Jar Binks The Illuminati Mastermind Of The Star Wars Saga?

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Is Exposed Cleavage The Latest Sunday Fashion?

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Fashion Police Threaten To Arrest Activist Over Pro-Life Apparel

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Friday, October 30, 2015

Zombie Skeleton

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Did The Nazis Establish A Subterranean Reich?

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Is Carson Propagandist Armstrong Williams A Farakhan Shill?

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Church Holds Drag Queen Pageant

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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Do Riot Defenders Believe Perpetrators Even Human?

An article in the 12/2014 edition of the Catholic Worker titled “Ferguson: Anytown USA” states, “I've realized that as a person indoctrinated into white culture, I have at times been thoughtful in the way I talk about nonviolence to people who have been absorbing state violence for decades...Lately I've heard far too many white people complaining about resistance as undisciplined, intimidating, or a riot....Who gets to decide whether an action is nonviolent?”

That passage contains a number of noteworthy assumptions.

Firstly, its author is suggesting that minority hooligans be allowed to destroy whatever the Sheol they please.

Secondly, the article is advocating a different standard for White and Black people.

For example, by raising the question of “Who gets to decide whether an action is now violent or not?” what the author is really saying is that, while minorities should be allowed to vandalize until their reprobate hearts are content, if a White person criticizes such actions, that is to be viewed as a profoundly inappropriate offense worthy of a variety of sanctions as the mobs or the manipulative demagogues of such rampaging throngs might determine.

There is also a hidden assumption that those advocating this kind of perspective will go to even greater lengths to conceal.

That is none other than that, if minorities are not to be held to the same standards as White people, then those holding to the assumption deep down believe that Black people aren't fully people at all.

By Frederick Meekins

Bob Grants Interviews Pat Buchanan On The Death Of The West

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Technology In The Church

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

What Other Vehicular Activities Do Statists Intend To Ban?

The Maryland legislature considered a proposal that would have outlawed smoking in a car with a child under eight years of age.

Such measures raise a number of questions and observations.

Firstly, why is it acceptable to smoke in a vehicle with an 8 year old child but wrong to do so around a seven and a half year old?

Secondly, if you can't smoke around children in a car, who is to say what other legal and decent activities you will eventually be forbidden from enjoying in the presence of minors?

In order to indoctrinate children as sufficiently communal, what is then to prevent the state from forbidding the playing of political talk radio in the presence of anyone under the age of 18?

To ensure that children are indoctrinated to make what Frau Obama considers to be appropriate nutritional selections, what is to prevent legislation that would forbid the consumption of fast food in the presence of minors?

Thirdly, does this mean parents would be required to have an official ID to prove the ages of their children.

Because do seven and eight year olds really look all that different?

If so, why is this appropriate but not requiring adults to show photo ID's when voting?

For is not the health of a constitutional democratic republic as delicate as that of a young child?

By Frederick Meekins

Apparently Refugees Demand To Be Driven Straight To The Welfare Office

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Challenges To Lutheranism: Pietism

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If A Pastor Leaves A Church, Should The Congregation Be Beaten Over The Head With A Guilt Trip?

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Why Shouldn’t Brat Refusing To Obey Police Officer Be Forcibly Removed From Classroom?

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Monday, October 26, 2015

Baptist Pastor Advocates The Abuse & Persecution Of Other Christians

In addressing the Oregon community college shooting, Pastor William Strum of Berean Baptist Church in Fayetteville, North Carolina observed in remarks posted at SermonAudio how this incident likely portends the increasing martyrdom of believers as America becomes markedly less Christian.

The minister then snidely remarked that we don't want that but would rather have our own rights.

The Christian should realize that in this world we will have trouble.

However, that does not mean that Christians should allow themselves to be walked all over when these abridgments move beyond the realm of verbal insults into the arena of physical attacks.

For example, should the pastor return home and find that he has been displaced from his residency, is he not going to stand up for his property rights?

What if he shows up to church Sunday morning to discover that Muslims have seized control of the sanctuary for their own purposes?

Is he going to slink away without even a protest?

Sometimes, in the rush to display their own sense of piety, it seems doubtful that a number of Christian leaders are even contemplating the implications of the radical passivity that they are attempting to condition the unsuspecting into accepting.

By Frederick Meekins

Trump Mocks Carson As Religious Fanatic

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Is Bill Gothard A Depraved Sex Fiend?

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The Bible Answer Man Tackles The Halloween Issue

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Did The Duggars Attempt To Dump Defective Drone On Ebay Shoppers?

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Did Family Values Advocate Gift His Adopted Daughters To Known Pedophile?

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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Fundamentalist Hardliner Takes A Stand Against Everything Except That Which Matters

With some of these hardline Fundamental Baptists, it seems everything must be explicitly “religious” 24/7.

For example, in one SermonAudio homily, Pastor Bob Barton proudly detailed how he would not allow a church softball team because the purpose of the sacred assembly was not to sponsor such recreational opportunities.

Fine and dandy.

However, this is the very same kind of preacher that would about have a grand mall seizure in the pulpit if someone in the congregation joined a secular recreational league.

In his exposition, the pastor insisted it is not enough to avoid what God is against.

Rather, the believer ought to allow only those things in church which God has explicitly approved.

This is about the width of that proverbial needle the angel is always dancing upon from falling into religious fanaticism.

Using this particular standard, since there is nothing in the Word of God about indoor plumbing or contemporary toiletries such as bathroom tissue, should a church allow these on the property?

It's just ashame that, if the media is to be believed, that Pastor Barton did get not as outraged over two incidents of child abuse that were perpetrated within his congregation as he does against recreational athletics.

by Frederick Meekins

Is Liberalism The Most Dangerous Cult Of All?

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Should Possessing A Penis Disqualify You From Winning Woman Of The Year?

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Defiance Cancelled

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Ahmed The Clockmaker Returns To Turdpile

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

TLC Apparently Can’t Get Enough Of Duggar Freakshow

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Reverence In Worship

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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Headline Potpourri #79

It is being discussed on Fox News whether or not social media should shut down the accounts of terrorists and mass murderers. All well and good. But don't these sites already have a track record of stifling dissent in the name of upholding COMMUNITY standards? To Hillary, you are already a terrorist if you oppose prenatal organ harvesting and birth control handouts.

 In her condemnation of the growing sentiment that millions of illegals should be deported, Hillary remarked that it would be appalling to seize these people from their homes. But if these individuals contracted for these domiciles and dwellings under false pretenses, aren't they residing in what essentially amounts to a stolen home?

 Mount McKinley is being renamed “Denali” in an act of cultural surrender to the indigenous population. It is claimed that the gesture is in reverence to the preferences of of the native peoples. However, it is doubtful those despising the Great White Father to this extent will renounce their claims to any welfare benefits or technology lavished upon those insisting they'd rather retain primitive Stone Age lifestyles. It will be argued that why ought William McKinley be deserving of having such a majestic landmark named in his honor. After all, he never set foot in Alaska and was assassinated by an anarchist who politically probably had a great deal in common with Occupy Wall Street and the deadbeats that nearly burned Ferguson to the ground. But what has President Obama done to be worthy of all those things named in his honor other than emerge from his mother's birth canal half-Black?

 A homeschool activist insisted on a podcast that the personalities we assume on Facebook aren't real. So how is that much different than what transpires in the offline world?

 If R.C. Sproul, Jr. did nothing more at the Ashley Madison website than take a peek and leave, is there really a need to suspend him from his post a Ligionier Ministries? This is an especially valid question if he preemptively confessed to the transgression. He would have probably been better off keeping this to himself, crossing his fingers, lowering his head like Ted Kennedy at a sexual harassment hearing, and hoping that no one noticed. Should he receive a Kmart circular in the mail and linger a bit on the lingerie page as the thumbs his way to electronics or lawn care, should he lose his livelihood over that as well? Shouldn't the more shocking angle of this story be that this minister, that demanded such a high level perfection of those around him that at one time he wouldn't allow a family to leave that no longer wanted to be a part of his congregation, is himself susceptible to common human impulses?

 The staff of the student newspaper at Woodrow Wilson High School in Washington, DC is tossing a fit over the principal asserting a prerogative to approve the edition before it goes to print. What's the big deal? This isn't 1990 anymore. Most of the youngsters have blogs and social media profiles to begin with. If these budding pecksniffs don't want the school to have prior authorization as to what the students plan to publish, why can't they skip the school paper altogether? The content will likely have a wide audience online anyway.

 In a podcast, it was mentioned that, in one particular prayer group, if someone made a request they were asked if the petition would make one less or more dependent upon God. If believers are to be interrogated to that extent as to the legitimacy of their requests, won't most simply stop making verbalized communal meditative appeals during formalized religious exercises?

 A radical homeschooler lamented on a podcast that today's congregations are gypsy-like in the way believers and seekers flow in and out of churches. That translates as one should remain in a congregation irrespective of how much you are abused there or how ill fitted you might be in terms of personality and the available ministry opportunities. You'd think with the way things are nowadays preachers might just be a little more grateful some people showed up if even for a short while.

 If Kim Davis as a government employee refuses to issue gay marriage licenses, as they say in the South, “God bless her.” However, her doing so creates no obligation upon Christians in the civil service to implement their own convictions in the exact same manner. Are these ministries insisting that her particular stance ought to be that of all good people in similar positions going to pay the bills of those fired or imprisoned as a result?

 Jeb Bush muttering in Spanish is as pathetic as another candidate yammering in Klingon in the hopes of getting Comicon votes.

 Now that an Alaskan mountain has been renamed to placate Native Americans, are they going to put down the booze and get off the welfare?

 From the concluding episode of “Falling Skies”, the ultimate message of the series is that extraterrestrial invasion will serve as a catalyst for global government. See how that works. I warn of this and I am dismissed as a lunatic. Spielberg repeatedly condition viewers with this message numerous times and he is heralded as a creative genius. From the final scene, ought we to conclude that Tom Mason is the Anti-Christ? Interesting it was a character named “Pope” who, despite himself being profoundly evil, might have been one of the few able to view the protagonist for the threat he would ultimately pose once the alien invasion had been repelled from the planet.

 In a homiletical analysis, a pastor compared Kim Davis' imprisonment for refusing to issue gay marriage licenses to the beating received by the Apostles in the book of Acts for preaching the Gospel in defiance of the Sanhedrin. Kim Davis should not have been subjected to imprisonment for refusing to comply with the court order. However, the comparison of these examples of civil disobedience is weak and breaks down to a degree under scrutiny. Foremostly, Kim Davis was employed by the government to execute certain duties as directed. The Apostles were under no such mandate. Secondly, what other manners of conscience should a state official be allowed to impose upon others over which there is a variance of perspective? Should a Jewish or Seventh Day Adventist bureaucrat be allowed to deny permits for pork barbecue and shellfish eateries? Should an adherent of a Christian Identity cult be allowed to deny marriage licenses to interracial couples?

 So regarding those that want the Syrian refugees imported to the United States. Will these people be relocated to Chevy Chase, Georgetown, Beverly Hills or the Hamptons?

Interesting. Saudi Arabia won't accept any refugees. So if they won't accept any of their own kind, why is the Western world so obligated?

 At the local railway crossing, there is a now a sign that reads “No Train Horn”. Granted. The noise can be disturbing. But that railway was there literally a century before the Hipsters and Beatniks came flooding in, demanding everyone cater to their peculiarities. They want the quaintness of “small town” life (in comparison to the metropolis a few miles away), they should suck it up regarding the train whistle.

 NBC anchor Jim Vance insisted that giving a child a trophy that they did not earn is a form of abuse. So does he intend to speak out as forcefully against Affirmative Action and racial quotas? So how many Syrian refugees will be moving into the Kasich household?

 Regarding ministers that insist you must pray for them while they are preaching. Aren't they subtly pinning the blame on the pewfillers if the particular sermon is a flop or a dud?

A study claims that parents with four or more children are the happiest. However, as in the case of the Duggars, that does not necessarily mean that the children are any happier or better adjusted than anyone else. It might make for a fascinating study of how many surveyed in this research were adherents of sects where those that verbalize how they really felt would be threatened with ostracism or subjected to some form of chastisement for suggesting tha things might be less than peachy keen in regards to their inner mental or spiritual lives.

 Did Obama also invite to the White House the urchin that masticated his toaster pastry into the form of a firearm?

 Does President Obama also intend to invite to the White House the Virginia students suspended for wearing confederate flag apparel? Or is it only an act of courage to stand up for your beliefs when you agree with the prevailing elite?

 Ann Coulter went overboard in verbalizing in connection with a religion/ethnicity one of the vilest profanities one could probably enunicate. But don't her frustrations exhibit a degree of validity? Why aren't Republican candidates as eager to protect the borders of the United States and the American people as they are those of Israel?

Instructive. The liberal media is in an uproar over Donald Trump failing to assail the accuracy of a statement made at a campaign event by a citizen daring to exercise the First Amendment by questioning the geography of President Obama's advent and religious loyalties. Yet it seems absolutely no journalistic resources have been expended to investigate this vigilant citizen's concern as to whether or not Islamists have organized jihadist training camps within the borders of the United States.

 Regarding the National Geographic program “Live Free Or Die”. It is commendable that those depicted have the skills to live without electricity. However, it is a reflection of their own stupidity rather than something commendable regarding their character if these individuals deliberately decide to live without electricity.

 In a podcast on the topic of submission to authority, a pastor said that women in the church are under the authority of his wife. Before such a claim is made over the airwaves, shouldn't the discerning listener be provided the details of this church's formalized leadership structure? For as the pastor's wife, her only formal role by default is as that of the pastor's wife. Her only church function is to make sure the pastor is fed, his underpants washed, and that he's carnally satisfied in certain ways. There is not a single Scripture giving that particular woman power over anyone else in that congregation --- either male or female.

 During the Pope's visit to Washington, the Obama administration has invited a number of homosexual and transgender activists to the White House. Isn't that akin to inviting Islamic leaders to the White House and serving them pork barbecue?

 It was suggested that there is carnal terminology that even married Christian couples should refrain from vocalizing even in the their own bedrooms. If someone wants to be that frigid in terms of their relationship, that's their business. However, there is no reason to spread such hangups to others. Reminds one of the old joke asking “Why don't Baptists do it standing up?” The answer: “It could lead to dancing.” Guess married couples shouldn't see one another without their cloths on either. No wonder a number believed the rumor awhile back about the pastor that wanted to punish those uttering unapproved dialog amidst the ecstasy of carnal passion.

 Today, an Islamist front group is calling for Ben Carson to withdraw from the race for the Republican presidential nomination over comments the organization found offensive. If these demands are surrendered to, how long until these jihadist sympathizers call for the forfeiture of the lives of Americans over comments that adherents of this religion find offensive?

Instructive. The liberal media applauds Whoopi Goldberg's remarks that Christians viewing God as the highest authority shouldn't be working in government. The same liberal media is outraged that Ben Carson vocalized a preference that he'd rather not see a Muslim in the White House unless the particular heathen under consideration has renounced Sharia law. How is Carson's perspective any more exclusionary than that held by Hillary Clinton's supporters who are backing that particular candidate because it is widely believed that she doesn't possess a penis?

 Do the same media subversives accusing Ben Carson of rejecting the Constitution get as worked up when President Obama blatantly violates the founding document of the United States?

 So if we aren't to consider a candidate's underlying faith according to the establishmentarian media (which no one is supposed to admit has a noticeably high percentage of individuals of Hebraic origins), does that mean we would be obligated to elect an adherent of a racialist Christian Identity sect?

 Critics are outraged at those of an entrepreneurial inclination deciding to sell their free tickets to the papal processional in New York. But how is that any worse than the Roman Catholic Church creating the impression that it controls access to the means of salvation often through a fee such as in the case of certain indulgences when the Bible clearly states that the only price is to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved.

 Was the student suspended last year for committing narrative dinocide also extended a invitation to the White House and United Nations or was he too White?

 If an African immigrant is allowed to collect the offering while wearing brightly printed apparel, would an American be allowed to collect the offering while wearing a Hawaiian shirt? If the response is that to the African the garments that resemble silken sleep wear represent their best even if they have achieved bigshot status in America, would someone from a rural area be allowed to collect the offering while wearing camo? Likewise, would someone that frequented science fiction conventions be allowed to collect the offering while wearing a Starfleet uniform?

 Over 700 killed during pilgrimage to Mecca. And how many died during the Pope's visit to Washington? Wonder if Pope Francis even appreciates this aspect of Christianity's superiority? Doesn't Trump realize that those most likely to vote for him most likely watch Fox as their primary broadcast news source? He's certainly not going to get any warm reception from MSNBC correspondents, pundits or loyal viewers. Makes one bristle how Trump might respond to domestic critics should he obtain any real power.

 Jumbotrons were erected in Washington, DC so assembled throngs could hear the Pope's address to Congress. Does the Pope intend to condemn this as an expenditure of resources that could have actually alleviated the suffering of the poor? And what about the fossil fuels expended by thousands to catch nothing but a glimpse of a mere human being? Does he intend to speak out against this misdirected admiration? This hypocrisy is rising to near-Duggar levels.

 According to Pope Francis, America must embrace immigrants because we can all trace our origins back to foreigners. Since Catholicism was not the original religion of the area of Rome known as the Vatican, by the Pope's logic, isn't he obligated to stand there with his hands underneath his vestments allowing Protestants to waltz on in and set up shop there who have nothing but contempt for the ritual and ecclesiology of the property's caretakers?

 Representative Bob Brady pilfered the Pontiff's drinking glass in order to ingest the few remaining sips of water. Imagine what would have happened had the legislator stumbled upon the Pope's discarded toilet paper.

 In a public service announcement, Today Show correspondent Al Roker insisted that we should travel by bicycle rather than automobile since it is better for the body. Mind you, he himself must have weighed nearly 300 pounds prior to the surgery that led up to him crapping in his pants while visiting the White House.

 In a sermon series on the Book of Genesis, an Evangelical Anglican insisted that the days of creation as elaborated in the text were not so much to be understood literally. Rather, the passage is to be construed as metaphor to help the ignorant Hebrews under the leadership of Moses to understand that all things were created in an orderly fashion. If that is one's hermeneutical approach, doesn't the minister undermine his position when invoking this portion of Scripture to justify exclusive heterosexual marriage? Rather than as a command confining sexual union to male/female relationships, how does one then argue that the narrative of Adam and Eve isn't just a poetic image that carnal companionship should be found in whoever's arms one might happen to fall into?

 Given the rise of Russia in Middle Eastern affairs, those maintaining that Gog and Magog in Ezekiel might be a reference to that particular nation aren't quite the buffoons that they seemed to be. The Vatican has clarified that the Pope's meeting with Kentucky clerk Kim Davis should not be construed as endorsement of her refusal to grant marriage licenses to gay marriages. Interesting how he didn't mind interjecting himself into the immigration and wealth distribution debates.

 A petition is being circulated at George Washington University wanting students to be allowed an opt out of animal dissection. But if they don't want to fulfill that part of the curriculum, shouldn't they select another field of study? Isn't this akin to an English major refusing to read books?

 Trump claims Putin has an 80% approval rating in Russia. However, doesn't it take an extraordinary act of courage in Russia to admit publicly that one does not approve of the autocrat?

 As to whether or not a President should uphold the Constitution over sharia law, in an interview with Eric Boling of Fox News, Donald Trump seemed to decline comment. He remarked that the argument raised over a position enunciated by Ben Carson is not the billionaire's argument to make. Interesting how he seems compelled to address nearly every other issue under the sun down to and including a fellow candidate's facial features.

 New York City museums are being ordered to hand over demographic intelligence on staff members regarding race to municipal authorities if they want to continue to receive public funding. But isn't this the kind of leftwing nonsense these effette art galleries and such support imposing on other sectors of society such as business and religion?

 A Florida libertarian senatorial candidate has admitted to sacrificing a goat and drinking the herbivore's blood as part of a religious ritual. As shocking as that sounds, it's probably isn't anymore depraved than what goes on at Bohemian Grove.

 By Frederick Meekins

Playboy Promises Classier Photography

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Southern Baptist Functionary Giddy Over The Demise Of White America

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Seminarian Advocates Destruction Of Individual Identity In Favor Of Communal Hegemony

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German Children Indoctrinated To Accept Slavery To Jihadists

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Obama Badmouths Those Failing To Yield To Him As Messiah

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Monday, October 12, 2015

Friday, October 09, 2015

Will Extremeism Disruption Orders Criminalize British Christianity?

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Boy Suspended For Heterosexual Proclivities

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Thursday, October 08, 2015

Alex Jones Interviews Matt Drudge

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Lois Lane Just Couldn’t Keep Her Mouth Shut

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Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Will The New World Order Silence Former President’s UFO Confessions?

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Archbishop Of Canterbury Urges Capitulation To Islam

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Who Are The NeoCons?

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A Survey Of Competing Worldviews

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Monday, October 05, 2015

New York Times Propagates Mixed Message Regarding Manhood

Published in the 9/27/15 edition of the New York Times is a list titled “27 Ways To Be A Modern Man.”.

 A few are just common courtesy such as not scarfing down mouthfuls of popcorn in a movie theater while others are trying to watch the feature presentation.

 Others are just a bunch of foo foo nonsense that one would expect from the New York Times.

 For example, if I don't want to eat the fatty or charred bits of a steak or if I drink Mountain Dew as a preferred soda, that is my business.

 It is, after all, my individual digestive tract.

 Another reads, “The modern man uses the proper names for things. For example, he’ll say 'helicopter,' not 'chopper' like some gauche simpleton.”

 Frankly, how often does a man concerned about being perceived as one verbalize the word “gauche”?

 A number were downright hypocritical and dangerous when taken together.

 Principle sixteen reads, “The modern man lies on the side of the bed closer to the door. If an intruder gets in, he will try to fight him off, so that his wife has a chance to get away.”

 Yet principle twenty-five instructs, “The modern man has no use for a gun. He doesn’t own one, and he never will.”

 What about to shoot AND KILL the intruder?

 A husband might have a moral obligation to defend his family.

 However, he should also be allowed the most technologically effective means to accomplish this task that will likely result in the least amount of physical harm to himself.

 There is no reason that a man is obligated to die for some other idiot's moronic principle that has nothing whatsoever to do with the way the world actually exists.

 by Frederick Meekins

Will Obama Impose Global Gestapo?

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Will “The 4400” Be Honored With “A Heroes Reborn” Style Revival?

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Will Pacific Trade Pact Undermine American Workers?

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Was Oregon Mass Murderer A Practicing Occultist?

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Florida Libertarian Performs Satanic Ritual

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Swedish Bishop Proposes Surrendering Churches To Islam

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Thursday, October 01, 2015

Will Humans Be Genetically Mutilated In The Name Of Climate Change?

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Do Millennials Desire A Jonestown Style Church?

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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Cultivating Your Giftings In The Spirit

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Third World Filth Unable To Control Base Impulses

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Why Must Russell Moore Always Badmouth White Folks?

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Pop Culture: Christian Skepticism & The Media

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Monday, September 28, 2015

Episcopal Hierarch Threatens To Undermine Immigration Law

The Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland Eugene Sutton has posted a pastoral letter titled “Are Not These Our Children?”

The question is in reference to the swarms of illegal minors pouring over the border.

No, they are not “our children”.

They most likely “belong” to Mexico.

The phrase “our children” implies that their continued upkeep is our ongoing responsibility.

The only children you are responsible for are those that you procreate yourself or voluntarily agree to take care of through formalized arrangements such adoption and foster care.

The Bishop answers, “...the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland will take its marching orders from the Bible.”

This ecclesiastical functionary further clarifies, “who we are as Christians who base our ethical actions from the Holy Scriptures that remind us of the sanctity and dignity of every human being.”

If that is the standard that the Episcopal Church intends to rally around as fundamental Christian doctrine, does it intend to renounce gay marriage and ordination as well as abortion?

For these issues are much clearer in divine revelation than how the denomination is deciding to interpret and implement admonitions regarding the treatment of strangers.

The passage emphasized in the pastoral letter is from Matthew 25 which says, “I was hungry and you gave me food. I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink. I was a stranger and you welcomed me.”

There is nothing in that text demanding you turn over your house without question and allow it to be ruined beyond recognition.

It is an observation of fact that the Episcopalians are one of the denominations that revel in ornamentation and finery.

So is the Bishop a bigot and a snob if he does not invite the unmannered rabble into his cathedral to use the baptismal font as a toilet and urinal?

There is a proper way of doing things.

It is exactly because these individuals are worthy of dignity as human beings made in the image of God that they should be expected to abide by the laws and regulations imposed upon the remainder of the species.

By Frederick Meekins

Eric Metaxas Discusses Edward R. Murrow

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Burger King Acknowledges Those That Enjoy Their Meat Between A Pair Of Black Buns

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In Condemning Firearms, Pope Francis Insinuates Your Life Is Not As Important As His

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Journalism & Faith

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Are Catholic Believers Awakening To The Threat Posed By Pope Francis?

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Leftist Media Downplays More Conservative Aspects Of The Pope’s Worldview

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A Lutheran Assessment Of Eastern Orthodoxy

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Necromancers Found Dead

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Monday, September 21, 2015

Leftists, Not Trump, Reminiscent Of The Klan Menace

Floundering comedian Stephen Colbert compared Donald Trump to the Ku Klux Klan.

But technically, isn't it the American political left that has more in common with the terrorizing nightriders of yore?

For example, like the Klan, political leftists (not Donald Trump) are the ones threatening violence and perpetrating acts of such when opinion is vocalized with which these hoodlums disagree.

Anyone insisting otherwise need only be reminded of the vandalizing rampages that have erupted in a number of American cities over the course of the past year or so.

Furthermore, in an age that claims to value tolerance and diversity, how is it less of an outrage for victims of the Knockout Game to be rendered unconscious for simply being White in an overwhelming percentage of these assaults than it was for outrageous acts of violence to be perpetrated upon innocent victims in an era that might not have taken such infringements of basic human dignities as seriously as it should have?

Like the Klan, Colbert and his political allies are the ones demanding that duly established law be suspended for the purposes of providing a preferred demographic with an advantage over another.

All that Donald Trump is pretty much calling for is an enforcement of U.S. immigration law as it is already on the books?

What can be more American that equal treatment under the law?

For if Kim Davis can be imprisoned because of the imperative of elected officials upholding even those laws that they do not believe in, why isn't a similar punishment imposed upon those as willfully neglecting this other area of law and public policy?

By Frederick Meekins

Papal Apartments Air Conditioned

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Pop-Culture: Introduction and Television

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Duggars Compromise Testimony By Adorning Pirates Garb & Glutting At Bakery

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Theoanthrocide: The Death Of God & Man

Psalm 11:3 says, “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” Without a doubt, the twentieth century ranks among the deadliest in all of human history and it seems the twenty-first will likely continue this appalling legacy. This era will also be remembered as a period of intense philosophical upheaval where the pillars of culture and belief were shaken and in many cases even shattered. A number of sophisticated liberals will contend that one cannot establish a link between these sociological developments because innocents have been slain in societies assenting to Judeo-Christian assumptions and not every unbeliever has been an ax-wielding serial killer. Yet it cannot be denied that in nations where the God of the Bible comes to play a role of decreasing significance, the value placed upon human life soon follows such a downhill plunge.

Exodus 20:3-4 reads, “Thou shalt have no other Gods before me. Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image...” The Lord continues in verses 5 and 6, “Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: For I am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers unto their children unto the third and fourth generations of them that hate me; And shewing mercy unto the thousands of them that love me and keep my commandments.” Thus from the outset, evidence exists that consequences flow directly from one's attitudinal disposition towards the Almighty.

Usually, these consequences are thought of in terms of one's eternal destination. However, the warning that the iniquities of the father will be visited upon the children to the third and fourth generations dispels the notion of consequences being solely immediate. Rather, it indicates that ramification are possible within a wider social context. It therefore becomes evident that acknowledgment of and submission to the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob plays a fundamental role in ordering the individual's cultural and relational perspectives.

The requirement to yield to the God of the Bible is not intended to shore up the fragile esteem of a deity lacking in self-confidence. Rather, the foremost among the Commandments serves as a protective boundary designed to shield sinful individuals from falling prey to their own delusions as well as those of others.

In “The Universe Next Door”, James Sire lists a number of assumptions regarding the nature of God embraced by Christian theism. These include the following: God is omniscient, God is sovereign, God is good, and God created the universe and everything in it out of nothing other than through the power of His own Word (23-26). These assumptions are replete with ramifications for humanity's ethical situation. For if God is the benevolent, all powerful, all knowing creator and sustainer of the universe, it naturally follows that the plans and intentions established by His guidelines for man are therefore the best possible course of action. Obedience to the First Commandment bring the individual into compliance with the divinely ordained moral order and allows the individual to prosper the most from it --- if not in this life, surely in the next. Romans 12:2 says, “And be not conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is good, and acceptable, and perfect will of God.” John 8:32 adds, “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” Rather than stifling mankind, the First Commandment allows for a liberation found in no other system of belief or religious thought.

Sadly though, the present age since the Fall in the Garden of Eden has been marred by sin and its consequences. Instead of complying with the First Commandment and accepting God's free gift of salvation found through belief in the work of Christ, man has consistently preferred to go it alone in a state of rebellion. Romans 1:21-23 says, “For even though they knew God, they did not honor Him as God....; but they became futile in their speculations. Professing to be wise, they became fools, and exchanged the glory of the incorruptible God for an image in the form of a corruptible man and of birds and animals and crawling creatures (NASB).”

It was not enough for man to bid God adieu and be on his way. Man's religious yearnings ran so deep that something had to fill the vacancy left by an evicted God. Throughout the twentieth and now into the twenty-first century, man has grown increasingly less-flustered about blatantly occupying without having to hide behind golden calves or Olympians sculpted from marble the throne once reserved for God Almighty alone.

Even though belief systems purporting to be theistic but opposing a sound Biblical conception of God present their own dangers, for the purposes of this brief analysis the most stunning ethical contrast is provided by none other than secular humanism. According to Tim LaHaye in “Mind Siege: The Battle For Truth In The New Millennium”, secular humanism holds to the following principles: God does not exist, man is all that does exist, and everything we see and experience in the world today arose through a process of evolution set in motion by the spontaneous generation of matter devoid of any divine creative impulse or overseeing guidance (185). As such, man finds himself alone in the universe, having to rely solely on his own finite intellect for survival and understanding. This state of existential self-sufficiency extends to the arena of ethics as well.

As with its theistic counterpart, the nature of humanism's system of ethics indelibly flows from its object of ultimate adoration. Thomas Oden in “Two Worlds: Notes On The Death Of Modernity In America & Russia” classifies the ethical motifs of modernity --- to which secular humanism serves as a backbone --- as autonomous individualism, narcissistic naturalism, and absolute moral relativism (33-35). Translating this into English, in the humanist system of ethics, values are ultimately determined by the individual in response to external stimuli and internal biochemical reactions without reference to any transcendent moral standard. As Francis Schaeffer notes in “A Christian Manifesto”, “From the material, energy, chance concept of final reality, final reality... must be silent as to values, principles, or any basis of law. There is no way to ascertain 'the ought' from 'the is” (48).” While humanist ethics might prove workable but spiritually unsatisfying in a world of one, problems arise when multiple individuals are required to engage in a high degree of social interaction.

Despite being based on faulty assumptions in violation of the First Commandment, many humanistic individuals, regimes, societies, and cultures do not necessarily set out to journey down the path of corruption and libertinism. Before his death, renowned entertainer and signatory to “Humanist Manifesto 2000” Steve Allen served as spokesman for the Parents' Television Council of the conservative Media Research Center in that watchdog organization's campaign to cleanup America's polluted broadcast airwaves. However, John Frame argues in “Apologetics To The Glory Of God” that the existence of objective morality is a theistic assumption with the ultimate choice being between God and nothingness (102). And since Humanism views life as little more than a random accident, there is little reason to respect it as a treasured and unique phenomena.

Casual observers might find it perplexing that a system of thought so focused upon the human organism ends up being so dangerous to and destructive of human life. Yet such is clearly the case when examined through the light of history and current events. The most outright examples of Humanism on the rampage against individual human life are to found in those regimes and societies that at one time or the other embraced totalitarian ideologies such as Communism or Fascism.
Of such sociopolitical theories, Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn in “Leftism: From De Sade & Marx To Hitler & Marcuse”, says regarding the viewpoints of those figures regarding the value of the individual human life, “The individual is subject to the will of the majority...He is a mere number in the 'democratic process', who can be added or subtracted...The individual is nothing --- the 'People' everything...The individual is a mere fragment of the collective masses (426).” In the system of humanism then, the individual is not the ultimate source of value per say as is the species taken as a whole. And this is where much of the trouble comes in at.

As discussed elsewhere in this paper, the human heart is constructed in such a manner as to require some focus of ultimate loyalty. For the totalitarian, such centrality of purpose is found in the state or ruling party. Since these finite political entities do not hold absolute sovereignty unlike God, these regimes basing their foundations on nothing but pure egoism cannot countenance a rival voice providing an alternative vision or critiquing the one preferred by the prevailing elite. This is because such an elite cannot guarantee the set of ultimate outcomes it desires and still grant the same degree of individual determination as God to those over whom they seem to exercise complete control. And since it must be remembered that the humanist version of the Golden Rile declares that those who have the gold make the rules, those overseeing these sociopolitical environments are able to tinker with the parameters of acceptability within their respective spheres to justify the elimination of the inconvenient as epitomized under the rule of Hitler, Stalin, and Mao.

The threat to life in nations purporting to value democracy and individual human rights may be more subtle that that found under totalitarianism, but the seductiveness of such is often spread across a far wider base. For whereas tyrants possess the power to eliminate their victims through the gulags and concentration camps shocking to most Americans, polite humanists discreetly discard those they deem an inconvenience through the sanitary privacy provided by a clinic while celebrating the deed as the epitome of self-actualization under the banner of choice. The hideous reality finds its most prominent expression in the issue of abortion where the violation of the First Commandment and the transgression of the Sixth come together in the amalgamation of a single act. Even though the numbers may be diminished in the sense that the tyrant slays untold millions and the wayward parents seeking an abortion instead bear responsibility of snuffing out one, the process leading to each of these outcomes share considerable similarity.

Analyzed from a philosophical perspective, abortion is quite often the result of assuming an ethical authority to which no human ought to be privy. The decision to abort is often the culmination of the principles discussed previously as these concepts move downward from the academic domain of the elites and into the lives of average citizens. The individual seeking the abortion --- whether they realize it consciously or not amidst their struggle and trying circumstances --- begins by assuming that they (not a deity transcendent to the passions of the moment) are the supreme arbiter of right and wrong.

And if no eternally objective standard exists outside of the circumstances of the human organism, one of the first things to go is truth, in this case represented in the form of scientifically accurate information and propositional axioms conforming to the facts as they actually exist. For example, in “Pro-life Answers To Pro-Choice Arguments”, Randy Alcorn confronts some of the common justifications raised in defense of this homicidal procedure. Perhaps the best argument illustrating this point is as follows: “The unborn is not a person with meaningful life. It's only inches in size, and can't even think; it's less advanced than an animal (Alcorn, 56).”

Objective scientific fact teaches that the fertilized egg constitutes a genetically distinct individual whose DNA will be no more complete at the age of twenty than at the moment of conception. And the criteria of “meaningfulness” used to judge the value of human life ought to send chills down the spine of every thinking individual. Since the unborn child is as human as any other soul dwelling upon the earth, what is to stop this qualification from being invoked as an excuse to sweep aside others deemed inconvenient such as the chronically ill, the emotionally depressed, or even those expressing beliefs countering prevailing cultural norms onto the societal garbage heap. If the ability to think determines the extent of one's humanity, can pro-choicers be said to qualify as people by their own standard?

With advances in technology, abortion simply becomes the tip of the biomedical scalpel. Genetic engineering, with its potential cures and promises to increase the quality of life for untold millions, might be even harder for Christians to grapple with. For unlike abortion, on the surface genetic engineering masquerades as a proposition in compliance with the noblest aspirations in support of human life. Yet like handguns and automobiles, these advanced technologies rather take on the moral intent of those wielding them in any given circumstance. Often those harboring the hubris of humanism hold to intentions far removed from the lofty goals of curing disease or ameliorating physical pain. Instead, those adhering to this particular worldview hope to harness these procedures to make manifest their version of an improved humanity removed from any constraints imposed by an external creator, regardless of the detrimental consequences likely to be wrought upon actual human lives.

To address this issue, one might be surprised to learn few better apologetic resources exist for the Christian than certain types of science fiction since this form of imaginative speculation often allowed a theme to be taken to its conceptual extremes. At the one end of the genetic continuum stands the possibility of a master race not unlike the horror envisioned by Adolf Hitler. This possibility was considered on the program “Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda” in the form of a genetically engineered race know as the Nietzscheans who end up enslaving most other humans and plunging the transgalactic civilization know as the Systems Commonwealth into an age of lawlessness serving as the backdrop against which the ongoing saga unfolded .

While most prevalent themes seem to address the domination of humanity by these wayward laboratory experiments, the possibility exists for the reverse whereby man will fail to respect the Sixth Commandment protections of those conceived and modified in this revolutionary manner, instead looking upon such individuals as property rather than as fellow persons. Steps may in fact be taken to even alter or limit the fundamental human characteristics of such beings. One branch of such research known as transgenics hopes to introduce animal DNA into the human genome. Thomas Horn noted in a article titled “Transgenics: Creating Real Monsters” that such efforts in spirit violate the injunctions against bestiality found in Leviticus 18:23 by undermining the integrity between species with the possibility of “ultimately producing animal characteristics within humans.” These ideas have been explored in a number of television programs such as “Dark Angel” where one of the characters was forced to live life with the body of a human and a face evoking the features of a lion.

In a sense, one might look upon the study of Bible prophecy as a discipline where the seemingly unbelievable predictions of science fiction often take form in the concreteness of history. And while admitting that one cannot state with absolute certainty how God might permit the events of eschatology to come about, these horrors may very well transpire through the aide of a form of genetic engineering that recognizes no ethical limits and respects only the lives of those wielding power at the time. The Raelian movement, a religious sect that worships extraterrestrials as the creators of mankind, hopes to resurrect the dead by cloning them. Ultimately, this could provide the means whereby the Anti-Christ could pull off a counterfeit resurrection.

Other passages of prophecy sound like a transgenic nightmare. In particular, the locusts of Revelation 9 come to mind. These creatures are described as like unto horses prepared for battle, with the faces of men, the hair of women, the teeth of lions, and the tails of scorpions. Such creatures may come from the pit of Hell, but they could very well find their way from there through the route of some mad scientist's laboratory. In the vain attempt to reshape humanity in its own image, transhumanists could scar man's precious visage through such a narcissistic undertaking that, unless those days be cut short, no flesh would be saved (Matthew 24:22).

James 2:10 says, “For whosoever shall keep the law, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all.” The Ten Commandments begin to unravel in the lives of those who have not come to repentance in Jesus Christ. Should an individual or society fail to recognize God's rightful place as ruler of the universe, such individuals could unwillingly discover that they might not be around very long to enjoy the universe that God so lovingly created.

By Frederick Meekins

Archbishop Of Canterbury Proposes Reorganizing The Anglican Communion As Loose Confederation

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Trump Proven Correct Regarding Illegal Aliens

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Old Battleax No One Would Want To Snuggle With Insists A Loving Embrace As Vile As Rape

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Glenn Beck Threatens To Flood America With Levantine Refugees

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Planet X & The Second Coming

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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Pope Blames Refugee Crisis On Global Warming & Private Property

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Historic & 20th Century Lutheranism

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Is Kim Davis An Adherent Of Modalistic Heresies?

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Labor Party Elects Jihadist Sympathizer To Leadership

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Would Transhumanist Pastor Officiate World’s First Robosexual Wedding?

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Is Jonathan Cahn An Outright Con?

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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Is Firedbombed Church Not Black Enough To Matter To Media?

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Will Harrison Wells Return To Flash Season 2?

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Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Baptist Church Mocks The Pretribulational Rapture

In a SermonAudio podcast, the pastoral staff of Berean Baptist Church in Fayettville, North Carolina mocked those holding to a pretribulational view of the Rapture.

It was snidely remarked that most American Christians cannot handle the idea of enduring systematic global persecution.

Maybe so.

But unless this church offers survivalist training that includes the use of firearms and improvised explosive devices, aren't these pastors suffering profound cognitive dissonance as to what they profess to be coming?

Even worse, wouldn't they be guilty of an appalling degree of pastoral negligence in failing to prepare those subjected to their spiritual teaching?

Criticisms such as those enunciated by the pastoral staff are also thinly veiled insults that Americans have things too comfortable.
But what about this particular congregation?

For when the armies and operatives of the Anti-Christ besiege the nation, won't this church's sprawling entertainment center with its coffee bar and such make a tempting target?

For this church is so rich that, despite going out of its way to inform the world how much the pastoral staff despises the American flag, there isn't simply a single flagpole on their property but at least five in front of the entrance to this sprawling complex in its SermonAudio profile photo.

By Frederick Meekins 

Was Charred Extraterrestrial Corpse Uncovered At Extinction Level Event Impact Crater?

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Why Shouldn't Gay Judge Refusing To Marry Straights Enjoy Some Time In The Slammer?

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Skynet Slips Into Depression

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Are Apostate German Bishops Undermining European Christianity?

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Butch Chorus Sings Hymns In Worship Of Hillary

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Is Josh Duggar Unable To Get Women To Cry Out His Name Freely?

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Pope Enunciates Obligation To Invite Potential Terrorists Into Churches & Homes

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Will Obama Flood America With Islamist Insurgents?

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Internationalists Advocate Surrender To Hordes Invading Europe

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Did Josh Duggar Abscond From Rehab?

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Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Let Hungerstrikers Starve

Ecclesiastical rabblerouser Jim Wallis went on a fast in protest over cuts to social programs in the Congressional budget.

Too bad he didn't starve to death.

That's so harsh, leftists will snap.

It must be pointed out that Wallis pulls these kinds of stunts on his own.

No vile conservatives withheld or denied him access to food.

Interestingly, in light of Wallis' acceptance of abortion and gay unions hidden behind verbal obfuscations to deceive all but the most discerning, apparently fasting might be one of the few Biblical practices that he takes seriously.

However, in his zeal to show how superspiritual he is, it seems Wallis can't even engage in this practice in an appropriately Biblical manner.

According to Matthew 6:16-18, aren't you supposed to comport yourself in such a way that no one else other than God is supposed to know that you are conducting a fast?

Wallis does not seem to so much utilize fasts as a way to draw closer to God but rather as a way to express his profound hatred of the American way of life and the free market system.

In his 3/13/11 Sojomail Newsletter, Wallis lamented, “I have been astounded how food is everywhere in our culture...America is obese because of the assault of food --- an idolatry made of something that was meant to both sustain us and bring community in our social relations.”

In other words, Wallis does not so much want you to make your own free decision to join him in this form of physicalized prayer.

Ideally, what Wallis longs to see is a deprivation imposed from above upon those in the despised “middling orders” unable to rise to the level of mystic contemplation preferred by Wallis and his gnostic elites.

By Frederick Meekins