Thursday, July 02, 2015

Baptist Elites Turn Against Their Membership In Confederate Flag Frenzy

Southern Baptist functionary Russell Moore is urging White Christians to comply with demands to surrender the Confederate flag.

Moore propagandizes, “The Cross and the Confederate flag cannot coexist without one setting the other on fire. White Christians, let's listen to our African-American brothers and sisters.”

Why among these ecclesiastical milksops is it always the obligation of the White person to compromise?

If race does not really exist as some of these leftwing theologians insist when they attempt to denigrate Whites any other time, why are they reluctant to condemn the flagrant sins engaged in by certain segments of the Black community such as the deliberate destruction of property following a controversial jury verdict or law enforcement tactical decision?

If we are obligated as Christians to downplay our earthly identities for the sake of heavenly unity, why did Russell Moore not condemn the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference as an organization that does not advance the cause of brotherhood among all Christians but rather an agenda focused upon determining the worth of an individual not by the content of their character but rather by the color of their skin.

Why did this seminarian instead accept a position on the board of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference?

In his column extolling the imperative of lowering the Confederate ensign, Dr. Moore condemned White Citizens' Councils that attempted to rally and speak on behalf of what such entities construed as the interests of that particular pigmentation extraction during the tumultuous era of desegregation.

Would he accept a position in a similar agency charged with the purpose of looking out for the interests of White Evangelicals in this era where increasing accolades are lavished upon certain individuals for really no other reason than that they happen to be members of certain groups, or would Moore at least extend his blessings to the formation of just such an organization?

One could not help but notice how quickly Russell Mooore called for the surrender of the Confederate flag.

Was this Southern Baptist functionary as prompt in condemning the Knockout Game where groups of marauding Blacks pick a victim (often a Whiter person denigrated as a “snowflake”) for the sole purposes of determining how many blows to the head are required to render the target unconscious?

It is argued that the Confederate flag should be removed from the grounds of the South Carolina State House and ultimately the wider culture altogether largely because of how that banner is perceived by certain people.

If this is being done largely on the basis of feeling which as an existential inclination which cannot really be categorized as right or wrong, what if someone gets a turd crossways about the official state flag of South Carolina with the crescent moon on it which in some minds might evoke traumas and phobias associated with Islam?

Why aren't those with that particular psychological shortcoming or deficiency being catered to if entire cultures must be comprehensively altered because a few disgruntled activists are predisposed to rampaging in the streets and destroying private property when they don't happen to get their way?

But because a symbol or custom offends a particular segment of the population, does that mean the endorsement of such by the state must be rescinded?

A noticeable percentage of the population no doubt questions the legitimacy of Black History Month.

Does that mean the celebration should be ended?

And what about gay marriage?

If outspoken principled conservatives and ministers of the Gospel emboldened by the Holy Spirit can turn the tide on this issue, does that mean the state sanction for such unions should be revoked or at least the formation of additional licensed couplings prohibited because public opinion wills such?

Interestingly, the anti-Dixie mindset has not confined itself to the ranks of the Southern Baptist Convention of which the organization's leadership often crave the applause and establishmentarian approval that has doomed the doctrinal fidelity of numerous other denominations.

It has even spread to a number of Independent Baptists where is has predictably taken on even more fanatical tones as often occurs in this related divergent ecclesiastical movement.

In their analysis of Russell Moore's column regarding the Confederate flag, Sean Harris of the Berean Baptist Church in a SermonAudio podcast was baffled by and mocked the Southern Baptist functionary's confession that the only things Moore loved more than his native Mississippi were Christ, the Church, and his family.

Harris contemptuously verbalized that, in this day of social mobility and diversity, how is it that an individual could possess such an emotional devotion and connection to their native state.

In his online biography, Pastor Harris details his distinguished career in the U.S. military.

So why is expressing such dedication to your country in that particular manner on the part of a Christian acceptable but not to a particular jurisdiction within that particular country?

Does the pastor ridicule missionaries with a heart for a particular area or people group?

As a carpetbagger from Massachusetts, perhaps Pastor Harris ought not to ridicule that which he does not understand.

Just because he has lived a life of globetrotting, it does not follow that everyone else is so required by either inclination or circumstance.

It has been suggested that the Confederate flag should be removed because those that marched under it shot and killed American soldiers.

Should the American flag be equally exiled because General Sherman, marching under that ensign, destroyed civilian property?

Pastor Harris assured that he is so dedicated to the Lord that he doesn't even want to be associated with the flag of the United States.

Then why do his online biographies provide significant detail regarding his military service?

If patriotism is to be viewed as something little better than wicked, isn't listing such achievements akin to someone in the porn industry not only listing what films they appeared in but what roles they played.

Pastor Sean Harris of Berean Baptist Church argued that no Christian should display the Confederate flag because of the hurtful connotations associated with it.

People have also been hurt in the name of the Cross and the Bible as well.

Some Jews won't even look up at a steeple as they pass by a church.

So ought Christians to also renounce these symbols of culture and creed while we are at it?

If certain churches are bent on jumping on the anti-Confederate bandwagon, that is certainly their prerogative under the First Amendment.

Likewise, no American is obligated to remain in a church that bashes a specific heritage (especially that of those that have been with that particular theological grouping or ecclesiastical affiliation for decades and generations) in order to attract another or to win favor with the self-appointed benefactors of such demographics.

By Frederick Meekins

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Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Southern Baptist Functionary Downplays Opposition To Gay Marriage

In a videotaped response to the Supreme Court decision authorizing gay marriage, Southern Baptist functionary Russell Moore counseled that a pastor that was gloomy or angry in response was not exhibiting the spirit of the Gospel.

Therefore, was Christ not reflecting the Gospel when He drove the moneychangers from the Temple as He flipped over tables and drove them from the premises at the receiving end of a knotted chord?

Moore further reflected that we must not succumb to the American mode of anger where we demonize our enemies.

Does Moore mean in a way similar to the disparaging characterizations he has made regarding Christians that listen to Conservative talk radio and are reluctant to take down the Confederate flag?

Perhaps Dr. Moore would prefer that we adopt the ghetto mode of anger given his preference for that demographic as of late where we would loot the inventory of a local merchant that has nothing to do with the dispute setting off such upheaval.

Of would the Al Qada mode of anger be more appropriate where jetliners are flown into skyscrapers?

The strength of Protestant Evangelical scholarship has been an enthusiasm for what words mean.

At the core of the word “demonize” is “demon”.

Shouldn't those bent of destroying God's intended order for humanity be opposed strongly?

If you aren't going to get upset about that intent, there really isn't anything to get jacked out of shape about.

By Frederick Meekins

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Headline Potpourri #74

Civil War video games are no longer available through a number of a number of online retailers. It is claimed such forms of recreation are “mean spirited”. Yet the ones where you shoot police officers, hijack automobiles, and hump street whores in the backseat are no doubt still available as a testament to the extent to which the nation values free expression.

If Southern Baptists are obligated to renounce all things Southern as a gesture of inclusive good faith to prove how welcoming the denomination is to all people, does the African Methodist Episcopal Church intend to drop the descriptor of “African” from its name and to conduct outreach to Whites by fawning over how wonderful Caucasians and Caucasian culture are?

When clicking to watch a Christian video on Youtube, site administrators ought to respect the ministries utilizing the service enough to place before the content a commercial for something other than a so-called “invisible condom”.

One has been decapitated and over a dozen injured in a terrorist attack at a French fuel refining facility. Does Amazon intend to ban products bearing Islamist symbols similar to those hoisted by the Jihadists during the assault?

Eric Boling on the Five has celebrated retailers banning the sale of Confederate paraphernalia and memorabilia as a triumph of the free market system. But is this the triumph of unfettered capitalism or yet another example of fascistic elites imposing their iron-fisted social engineering? In a free market system, wouldn't those that desire Confederate merchandise be allowed to purchase all that they desired? For is that not the doctrine of the faction of Fox News analysts that extol the economic above all other social spheres when it comes to things such as hard liquor, legalized narcotics, and debauched entertainment?

In his analysis of violent upheavals in Baltimore and Ferguson, Malik Shabazz counseled that those destroying property and rampaging in the streets still needed to be loved. So why isn't he as magnanimous when it comes to his endorsement of a plan to kill any White person in sight irrespective of whether or not they bear responsibility for the terrorist assault upon the Charleston church?

If a colon test advertised on the radio is a noninvasive smear of digestive effluent, why is one required to have a prescription for it?

The gays have accomplished for now what decades and centuries ago most would have considered impossible. It is now our turn to plant seeds and warp minds in a long game where this cultural outrage can be one day overturned either reformationally or constitutionally

Perhaps the Southern Baptist Convention should be abandoned for the establishment of a Confederate Baptist Convention or a Confederate League Of Christian Churches where people of all backgrounds will be welcomed but that will not put up with the bashing of traditional Americanism or White folks as seems to be becoming an epidemic in many allegedly orthodox and conservative churches. It was said on a news special designed to work everyone into a terror over summer weather claimed that interest in survival training is at an all time high. Now doubt because of a love of nature. Likely nothing to do whatsoever with rampaging inner city mobs, the abolition of the Confederate flag, and the federal recognition of sodomite matrimony.

A news program designed to work everyone up into a terror lover summer weather listed the equipment one ought to take during a trek through the wilderness. Shouldn't a firearm have also been on the list?

A news program designed to work viewers up into a terror over summer weather revealed that the hottest days of the year occur during the season. That statements has got to be a contender for the No “You No What” Sherlock Award

On “It's Academic”, Hillary Howard is in a sleeveless blouse. In his decades hosting, did Mack McGary ever appear on the program sleeveless?

In a panel discussion at the Southern Baptist Convention, ethicist Russell Moore admonished that Christian parents shouldn't be ashamed of their gay children. That is, because Moore went on to assure, most gays aren't like the activists depicted in the media. Does Moore intend to extend the same broadminded charity to Christians that refuse to take down the Confederate flag or refuse to give up Conservative talk radio? Moore has heaped homiletical condemnation and mockery upon Christians that disagreed with his leftist inclinations regarding these cultural practices.

It might not be for some time to come. However, there will eventually be a movement of to get the Supreme Court to legalize cannibalism as a human right. The court has already ruled similarly in favor of other assorted unthinkable depravities. The edict will be handed down either in regard to some form of human flesh grown in a lab or of dissidents no longer categorized as being fully human. Just recently, global warming critics were described by a federal functionary as "abnormal", perhaps one of the greatest insults that can be applied in a system that values group conformity and the collective over that of the individual.

Univision removed the Miss USA pageant from its programming schedule over Donald Trump's insightful observation that the swarms of illegals pouring over America's borders aren't exactly the cream of the crop in terms of human capital. In response, Trump has threatened to sue the network. But how is the removal of Trump's beauty pageant from the airwaves markedly different than his demand that the Confederate flag be removed from public display?

A number of Republicans are being pressured to refund campaign contributions from an organization known as the Council of Conservative Citizens because of the group's less than enthusiastic endorsement of interracial relationships. Should Democrats be forced to return donations from the variety of ethnosupremacist front groups drawn to that party's ideology of heavy-handed statist interventionism such as the NAACP and La Raza? And what of potential contributors to Democrats actually linked to advocating revolutionary violence such as CAIR or the Occupy Movement? FBI files reveal that Obama advisor Valerie Jarret has a Communist pedigree that can be traced back for decades. Therefore, shouldn't concerns be raised over Obama's questionable links as rigorously as Ted Cruz's or even Mike Huckabee speaking before an event with shady sponsorship

By Frederick Meekins

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Monday, June 29, 2015

Godless Cathedral Dean Wants History Censored In The Name Of Revolution

The Dean of the National Cathedral in Washington wants stained glass windows honoring Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee removed.

The idea is that the role of the Cathedral is not so much to serve as an historical memorial but rather as a tool of propaganda to subliminally manipulate those exposed to the edifice into embracing the revolutionary consciousness preferred by the prevailing elite.

If the windows commemorating the Confederacy are to come down, should the body of Woodrow Wilson be disinterred from its resting place in these formerly holy halls?

After all, was not the former president a segregationist, so much so that he resegregated the civil service?

But then again, his corpse will probably be allowed to remain given that he embraced the preferred mindset of this cathedral's religion that the masses of humanity exist to be molded and conditioned by the technocrats ruling over them.

While we are at it, perhaps the questions should be raised as to how long until the Cathedral tosses its Christian iconography out with the morning trash as well?

After all, Gary Hall, the Dean of the Cathedral, is on record in the Washington Post claiming to be a Christian atheist, meaning that he doesn't believe in God but not so much so as to forsake his comfortable church-provided lifestyle.

His ecclesiastical superior, Bishop Mariann Budde, is little better.

According to VirtueOnline, she recently blasphemed in the Cathedral by admitting during an ordination service that she no longer prays in the name of the Trinity.

And on the day the cross is taken down, you will probably find Republican presidential candidates stepping over each other in the rush to get to the microphone to posture and preen how wonderful it is that the old emblem of suffering and shame will no longer be allowed to sew division among the creeds and faiths of the human species.

By Frederick Meekins

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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Megachurch Pastor Exposed As Depraved Sex Maniac

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Friday, June 26, 2015

Gay Pitcher Proves Adept At Ball Handling

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Social Engineers Call For The Comprehensive Censorship Of Cultural Expression

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Headline Potpourri #73

The Chinese government insists that it is not responsible for the intrusion compromising the data of over four million federal employees. The regime assures that it has laws against hacking. Just as the dictatorship no doubt has exquisitely written legislation protecting religious freedom and statutes against organ harvesting.

Driving for Uber might be better than starvation and homelessness. However, if you get a hold of the wrong customer that files some kind of lawsuit, you'll probably end up starved and homeless.

The film San Andreas was simultaneously entertaining and thought provoking. Amidst the superb special affects, one's mind contemplates especially the seismic prophecies foretold in the Book of Revelation. Also, depictions of the buildings collapsing upon the people almost brings tears to one's eyes as the sequences make you reflect on what thousands of American's endured on 9/11 at the hands of scumbag terrorists. Though not a particularly devout or explicitly religious film, it was a commendable touch for a change that it was the scientist urging prayer in light of the overwhelming devastation.

The Duggars placed locks on the doors to protect the children from their depraved son. I can think of something else the Duggars should have put a lock on long before that point.

In the book The Natural Family: Where It Belongs (New Agrarian Essays), historian and cultural analyst Allan Carlson insists that the wholesome and devout family ought to be one that toils the soil. Given his extensive academic qualifications and scholarly activity, it must be asked how often does Professor Carlson putter around in the dirt? Or is this yet another expectation to be imposed on the lesser classes of the species?

If teen girls don't want to be physically subdued by police, perhaps they ought to act more ladylike.

In regards to the Dennis Hastert case, if an American can be punished for depositing or withdrawing an amount over as well as below a certain amount without notifying authorities, how long until the financially enslaved will be required to obtain government approval for the simplest of transactions? For example, what is to prevent the government from denying access to your cash reserves for the purchase of non-approved foods of questionable nutritional content. After all, presidential candidate Mike Huckabee considers your weight not only an individual health issue but also one of national security.

A 56 year old New Zealand woman landed a 907 pound tuna after a four hour struggle. In response, cultural apologist and pundit Doug Giles (who reminds everyone just how manly he is by deliberately killing exotic animals on safari) posted, “Bow and kiss her ring all metrosexual males.” And the question to be asked is why. Does he demand the same of butch feminists that could be outcooked by a man in the kitchen? While a compelling human interest story that prompts a “gee whiz look at that” response, so long as those that Giles derides as “metrosexuals” have jobs and provide for themselves, there is nothing in divine revelation insisting that one must take to the high seas in a form of fishing than can be described as anything other than recreational. Wouldn't the manlier thing to do be take the money needed to pursue an elaborate hobby such as deep sea fishing and pay bills or put it away for retirement?

In defense of Marco Rubio, it has been claimed that an $80,000 boat is not a luxury. In light of gas prices that skyrocketed a few years ago as well as a few other reasons, I might get to Ollie’s Outlet four times a year now where I agonize over whether or not I need a book priced at $5.99.

Is political correctness really the only reason Jerry Seinfeld won't perform of college campuses? It's doubtful most of those students now were even born when his sitcom was broadcast on NBC. So when he tried to perform on college campuses, how would Jerry Seinfeld be introduced? As guest lecturer in Ancient History?

If a conservative had said what Bob Costas said about Bruce Jenner, wouldn't Costas had called on the thought criminal to be sent to a Khmer Rouge reeducation facility?

On The Five, Dana Perino suggested that professional athletics associations ought to finance a public relations effort (also commonly referred to as a propaganda campaign) urging inner city youth to respect and comply with law enforcement. There is nothing wrong with such a message. However, even if these enterprises have these funds at their disposal, they are not obligated to provide such outreach. They are not a church or a related kind of philanthropic organization. The responsibility of such is to provide entertainment. As a multimillionaire in her own right, why doesn't Dana Perino finance such cultural conditioning?

Regarding the principal fired for posting online for suggesting that the police officer at the pool party didn't really do anything wrong, Dana Perino on the Five suggested that those kinds of comments should perhaps have been said around the dinner table and not enunciated publicly. But doesn't this degree of self censorship plant the seeds of a regime where one will eventually be carted off to a reeducation camp for precisely verbalizing these errant thoughts in the privacy of one's own home?

The Obama Administration is conspiring to construct affordable housing in affluent neighborhoods. That's so when juries hand down verdicts specified demographics disagree with they won't have to travel far to destroy the property of White people.

If it is a violation of human rights to consider an individual's race in determining their qualifications and character, shouldn't the NAACP functionary courageous enough to conceal her demographic background be heralded as a patriot of the first order? For is it not an act of revolutionary consciousness to deny the government information to which it is not truthfully entitled?

If liberals want to insist that the NAACP functionary was less than truthful regarding her origins as an African American, aren't they required to abandon the foundations of evolutionary anthropology that all human beings can trace their origins back to Africa?

If tolerancemongers are going to insist like Gnostics that the materiality of the physical being does not exist or is irrelevant, shouldn't the NAACP functionary that presented herself as Black despite being born as White as a Dutch baby's backside be publicly celebrated as Bruce Jenner for embracing one's true identity. After all, this racialist is just as Black as Bruce Jenner is a woman.

A woman has realized that she was inadvertently abusing her husband. In the article detailing this confession that went viral in online Christian circles, this epiphany transpired during a marital spat when the wife observed her husband relenting to a verbal berating despite obeying the command he had been given and how many of his actions were determined by the instinct to avoid her verbalized rages. Eventually, men are going to be condemned as neglectful and abusive if they now comply with the dictates of their spouses in order to avoid being chewed out.

Bill Clinton intoned during a CNN interview that “You can't have people walking around with guns.” Does this include the members of the former President's Secret Service detail as well?

In a discussion of animal rights on the “Knowing The Truth” broadcast, theologian Richard Land reflected upon the implications of introducing robots to patient care. He observed such a development would undermine the element of human contact in the healing process. But was was the last time anyone has felt like anything other than a slab of meat when dealing with medical professionals and insurance bureaucracies?

Generations Radio astutely observed that parents cannot send their children to a 20 minute Sunday school and expect their children to be Christian. Instead, exposure to the faith must be comprehensive and constant. Yet just days prior to that pronouncement, this very same ministry insisted that the Christian parent cannot manipulate the child's environment and expect the child to become Christian. Under a Calvinist soteriology, despite the parent's best efforts, the child might just be one of the poor souls God created for no other reason than to toss into Hell. By this logic, in the final analysis, does it really matter whether parents send their child to a 20 minutes Sunday school once per week or subject their children to around the clock indoctrination?

So why is gubernatorial experience important to the Jeb Bush faction of the Republican party when a significant percentage of the candidates backed by Jeb over the course of his lifetime themselves did not possess gubernatorial experience?

If Jeb Bush is to be heralded for having married an Hispanic to the point where he is viewed as an Hispanic, shouldn't the NAACP functionary be similarly applauded for mating outside her race?

In an article on the death of Christianity, Southern Baptist hierarch Russell Moore writes, “...a Christianity that reflects its culture, whether that culture is Smith College or NASCAR, only lasts as long as it is useful to its hosts. That's because it's, at root, idolatry and people turn from their idols when they stop sending rain.” Perhaps Dr. Moore should remember that as he runs around like a lap dog puppy snuggling up to a number of perspectives whose primary purpose is to badmouth America and elevate subversive minority supremacists.

In Colorado, if an employer can fire an employee for partaking of legalized medicinal cannabis in that jurisdiction, why can't businesses deny services to gay marriages?

Pope Francis has pontificated that one does not exhibit genuine faith until one takes what one requires for one's own needs and instead provides for the poor with it. So does this mean that the Vatican is holding an estate sale or auction to divest itself of the institution's vast artistic and real estate holdings for pennies on the dollar?

The Christian Bible Study Massacre proves why a pastor that feels so led should be allowed to hold a Bible in one hand and a firearm in another.

Regarding the terrorist assault on the Charleston, South Carolina church, did media and law enforcement immediately describe the suspect as White or did these officials hem and haw ringing their hands as they described every feature other than the suspects socially constructed, non-existent race as they do in many other mass casualty incidents?

The families of the victims of the terrorist assault on the church are not under obligation to be so quick with their forgiveness. They should stew in their anger for awhile. Especially if this pissant has not said he was sorry or expressed any sincere remorse.

The same leftists moving production of the drama “Veep” from MD to CA because of tax incentives no doubt rank among those that insist that you don't pay your fair share and condemned golfer Phil Mickelson when he confided taxes in part prompted his move from CA to FL.

On “Cashin In” on Fox News, financial analyst Wayne Rogers described the Book of Revelation as “ridiculous” when it was pointed out that a proposal to microchip incarcerated inmates was disturbingly similar to the Mark of the Beast foretold of in the Apocalypse. Would he categorize Islamic holy texts in a similar fashion?

Usually when these leftists speak of healing division that translates as you are expected to go along with their blame Whitey and bigger government handouts agenda.

Interesting Obama does not say as much about gun violence when it is perpetrated by his inner city base of support in staggering numbers over the course of a given weekend.

Mittt Romney is suggesting that the Confederate Flag is offensive and ought to be set aside. And what of those similarly repulsed by cultic missionaries knocking at the door? Should that tradition also be forbidden because some find the practice offensive?

It was rhetorically asked in a sermon if Jesus would rather find you reading the Bible or a text message when He returned. Wouldn't that depend more on the particular text message? In themselves, text messages are morally neutral. So what other daily tasks are to to suspend for the appearance of holiness? Should a preacher ask if Jesus would rather find you reading your Bible or swatting your spouse's backside when He returns?

Is there really a reason for a pastor to point out in a Father's Day sermon that in his rhetorical selection that he is using the term “fathers” rather than “men” because the day's homily is intended for fathers because there are men in the congregation who are not fathers even though by tabulation that applied only to two of the male's in attendance? Being made to feel just a step ahead the town drunk or whore, it almost makes one feel like one does not belong there and not go back.

In profiles of terrorist scumbag Dylan Roof, the descriptor of “unemployed” is verbalized with a negative intonation. Is shiftlessness applied in such a derogatory manner to members of the Occupy movement or to violent protesters in Baltimore and Ferguson?

Will those insisting that Paula Deen should be financially ruined for verbalizing the N-word in the privacy of her own home following a violent crime call for the immediate removal of President Obama from elected office for verbalizing the N-word in reference to violent crime?

President Obama insists that America's heritage of racism has not been overcome. And that's why he was elected to the presidency twice? The second time was even after it was pretty much proven he was inept and incompetent.

Is it a wave of unity, as it has been categorized, to remove the confederate flag from the state house in South Carolina? Or is this being done more out of fear that the Obamavoters and welfare recipients are preparing to rampage like they did in Baltimore and Ferguson when they don't get their way?

On The Five, it was said one should live as if the person writing your eulogy were watching. Isn't that we have social media and the Internet for nowadays? What if you really don't want a funeral when you croak? It's just a bunch of people coming to gawk at your lifeless corpse feigning that they care when they really didn't when you were alive.

In an oration where Hillary pledged to the New World Order just how much she despises being White (but not so much so that she will surrender her vast fortune), the presidential candidate said guns should not be allowed into the hands of those that harbor hate in their hearts. That translates you should not be allowed to own a firearm unless you pass a political and worldview litmus test.

Greg Gutfeld said on Fox News that, if the victims of the Charleston terrorist assault want the flag removed, that is enough for him to have the Confederate flag removed. As a borderline alcoholic, if someone who lost a family members in a drunk driving accident calls for the reenactment of Prohibition, does that mean he will swear adherence to the behavioral codes of a temperance league?

On the Five, Eric Boling said in reference to a number of retailers censoring the exchange of Confederate merchandise that the free market should be allowed to decide. As a Roman Catholic, would he endorse retailers prohibiting the sale of Christian paraphernalia in general and of that specific theological persuasion in particular?

Rand Paul has come out in support of removing the Confederate flag. If nothing else, at least the debate is settled that his support of states rights and the Tenth Amendment are merely euphemisms regarding the legalization of pot and hardcore narcotics after all.

So does everyone believe the liberal dogmas regarding race or ethnicity because those are their sincerely held beliefs or is it that they fear the inquisition that will descend upon them and destroy their lives if there is even a hint that you might disagree with these dictates on even the minutest level?

Greg Gutfeld on Fox News claimed that it is absurd to argue that, if the Confederate flag is taken away now, eventually the flag of the United States will be taken away at some point not too far down the road. It is less absurd than the moronic postmodernism that permeates his eponymous Sunday night broadcast.

In the Virginia suburbs of Washington, DC, a bicyclist exposing himself to a young girl and a woman. In solidarity with the victims of this vile act, shouldn't the nation rally against bicycles? In self-congratulatory gestures displaying celebrating how progressively sympathetic we are as a society, retailers should stop selling bicycles and related bicycle merchandise. Governments ought to end the support of bicycles by rescinding funds for bicycle infrastructure such as lanes, paths, and racks. If you support these proposals, it is obvious that you aren't willing to do what is necessary to stop the predators that are emboldened to perpetrate these crimes as a result of advancements in self-propelled personal transportation vehicles.

Of the Confederate flag, Donald Trump said, “...let it go, respect whatever it is that you have to respect because there was a point in time and put it in a museum. But I would take it down.” What he is saying that it is time for the South to surrender to the inevitability of Yankee domination and the imposition of the values of the Northeastern elites. If these are the kinds of principles that Trump holds to and espouses, on what grounds does he refute those advocating acquiescence to Red China? Like the Confederacy, how do we know that American economic independence isn't something meant to be relegated to a museum?

A pastor remarked that the phrase “Dance with the devil you know” did not sound like Biblical advice even it it was apropos. Now is that because the adage seems to counsel compromise with Satan or rather because dancing was involved? In certain Baptist circles, the greater outrage might be that dancing was involved.

Citizens are being assured that the lowered Confederate flags will find a place in a museum. But given the propaganda, distortions, and outright lies subtly disseminated through these venues of public display regarding evolution, how long will this esteemed artifact be allowed to remain on display or undefiled by falsehoods or condemnations pertaining to it?

By Frederick Meekins

Ufologist Claims Saucer Fired Directed Energy Weapons Against Washington

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Should Law Enforcement Interdict Ramadan Pig Consumption?

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Is Joel Osteen On The Verge Of Embracing Sharia Law?

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Franklin Graham Begins Slide Into Compromise

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Did The Obama Regime Threaten Retailers Into No Longer Selling Confederate Paraphernalia?

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Will The Episcopal Church Subversively Penetrate Africa With Gay Activism Under The Cover Of Human Dignity?

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Conspiracy To Remove The Confederate Flag Dishonors Slain Pastor’s Memory

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EPA Apparatchik Suggests Climate Skeptics Are Mental Defectives Unworthy Of Society’s Protections

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Did Radical Homeschooler Blame D. James Kennedy For Tullian Tchividjian’s Inability To Keep His Pants On?

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Is Peter Parker Insufficiently Negro To Continue As Spiderman?

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Obama Ascends The Mount Of The Congregation To Assure That His Word Shall Have No End

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Albert Mohler Whips Up Anti-White Frenzy Among Southern Baptists

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sometimes Striking A Child Should Be Appropriate

A Maryland substitute teacher was suspended for striking a student with a belt in order to break up a fight.

Perhaps those that have been duped into the you should never touch a child delusion should have allowed the ruffians to beat each other to death.

At least that way there would have been fewer mouths to feed on the school lunch roster and further contamination of the gene pool in a few short years could have been avoided.

On a more serious note, at the time critics were insisting that the pedagogue should have modeled proper deference to the state's designated public safety personnel and operatives in neutralizing threats to life, property, and good order.

Since this story broke, the nation has seen the results of what can happen when citizens are less than proactive or engaged in their own protection.

If it is inappropriate for a teacher to strike a child with a belt in a moment of emergency, why is it acceptable for a police or security officer to taser, pepperspray, or baton the disruptive and noncompliant other than this is how the population has been mentally conditioned?

By Frederick Meekins

Propagandistic Tylenol Commercial Enough To Make You Sick

Click On The Headline

Amidst Diocesean Collapse Episcopal Bishop Admits To No Longer Believing In The Trinity

Click On The Headline

Why Is The Pope Seeking Scientific Advice From A Philosophical Pantheist?

Click On The Headline

Republicans Mocked For Considering That Charleston Terrorist Attack Also Had A Religious Angle

Click On The Headline

Anglicans & Lutherans Panel Discussion

Click On The headline

Yet Another Southern Baptist Functionary Blames All Of The World’s Troubles On The White Devils

Click On The Headline

Will Independent Baptists Prove As Spineless As Southern Baptists In Defending The Confederate Flag?

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Postmodernism: The Age Of Nihilism

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Ebay Equates Confederate Flags With Narcotics, Human Organs & Hardcore Pornography

Click On The Headline

Obama Insists God Unconcerned For The Unborn

Click On The Headline

Dead ISIS Sex Slaves Fed To Dogs

Click On The Headline

The New Evangelical Left

Click On The Headline

Does Pope Francis Profit From Gun Trade He Damns?

Click On The Headline

Trayvon’s Apostle Paul Pounds Highways Stoking Gospel Of White Genocide

Click On The Headline

Monday, June 22, 2015

Jenner Deserves No More Respect & Admiration Than Dolezal

In a piece appearing in the Washington Times, columnist Walter Williams assured readers that he would refer to Bruce Jenner as a “she”.

Would the pundit extend the same courtesy to NAACP functionary Rachel Dolezal by referring to her as Black rather than White?

Some might respond that Dolezal lied but Jenner did not.

Mind you, these are likely some of the same people that insist that race does not exist and that the color of skin no more intrinsic to one's identity than one's hair color.

Well, you can change hair color, can you not?

The entire hair dye industry is built upon that reality.

In his moment upon the stage of redemptive history, Pontius Pilate snorted what is truth.

If a man can mutilate himself, strut around like a circus clown, retain for now the very appendage symbolizing the ontological state the individual has alleged to renounce while insisting to be a woman, how is that embracing the truth?

It is no more truthful than a White woman masquerading as Black.

By Frederick Meekins

The Philosophy Of Mnd Uploading

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The Carnally Depraved Demand Government-Provided Orgy Chamber

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Are You Racist If You Do Not Allow Yourself To Be Murdered Willingly By A Black Person?

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Is The World On The Brink Of A Mass Extinction Event?

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Are Whites Obligated To Apologize To Unattacked Churches?

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Trayvonites Perpetrate Hate Crime Against Historic Monument

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Would Rove Undermine The Second Amendment?

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Will The Next Next Generation Incorporate Elements Of Stargate Universe?

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Coral Ridge Presbyterian Pastor Resigns Amidst Adultery Scandal

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Are Bill Clinton & Al Gore Guilty Of Hate Thought?

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Friday, June 19, 2015

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Website Applauding Moral Decline Laments Loss Of Foo Foo Manners

A Huffington Post story listed a number of polite things people don't do anymore.

One was giving up your seat for an elderly person, pregnant woman, or someone with disabilities.

For starters, if these demographic categories make a fuss about wanting to be treated like everybody else, that should also include the expectation that they should also wait for a seat like everybody else.

Another principle included taking off your hat indoors.

Does that also include those belonging to a certain religion with a penchant for flying jetliners into skyscrapers that not only cover their heads but at times even their entire faces?

If multiculturalism holds that all people are to be treated equally and these people are not obligated to remove their cranial apparel, why should the rest of us be expected to comply with such a decree?

Another principle on the list was about making small talk in the checkout line.

I am there to acquire a desired or needed item.

Beyond a nod or cursory verbalized greeting, I am not there to talk to people.

Given the outright destruction of property that often takes place these days as a result of either athletic victories or unpopular jury verdicts, one would think a little good natured benign detachment would be applauded as a form of serene civility.

By Frederick Meekins

Noah Hutchings Passes Away

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UN Downplays Rapacious Lusts Of So-Called Peacekeepers

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Pay Your Bus Fare If You Don’t Want To Be Pepper Sprayed

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Will The Pentagon Engineer A Dinosaur Cavalry?

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Southern Baptist Elites Elect White President Despite Insisting Character Determined By Color Of Skin

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Michael Savage Speculates If Pope Francis Is The False Prophet Of The Apocalypse

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Italian Parents Protest Compulsory Scholastic Transvestitism

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Hyacinth Grubb Reflects Upon What’s In A Name

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Terrorist Massacres Bible Study

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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Theologian Phyllis Tickle Stricken With Lung Cancer

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Anglican Unscripted #185

To What Extent Should Christians Compromise With Transhumanism?

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Are Jihadists Gathering Intelligence On Christians & Jews?

Click On The Headline

Will The Borg Assimilate Humanity By 2030?

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Takei Accuses Shatner Of Being A Media Whore

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Pope Francis Threatens To Have Those Refusing To Surrender Their Incomes Tossed Into Hell

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Ufologist Alleges Jesuits Will Attempt To Monopolize Human/Extraterrestrial Relations

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Are Vatican Elites Obsessed With Extraterrestrials?

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Will Inmate Forfeiting Penis Be Transferred To Women’s Prison?

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Pope Francis Calls For Environmental Dictatorship

Click On The Headline

Are Yoga Pants Whorish?

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Will The Liberals That Constantly Moan About The US Creating Al Qada Protest As Loudly About Obama Building ISIS?

Click On The Headline

Mooch Obama Calls For The Islamic Conquest Of Britain

Click On The Headline

Are Southern Baptist Elites Giddy About Chasing Away White Folks?

Click On The Headline

Did Vatican Climatologist Call The Liquidation Of Over Six Billion Souls?

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Pastor Demands Handouts To Quell Urban Violence

Click On The Headline

World Forced To Cater To The Wantonly Licentiousness

Click On The Headline

Will America Run Out Of Potable Water?

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The Church In A Hostile World

Click On The Headline

Marvel Features Lando In Comic Miniseries

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Monday, June 15, 2015

Ethicist Fuddles The Differences Between Genocide & Infanticide

During a lecture titled “Ethics In The Age Of Terror & Genocide”, an astute member of the audience observed during the question and answer portion of the presentation how many Americans recoil in outrage at the concept of genocide but are morally comfortable with abortion.

It was interesting to hear the lecturer wiggle herself out of the conundrum by invoking the technicality that genocide is the killing of people because they are members of a particular group while abortion does not necessarily target the victim for extermination for that particular reason.

That is, of course, unless you are a confirmed Sangerian.

According to the logic elaborated in the response, it is only wrong to eliminate groups and not necessarily individuals.

The propagandist proceeded to elaborate a number of criteria separating abortion from genocide.

Among these were the rights of the woman and how the unborn child is not a human life that can exist on its own.

But how are these appreciably different than the justifications invoked by the Nazis such as living space for the German people and that the inhabitants of these targeted areas weren't really humans capable of surviving on their own either by the standards of that particular regime?

By Frederick Meekins

Is Ingesting Cheese Composed Of Human DNA A Form Of Cannibalism?

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Toddlers Paraded Before Deviants

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Did Carnality Abound On The Brady Bunch Set?

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Conservative Catholics Admit Francis A Possible Pinko

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Otherkin Movement Claims Some Entities Mistakenly Born Into Human Bodies

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Media Coverage Of Atheism

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Deluded Darwinians Claim Humans No More Valuable Than Animals

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Are Miley Cryrus’ Blasphemous Outbursts The Result Of Disney Mind Control Experimentation?

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Will Preserved Dinosaur Blood Demolish The Old Earth Hypothesis?

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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Friday, June 12, 2015

Is Dana Perino The Covergirl Of Politically Correct Republicanism?

On The Five, Dana Perino suggested that professional athletics associations ought to finance a public relations effort (also commonly referred to as a propaganda campaign) urging inner city youth to respect and comply with law enforcement.

There is nothing wrong with such a message.

However, even if these enterprises have these funds at their disposal, they are not obligated to provide such outreach.

They are not a church or a related kind of philanthropic organization.

The responsibility of such is to provide entertainment.

As a multimillionaire in her own right, why doesn't Dana Perino finance such cultural conditioning?

Regarding the principal fired for posting online for suggesting that the police officer at the pool party didn't really do anything wrong, Dana Perino on the Five suggested that those kinds of comments should perhaps have been said around the dinner table and not enunciated publicly.

But doesn't this degree of self censorship plant the seeds of a regime where one will eventually be carted off to a reeducation camp for precisely verbalizing these errant thoughts in the privacy of one's own home?

By Frederick Meekins

Whites Better Off Avoiding Interaction With Trayvonites

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Will McDonald’s Protect White Customers From Rampaging Obama Voters?

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Serious Thinkers No Longer Consider Chesterton A Buffoon

Click On The Headline

Miley Cyrus Calls For Pogrom Against Christians

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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Scout Head Promotes Immorality Among The Organization's Ranks

Speaking to a national meeting of the Boy Scouts in his role as the organization's president, former CIA director and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates in reference to gays among the ranks of the group's membership and administration proclaimed that “we must deal with the world as it is, not as we might wish it to be.”

He insisted that such an adaptation of policy was necessary or the assembled would be required to face “the end of us as a national movement.”

What he is saying is that there are no enduring values or standards.

According to such logic, dependent upon the context the Boy Scouts are no more morally superior to the Hitler Youth of Nazi Germany, the Red Pioneers of the Soviet Union, or an ad hoc ISIS training camp in the Syrian desert.

The Scout Oath reads, “On my honor, I will do my best to do my duty to God and country, and to obey Scout law, to help other people at all times, to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.”

The Scout Law is summarized as “A scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.”

But what happens when these virtues hinder a Darwinian understanding of survival of the fittest?

Should this classic moral code be abandoned should an ethic based on tooth and claw prove more utilitarian and efficacious?

That is, after all, what Robert Gates is advocating.

No wonder the war against terror, in part, floundered under his tenure as the Secretary of Defense.

By Frederick Meekins

Will Obama Deploy Trayvonite Deathsquads Into White Neighborhoods?

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Willow Creek Welcomes Gays & Slobs Into Leadership Ranks

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How Muich Trayvonite Back Sass Would You Put Up With After Watching A Man Blow His Brains Out?

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Some Good Old Fashioned Shame Would Do Unwed Mothers Some Good

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Fundamentalist Hardliner Condemns Ebooks As Satanic

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Pastor Laments Christians Who Refuse To Let Church Control All Aspect Of Their Lives

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Radical Feminists Blame Sex Assault On Victim Possessing Penis

Click On The Headline

Is Church Discipline Invoked By Pastors To Rule Congregations Like Tyrants?

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Pope Admits Apparitions Possibly Spiritually Deceptive

Click On The Headline

The Demonic Factions Competing For The Fate Of The World

Click ON The Headline

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Shouldn't Fathers Be Expected To Care For Their Own Kids?

In a SermonAudio podcast, the pastoral council of the Berean Baptist Church in Fayetteville, North Carolina announced as an objective the promulgation of the expectation that single men are obligated to marry women with children fathered by someone other than themselves.

The pastors went as far as to compare the practice to Boaz marrying Ruth.

It is nothing of the sort.

The vast majority of single mothers these days are not widows.

They are either divorced or have never been married at all.

Secondly, Ruth did not have children.

The Moabitess was a widow free and clear.

Boaz never had to deal with the inevitable “you are not my father” confrontations.

And back then, even if he had, there was not the likelihood of a disgruntled child reporting false abuse allegations to social welfare operatives.

In the discussion, it was suggested it was more honorable for a man to marry someone that already has kids.

The only obligation is for the one having the fun making the children to provide for the children.

A man does not sin if he refuses to saddle this other man's burden.

This is the duty of the child's mother and father.

Why is the man that hasn't ruined his life up until this particular point compelled to settle for second hand merchandise?

If the single woman with offspring is out primarily to land someone to punch her meal ticket and to put a roof over her head, why can't she be admonished to settle for a man with other children like a Brady Bunch situation?

Given the doctrinal fussiness and finickiness of many Independent Fundamental Baptists where you are treated as something of a pariah or an outcast unless you measure up 100% to the sect's rigorous standards that are not always explicitly spelled out in Scripture but are rather opinions buttressed by stained interpretations of divine revelation, this raises a number of very important questions or at least observations.

Will these Independent Baptists now insisting that single men are obligated to marry women with children (especially if these women have been divorced) in the future allow men hoodwinked into pursuing this lifestyle allow them to do anything in church other than occupy a pew or fill a collection plate?

Many of the congregations adhering to this particular brand of theology are governed by covenants and bylaws explicitly forbidding divorced men or men marrying women that have been divorced from holding either the pastorate or the deaconship.

Don't think this is not a valid concern.

At the small Baptist church my grandparents attended, you would have thought the pastor had sanctioned lesbian polygamy when the hardliners revolted over him officiating a marriage between widower and a widow who divorced her drunkard husband two marriages back with her two previous husbands long dead by the time of the disputed ceremony.

Christ does indeed forgive.

However, He often decides to require us to deal with the consequences of our own decisions.

By Frederick Meekins

Are Baptist Potluck Suppers As Dangerous As Russian Roulette?

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Russell Moore Continues To Sellout Southern Baptist Convention To Activist Minorities

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Does Gay General Like To Dig Around In Latrines?

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Bilderbergers Call For Mark Of The Beast

Click On The Headline

Afrosupremacists Enunciate Ideological Justification For The Elimination Of The White Race

Click On The Headline

Indoctrinated Whelp Insists Comedy Not Funny Unless It Foments Revolutionary Upheaval

Click On The Headline

Pat Robertson Informs Grieving Mother That God Did Humanity A Favor By Killing Her Infant

Click ON The Headline

Tolerancemonger Insists Trayvonites Rampage Because Whites Eat Peanut Butter

Click On The Headline

Sharpton Threatens To Loot Texas Subdivision

Click On The Headline

The Scary Third Wave Of Bioethics

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Pastor Snidely Ridicules Christian Laborers Viewed As Beneath Him

In the opening of a News In Focus podcast posted at SermonAudio, the assembled pastoral counsel poked fun at someone that categorized themselves as a “Christian trainer”.

Following a dismissive remark by the head pastor, one of the dutiful underlings remarked how presenting oneself as a Christian trainer was akin to claiming one was a philosopher.

And what if these were either one's vocation or avocation?

Often the positioned clergy of these more fundamentalist sects rank among the foremost in restricting who may hold status as a recognized minister or the quickest to scold a recognized minister for straying beyond the delineated parameters of the Gospel message into the areas of generalized moral or psychological application even if the teaching provided is basically drawn from Biblical principles.

For example, Joel Osteen is often derided for being more of a motivational speaker than an actual pastor.

But it seems there is also an underlying derision there when someone might have a message or insight of value to the wider church or Christian world but is cautious not to assume the responsibility or authority of the pastoral office.

At the end of the discussion, the head pastor was impressed with what the Christian trainer had posted.

But instead of leaving the compliment at that, the pastor snidely remarked but could the Christian trainer preach.

Frankly, such an aptitude might not even be relevant for that Christian trainer's ministry.

Ephesians 4:11 says, “And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers.”

Therefore, if someone mocks an individual that might have the ability to teach (which the written word is a form of) but not necessarily the ability to preach, isn't the critic edging dangerously close to pronouncing that the critic knows more about how God has gifted a particular individual than God Himself?

If this is to be the attitude of a number of God's undershepherds that all others endeavoring to speak Christian truth should be looked upon in a spirit that cannot be categorized as anything other than ridicule, perhaps a list should be formulated as to what kinds of occupations are considered worthy of placing something in the collection plate.

For if you can't respect how a person honestly makes a living, perhaps your own ministry shouldn't be benefiting from such labors either.

By Frederick Meekins

Creflo Dollar Gets Luxury Jetliner He Insists The Great Commission Would Crash & Burn Without

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Will Russia Arm Mexican Terrorist Insurgency Against The United States?

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Public Educators Swear Allegiance To Lunar Tribal Deity

Click On The Headline

Does Pope Francis Realize He Is A Dupe Manipulated By Luciferian Globalists?

Click On The Headline

Papal Adviser Warns Church Shouldn’t Compromise Doctrinally To Accommodate Pagan Lifestyles

Click On The Headline

Introduction To Church History

Click On The Headline

Ethics In A Age Of Terrorism & Genocide

Monday, June 08, 2015

Headline Potpourri #72

Lebanon Levi and Merlin from Amish Mafia appeared on the 5/13/15 episode of Dr. Phil. When was this episode filmed? If after the finale of Amish Mafia, why shouldn't we conclude that the Discovery Channel docudrama is anything but fake? For in the finale, is depicted as having started a beard to denote having gotten married. However, during the Dr. Phil interview, he was clean shaven.

Contrary to the statement made by Eric Boling on the Five, if a police or military force cannot stand civilian criticism, why should we think it will be able to handle better armed adversaries on the battlefield or streets?

The way Hepatitis C is referred to as "Hep C", there hasn't been a commercial that glamorous since feminine hygiene products and catheter sample packs.

What’s the big deal about Fox News calling poor people “leeches”? Thousands of hours of video tape accumulated this past year characterized as “civil unrest” document beyond a reasonable doubt that that is exactly what these deadbeats are.

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser is once again verbalizing the name “Redskins” in reference to Washington's NFL franchise. Previously, she signed a resolution condemning the name as a racial slur. She has since changed her mind, insisting that her primary duty as mayor is the city's economic development. From that, are we to assume that the primary determinant of the moral ought to be the financial? As such, should one find a wad of cash sufficiently large enough, the stigma and outrage associated with the “N-word” would magically disappear? All that is required from this line of reasoning to delegitimize gay marriage is to execute a sufficiently robust fund raising campaign.

Ought it to be considered that one is baptized into church membership or that one is identifying with Christ's burial and resurrection? What if one wants to be baptized but is not necessarily ready to join a particular church?

Maybe people have too much. But organized religion, government bureaucracy, and others that refuse to work don't have a right to what you have either. My stuff is mine. It does not belong to some missionary that's got nothing better to do at night in the Third World than breed out of control.

A pastor mocked men that had more than one of the same tool. Should the same sense of mockery be applied to someone that has more than one copy of a particular Bible translation?

It was asserted in a sermon that money is not healthy for you since it is covered in bacteria. So aren't you really doing a favor on behalf of church personnel by not placing this vector in the collection plate? So what about the bacteria transmitted in the asinine handshaking ritual? What about the ass sweat that might have stained the pew prior to you?

In snide remarks regarding a drop in the offering the previous week, it was observed that some must have taken their mother's out for Mother's Day rather than tithing to the Lord. But if motherhood is a ministry as important in the eyes of God as preaching from the pulpit, is it God that is ticked off about feeling financially slighted or the organized church?

The Washington Post is lamenting that supposedly life expectancy is longer in North Korea than in some Baltimore neighborhoods. But isn't that the result of Baltimore residents being allowed the freedom to either make something of their lives or to destroy their own lives as well as those of others? Individuals for the most part are not extended that choice in North Korea. Are we to the assume that the Washington Post wants that kind of totalitarian regimentation? Perhaps those advocating this would like the First Amendment curtailed to prevent the purveying of the filth that glamorizes lives of crime and carnality.

A public service announcement suggests that smokers are less attractive as mates. While correct, will the government produce similar propaganda justifying the preferences of those that do not want someone that has already procreated or nocturnally frolicked in the boudoir with multiple partners without benefit of matrimony?

In the 5/8/15 edition of USA Today, Michael Wolff remarked that the furor over George Stephanopoulous as a broadcast journalist contributing to the Clinton Foundation is overwrought and another attempt at career-ruining demonetization. Did this columnist as boldly rally to the defense of the Firefox executive driven from that company for merely contributing a pittance to an organization working within the establishment legal framework opposed to gay marriage?

> If President Obama is now reversing the policy of militarizing the nation's police forces, does that include the ammunition stockpiled by non-law enforcement agencies such as the Department of Education and the Internal Revenue Service?

Will homosexual activists opposed to the name of the Redskins football franchise object to Natural American Spirit tobacco products with the logo of an Indian in a headdress smoking a peace pipe advertised in the June 2015 of Out Magazine?

> A couple has started a GoFundMe campaign to finance their honeymoon. How is that any tackier than these wedding gift registries that demand brand, item, and quantity of a desired item?

On Master Chef, will the Muslim gal featured on the commercial be required to prepare pork products?

A Facebook theologian said “Furthermore, should preaching God's Word be contingent upon what is popular to keep the tithes and offerings coming in? Many churches have prospered that do not preach the gospel such as Joel Osteen's congregation.” That comment was in response to my own about if you are going to insist that dead babies go to Hell, don’t expect much in the collection plate or even for the parents to come back to church if that is the degree of comfort your ministry provides. It must be something to go through life that devoid of emotion. Preaching God’s word might not be contingent upon what is popular. However, neither does it necessarily be expressed in such a way as to rub salt in what has got to be one of life’s most crippling psychological wounds.

On The Flash, if Eobard Thawn was erased from the timeline altogether, does that mean the entire series now resets itself? Because it was established earlier in the season that he murdered the real Dr. Wells and assumed his identity in order to build the cyclotron 20 years earlier than it would have been. (And will riot police need to be called in at Comicon should debates about this get out of hand?)

At the beatnik farmer's market, I am sure those fried doughnuts are an organic health food. Probably less fat and cholesterol in a Little Debbie snack cake.

Radical homeschoolers argue that parents ought to pull their children out of formalized academic settings and not even allow their daughters to entertain thoughts of attending college because of the numerous incidents of molestation and sexual assault that occur in the halls of learning. Given the molestations allegations that have come out against Josh Duggar, if that is what goes on behind the close doors of the first family of homeschooling, should Christians now evaluate that form of education as well?

Josh Duggar has been accused of molestation. His own sisters are alleged to rank among his victims. But since he was married by 20 years of age, he is not the deviant. You are if you are not according to radical homeschoolist propaganda.

Would there be as much outrage over the Duggar allegations if these parents had not attempted to rule over their children with such an iron fist? Seems to me your son molesting one of your daughters would be more a sign of failed parenting than if your kids kissed someone before their wedding ceremony. Perhaps this tragic story should be taken as a warning that parents procreating at such a shocking rate don't always pay that much attention to the children whom it is claimed are loved more than the children of those parents that spawn a more manageable one to three.

No wonder the one Duggar girl got married to someone on the other side of the world. Always figured it was to get away from that crowd. Who would have thought it would have been over something so terrible.

Mark my words. Before it’s all over with, the Duggar that can’t keep his hands to himself will be addressing riveted crowds on the topic as to why septuagenarian singles shouldn’t even be allowed to sit with one another in church.

During his Coast Guard Academy commencement address, President Obama decreed that climate change is a national security threat. And are we to assume that the President traveled from the White House to this service academy via a carbon neutral pogo stick or a form of transportation that expended several thousand pounds of fossil fuel?
To Huckabee, apparently the important thing is not whether or not the accused Duggar pedophile molested his own sisters but apparently how likely the accused's clan is to contribute to his campaign. In enunciating his intentions to stand by the Duggars, teens feeling up toddlers must be business as usual in Arkansas.

Regarding the scant number of District of Columbia residents allowed concealed weapon carry permits, wonder how many of those insist common citizens should not be allowed to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

Regarding a proposed VA law that would have prohibited a child under five from handling a gun. How is such legislation anymore out of line than restricting drivers licenses to those over 16? Unless they reside in the Duggar household, do children that young really need access to fire arms?

Regarding the tattooed contestant that kept constantly reminding that she's a first generation American and single mother: the program is Master Chef and not PC Chef. If one is going to shell out over a day's wage for not much more than a single scoop of food, you are wanting an exquisitely prepared meal; not a guilt trip or a sob story.

In reflection upon the Duggar scandal, a pastor on SermnAudio remarked how worldlings are gleeful when Christians fall into sin. But don't we believers tend to do the same thing in regards to the adherents of assorted false belief systems? Who among us didn't latch onto the Roman Catholic abuse scandal as proof to the shortcomings of that variety of Christianity? So now shouldn't similar outrages be taken as proof that things might not be as perfect in hardline Evangelicalism as the missionary prayercard photos would lead us to believe?

Floods devastate parts of Texas and Oklahoma. Had this been New Orleans, we'd probably have seen widespread looting by now.

Does activist Pamella Gellar intend to ride daily on the public transportation systems onto which her associates are planning to post Muhammad cartoons? If she wants to hold Mohammad cartoon exhibitions to combat the advancement of Islam, she should be applauded for her courage. However, if these cartoons are plastered all over public transportation, is there a reason the rest of us are obligated to die on behalf of her convictions simply by commuting to work?

Rick Santorum is announcing his presidential campaign during a televised press conference. There is nothing out of the ordinary about that. However, Santorum produced a movie with the theme of how much better off we are without modern technology.

In a Newseum interview, Leon Harris and Larry King lamented the rise of mass communications resources available over the Internet and mobile devices. But weren't similar criticism leveled by newspapers and broadcast networks regarding the cable formats through which these media personalities ascended to international prominence? Should everyone else be required to relinquish the opportunities technology has made available to maintain the controlled milieu preferred by these aging elites?

In a Newseum interview, Larry King lamented that there are too many on the Internet now attempting to be journalists. To that, the response ought to be, “Podcaster, silence thyself.”

In his Memorial Day oration, Obama assured the assembled that the world is now at peace. Hours later, aircraft are grounded as a result of jihadist bomb threats.

If Southern Baptist leaders such as Russell Moore continue to foment contempt against the White race, what is to stop Whites from going to church altogether? Better yet, what is to prevent those of this targeted extraction from withdrawing from these churches to form ones where, despite all being welcome irrespective of color or race, but where the acceptance of others is not formulated from a perspective of contempt for White people or America?

An 11 year old homeschooler is graduating with three college degrees. Despite such impressive accomplishments, odds are that in the environment in which he resides, upon reaching adulthood he probably still won't be allowed to date unchaperoned or pick his own spouse.

Now that the Duggar facade is crumbling, a number of radical homeschoolers are changing their tune as to the utility of the lifestyle they themselves profess as the ideal Christian standard. On an episode of Generations Radio examining the scandal, the host criticized those that pursue a form of Christianity characterized by a mantra of “We don't drink, we don't chew, and we don't go with girls who do.” The host insinuated how spiritually hollow it was for parents to follow these kinds of formulas, expecting a guarded environment to result in a righteous and redeemed child. Mind you, this very same ministry has promoted the Duggarite mindset that females should be discouraged from pursuing higher education. Kevin Swanson even insinuated in the past that a fascination with the Little House On The Prairie books could suborn lesbianism in unsuspecting readers.

An emerging pedagogical perspective insists that there is no need to teach students information if that information can be googled. Sort of makes you wonder what is the point of schools embracing such a philosophy apart from ideological indoctrination and social manipulation.

I guess those worked up over most Americans speaking only one language will next verbally ream us a new one for not really caring a tinker about the world soccer organization scandal.

Regarding the proposed Johnny Quest movie. Let’s just hope Race Bannon and Benton Quest aren’t depicted as a gay couple. <

Pope Francis insists that people spend too much money on pets. Instead such funds should be lavished upon the supposedly indigent and destitute. If that is the standard to which we are obligated to aspire, would these funds be better spent on more golden scepters, large pointy hates, and ornate vestments that scrape the floor? Wouldn't the Vatican's money be better spent on the poor than on astronomical observatories codenamed L.U.C.I.F.E.R. attempting to discover extraterrestrial life?

On “The Five”, Kimberly Gilfoil enunciated she had no problem with minority groups such as herself seeking career placement assistance with racial supremacist groups such as La Raza. To be consistent, wouldn't she also be required to applaud the Ku Klux Klan doing the same on behalf of White students or CAIR and Hamas doing the same on behalf of Muslim students?

If you can be penalized for strategizing your bank deposits and withdrawals in such a way in order to avoid reporting requirements, can one be similarly punished if one travels side streets and country roads in order to avoid highway tolls?

It was snidely mused in a sermon that a Bible church is just a Baptist one that doesn't want to go by the name of Baptist. While that may be true to an extent, that summary does not convey the complete picture. Perhaps some congregations go with the Bible church rather than Baptist moniker in admission that there is more to the Christian faith than baptism and, in all honesty, to distance themselves from some of the extremist positions certain Baptist factions have become infamous over. There is nothing in Scripture indicating that the only variety of church acceptable to God is one that explicitly lists the word “Baptist” in its name.

It might not be ideal, but if an individual baptized as an infant comes to faith later in life and is basing the assurance of salvation on that profession and not so much on the act of natal baptism, is it really worth making a fuss as to when the person was baptized? Immersion no more saves you than sprinkling does.

In a sermon insisting that all forms of baptism other than immersion were invalid, it was admitted that baptism can also mean to come under such as in terms of the influence of. When water is poured or sprinkled over the head, isn't the person technically under it in those modalities as well?

Given that Vanity Fair was the setting in Pilgrim's Progress in which all manner of carnal depravities took place, it is ironically fitting that it would be in that magazine in which Bruce Jenner would publicly wallow in his assorted debaucheries.

Radical homeschooler Kevin Swanson castigated so-called conspiracy theorists for deemphasizing the love of God in expressing their concerns about the Jade Helm military exercise. Guess those in concentration camps during the Holocaust were simply on extended holiday at a mineral spring spa resort.

Hopefully, those Christians not speaking of looming persecution in a demeanor of glum solemnity but rather with fanatical exuberance and giddiness will rank among the first lined up against the wall and shot.

A Birmingham Ashton University study concludes that women have better memories than men. The purpose of which is to ensure that there will always be an unending list of things over which to berate or belittle the man no matter how long ago the slight, transgression, or shortcoming might have occurred.

Wonder if the Fox News talking heads would be as cavalier about the raising of the retirement age if they were the ones stuck in physically taxing and mentally unfulfilling occupations?

The Patriot Act has been rebranded the USA Freedom Act, allowing data to once again be collected on telecommunications customers. However, this time around, it seems that the information will remain in the hands of the private sector. That will allow a number of the legislation's supporters on the Fox News Channel to label critics of the law as enemies of the free market system as well. In light of the allegations and charges of deposit structuring leveled against former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, can someone utilizing human couriers to diminish the possibility of electronic surveillance or who would just rather compose handwritten letters rather than email be accused of violating the USA Freedom Act?

An Alzheimer's medication commercial urges patients to remind their doctor of an assortment of conditions they might have before commencing the prescribed course of treatment. These are Alzheimer's patients. There are days these poor souls can hardly remember their names. Some might have no family. And those that do, if the family member assists the elderly patient in responding to questions that the patient does not know the answer to or is unable to understand from a doctor that speaks garbled English, you get snapped at like you are guilty of elder abuse. Shouldn't it be the doctor's responsibility to gather and track this kind of physiological intelligence?

John Stewart of the Daily Show is jacked out of shape because the public has focused upon the looks of Bruce Jenner's “Caitlyn” persona as debut on the cover of Vanity Fair Magazine. Stewart lamented, “When you were a man, we could talk about your athleticism, your business acumen, but now all we care about is your looks.” But other than thrusting the artificial bosom into the camera lens, has this carnival act renouncing the “Bruce” identity accomplished anything else of note? If one wanted one's mind emphasized over one's trampy appearance, wouldn't one publish an essay in the New York Review Of Books rather than Vanity Fair?

By Frederick Meekins

Worldviews: How Do You See The World & Why

Tolerancemongers Institgate Violence At Biden Funeral

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Trayvonites Demand Right To Attend Concert With Admission Ticket

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Is Miss Piggy Hog Wild For Infanticide

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The Glory Of The Western Medieval Church

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Episcopal Church Highlights Transgender Ministers

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Is Baltimore Mayor Pimping Herself Out To Jihadist Front Groups?

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Did Pope Francis Downplay Differences Between The Bible & The Koran?

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Tony Campolo Calls On Church To Surrender To Homosexual Activists

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Saturday, June 06, 2015

Thursday, June 04, 2015

Heathen Cultists Sacrifice Victim To Placate Hindu Deities

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Was The Liberation Theology Pope Francis Gazes Upon Favorably Concocted By The KGB?

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Trayvonites Rally To Beatify Accused Terrorist

Click On The Headline

Pastor Warns World On Brink Of Another Holocaust

Click On The Headline

Pastor Cheats Elderly Congregants Of Millions

CClick On The Headline

Did Darth Vader Lose His Saber?

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Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Ultralegalist Caught Utilizing Pagan Imagery

Hardline Calvinist Michael Jeshurun has posted online an essay condemning sports as idolatry that I am formulating a reply to.

However, of additional interest is a meme that he is using as a cover photo for his social media profile.

The illustration reads, “Smashing Arminian lies and everything else that opposes the absolute sovereignty of mighty Jehovah.”

While that is a controversial statement worthy of note, that is not even the reason that the image is being mentioned.

For in one corner is depicted a figure adorned in what is essentially Thor's costume from the Marvel Cinematic Universe holding aloft a battle hammer with “KJV” emblazoned across it.

The face of the character is obscured, no doubt in the attempt to avoid copyright infringement.

Does Jeshurun not realize that the Thor superhero is essentially a pagan Nordic deity depicted as a transdimensional lifeform?

Therefore, if we are to avoid things that hint of paganism or idolatry, why is he invoking the imagery of Thor?

Instead of Thor, why doesn't he instead depict Zeus with a lightening bolt in hand?

Secondly, if it is morally wrong to patronize sports, isn't it wrong to patronize popular movies if you are going to be that strict about things?

I regularly go to the movies myself.

But in comparison, considering only the form of entertainment alone, aren't the movies more likely to expose you to a wider variety of more alluring sins than sports ever really will?

The power of worldview analysis is that, once you know what an individual believes regarding certain foundational topics, you can often predict with a reasonable degree of accuracy what an individual believes regarding other issues and subjects.

For example, if a particular theologian construes reality through an explicitly Calvinist lens bordering upon the hostile towards those articulating an alternative soteriology and also condemns sports as a form of idolatry, it is usually safe to assume that the thinker also opposes traditional Christian celebrations such as Christmas on nearly the same grounds.

Sure enough, Jeshurun has composed an analysis that not only is Christmas pagan but that insinuates that should the accouterments of the holiday be found adorning your domicile at the moment of the Second Advent you will likely not hear Christ say to you “well done good and faithful servant” but rather “depart from me I never knew you.”

Mind you, these holiday symbols have been Christianized for centuries and disimbued of their pagan origins.

As entertaining as Thor might be with the Van Daniken chariot of the gods spin put on the character, that narrative has not been sufficiently removed from its original context for it to be overlooked from a standpoint of blissful unawareness on the part of someone supposedly skilled in detecting errors at variance with the most rigorous orthodoxy.

Frederick Meekins

Leftwing School Exposes Pupils To Smut Peddlers

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Shouldn’t Beatnik Christian Condemning Bruce Jenner For Undermining Gender Distinctions Get A Haircut Before Doing So?

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The Truth About Transhumanism

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Minority Supremacists Insist They Are Too Good For Graduation Dress Codes

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Monday, June 01, 2015

Filthy Raghead Insists Earthquakes Caused By Women Wearing Pants

But in all fairness, there are some hardline Baptists that say nearly the same thing.

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Will Teacher Be Penalized For Peddling Unauthorized Confections?

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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Do Kinky Elites Turn Human Sacrifice Into A Festive Occasion?

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Interstellar: NASA's Search For Life

Planet Of The Apes Reenactment To Cost $20

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Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Lasting Vitality Of C.S. Lewis

Fascinating how the money of those deemed never good enough to be allowed to do something in a group context is never denigrated as such.

Radical Homeschooler Implies Feeling Up Your Toddler Sister No Worse Than Sleeping In Sunday Morning

If radical homeschooler Kevin Swanson is insisting that all is forgiven with Josh Duggar, would he allow him to babysit toddlers or head up an elementary youth ministry?

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Friday, May 29, 2015

Reformation Anglicanism

New Denominations Organize To Combat Carnal Apostasy

Check Out News Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Trunews Radio on BlogTalkRadio

Obama Commands That You Shalt Have No Other Gods Before Him

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Actor Denigrates The Geekdom That Feeds Him

Actor Simon Pegg insists that comic book movies are infantilizing the adult population. Instead, we ought to be “watching challenging fare that asks moral questions.”

Mind you, this is an actor whose claim to fame has been as Scotty in the recast Star Trek series and as a sidekick in the Mission Impossible films.

The Avengers: The Age Of Ultron was about an artificial intelligence with a messianic complex that was the result of bestowing upon it the mission of “peace in our time”.

Other comic book cinematic adaptations are just as profound.

The X-Men regularly confront the dilemma of balancing the needs of accepting others different from ourselves while also protecting ourselves from those that would use those differences to harm us.

If those are not considered plots with profound ethical implications, apparently “challenging moral questions” must be little more than a euphemism for movies needing more scenes with buxom Jerry Springer lesbians (not flannel wearing butches) rolling between the sheets with one another.

Most people spend their $10 per ticket to see robots or extraterrestrials being blown to pieces.

They are not going to part with that much money to be berated as to why they ought to feel shame for having been born White or even American.

By Frederick Meekins

Internal Border Checkpoints Tyrannize Americans

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Will Pope Francis Urge Handing Global Control Over To Anti-Christ To Protect The Environment?

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Should A Free People Be Compelled To Report Bank Withdrawals To Federal Authorities?

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Ministries Begin To Weigh In On Duggar Scandal

In a SermonAudio homily, a pastor condemned interest in the Duggar scandal as a form of gossip and tale bearing.

But if the information conveyed is true, is it gossip?

Some might respond that, because this information impacts only the Duggars, no one else but the involved parties need to know about it.

But if assorted religious propagandists uplifted the Duggars as some kind of ideal to emulate in terms of breeding out of control and for ways to curtail the freedoms of their children, shouldn't it be exposed where these figures fall short in adhering to the most simple and obvious Christian standards?

If it is considered gossip to report when this family falls short, shouldn't celebrating their hyperlegalistic proclivities also be considered a form of gossip when these are invoked for the purposes of manipulating one's audience into believing that their own walk with God is inferior when they prefer not to rely upon so many externalities in their own spirituality and religious devotion?

In reflection upon the Duggar scandal, a pastor on SermnAudio remarked how worldlings are gleeful when Christians fall into sin.

But don't we believers tend to do the same thing in regards to the adherents of assorted false belief systems?

Who among us didn't latch onto the Roman Catholic abuse scandal as proof to the shortcomings of that variety of Christianity?

So now shouldn't similar outrages be taken as proof that things might not be as perfect in hardline Evangelicalism as the missionary prayercard photos would lead us to believe?

In reflecting upon the Duggar scandal, a pastor criticized the number of homseschooling families that position themselves almost as teaching ministries as they share their practices and techniques with others but without the formal ecclesiastical authority of eldership.

The peculiarities of certain homeschool families are secondary in regards to that comment.

What this minister is saying is that you should not be allowed to publish a book or speak at a conference convened beyond the direct oversight of a church body without the permission of your pastor, deacon board, or consistory.

The response to that in terms of organized religion is who is going to stop me?

by Frederick Meekins

Ann Coulter Admits Third World Cultures Are Inferior To America

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In his Memorial Day oration, Obama assured the assembled that the world is now at peace. Hours later, aircraft are grounded as a result of jihadist bomb threats.

Church Attempts To Force Wife To Remain With Pedophile Husband

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Are Roman Catholic Elites Conspiring To Recognize Gay Marriages?

Click On The Headline

Does Pope Francis Believe Non-Roman Catholic Christians Still Go To Hell?

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In a Newseum interview, Larry King lamented that there are too many on the Internet now attempting to be journalists. To that, the response ought to be, “Podcaster, silence thyself.”

If a noticeable percentage of graduates in a particular field of study are of a particular racial or ethnic background, I don’t see that the rest of us need to flagellate ourselves and rend our garments in sackcloth and ashes about it.

Larry King: A LIfe In Broadcasting

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Reflections Upon The Duggar Allegations

Radical homeschoolers argue that parents ought to pull their children out of formalized academic settings and not even allow their daughters to entertain thoughts of attending college because of the numerous incidents of molestation and sexual assault that occur in the halls of learning.

Given the molestations allegations that have come out against Josh Duggar, if that is what goes on behind the close doors of the first family of homeschooling, should Christians now evaluate that form of education as well?

His own sisters are alleged to rank among his victims.

But since he was married by 20 years of age, he is not the deviant.

You are if you are not according to radical homeschoolist propaganda.

Would there be as much outrage over the Duggar allegations if these parents had not attempted to rule over their children with such an iron fist?

Seems to me your son molesting one of your daughters would be more a sign of failed parenting than if your kids kissed someone before their wedding ceremony.

Perhaps this tragic story should be taken as a warning that parents procreating at such a shocking rate don't always pay that much attention to the children whom it is claimed are loved more than the children of those parents that spawn a more manageable one to three.

No wonder the one Duggar girl got married to someone on the other side of the world. Always figured it was to get away from that crowd.

Who would have thought it would have been over something so terrible.

Mark my words.

Before it’s all over with, the Duggar that can’t keep his hands to himself will be addressing riveted crowds on the topic as to why septuagenarian singles shouldn’t even be allowed to sit with one another in church.

By Frederick Meekins

Would Bernie Sanders Force Americans To Wear Mao Suits & Toil In The Rice Paddies?

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Dalai Lama Calls For The Abolition Of Other People’s Liberties & Property

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Duggar Maidens Wanting To Flee Cult Compound Castigated As Harlots

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Will Detroit Be Reorganized As A Jihadist Colony?

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Duggar Parents Hand Victimized Daughter Over To Abuser As Housewarming Present

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Was Family Brutalized By Kentucky Gestapo Apparently Too White For Media Concern?

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Veterans With No Media Experience Deserve No More Opportunity In The Field Than Any Other American

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Debauched Libertines Demand Christians Applaud Carnal Depravities

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Moron Seminarian Expounds True Christians Endure Victimization For The Good Of The Collective

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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Review Proves Why Most Christians Films Not Worth Watching

Regarding The Avengers: The Age Of Ultron, radical homeschooler Kevin Swanson is profoundly offended that Captain America verbalized a swear word during the climactic conflict of the film.

Is Kevin Swanson going to maintain that nothing questionable would slip out of his mouth while battling a genocidal Artificial Intelligence on the cusp of perpetrating an extinction level disaster?

The radical homeschooler’s critique of the film went beyond questionable dialog selections on the part of the screenwriters.

Tony Stark in particular was condemned as an individualist and not being much of a team player.

But isn’t that the characteristic of Robert Downey’s interpretation that has made his performance endearing over the course of the interlocking Marvel films and one with which sarcastic loners with a tendency to dance to the beat of their own drum have been able to identify?

As the review progressed, Swanson finally revealed the nature of his ultimate disapproval with the film.

For you see, with the exception of the archer Hawkeye, the protagonists are to be condemned because the are SINGLE (as in unmarried) for a variety of reasons.

For the most part, shouldn’t these characters be applauded for that decision because of the particular vocations in which they find themselves?

Captain America was in suspended animation for over 70 years while the woman he loved, Agent Peggy Carer, aged at a normal rate and if developments in her own TV miniseries are any indication, eventually moved on to marry somebody else as she didn’t even know those many decades that he was even still alive.

So in the eyes of the radical homeschoolers, is Steve Rogers not supposed to work through that profound emotional trauma before wedding someone else that he might not really love?

As to the Incredible Hulk, despite the slight sparks there with Black Widow, perhaps Bruce Banner has character enough to realize that he is better off without a relationship in which the normal stresses of which could set off his condition to the point where he wouldn’t simply snap at his wife in a less than courteous tone but instead level his entire neighborhood.

Though it was amusing to discover that Hawkeye had a secret family that he had concealed from his colleagues in the espionage and costumed adventurer communities and that served as a reminder of what these heroes are fighting for, these are action adventure films (not chick flicks).

While passing romance and flirtations add flavor to the narrative, the primary purpose for these films is to see robots and aliens blown up.

I don’t really care to see Superman flying Lois Lane from store to store looking for new drapes for the Fortress of Solitude.

Perhaps the most disturbing thing said by Swanson in his analysis was that we must be careful not to limit the designation of witchcraft to those claiming to be witches.

Instead, anyone whose power comes from a source other than God is guilty of this grievous offense.

An argument can be made as to the technical accuracy of that claim.

However, it must be remembered that Swanson advocates a political philosophy known as theonomy or Christian Reconstructionism that calls for the implementation of Biblical law as the nation’s comprehensive social policy and statutory code.

Since that is the case, how ought and to whom should the Biblical injunction of “Suffer not a witch to live” be applied?

For if definable limits are not placed upon such a principle, it could certainly be manipulated as a clever way to justify executing your political and philosophical opponents.

Vigilance is required whether one is dealing with a maniacal artificial intelligence or a podcasting minister that hasn’t fully considered the implications of his theological pronouncements.

By Frederick Meekins

Will Neville Longbottom Also Be Former Harry Potter Castmember’s Porn Name?

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Would Transhumanist Party Candidate Surrender Control Of Government To Skynet?

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Should Parents Select Offsprings’ Mates Like Breeding Cattle?

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Trayvonites Erect Shrine

Click On The Headline

Students Threatened With Failure & Ruined Careers If They Did Not Submit To Vaginal Probes

Click On The Headline

Duggar Not Allowed To Kiss Until Wedding Day Apparently Copped An Underage Feel

Click On The Headline

Swedish Midwife Blacklisted For Refusing To Perpetrate Infanticide

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Did Scotland Yard Consider Science Fiction As Subversive Hate Speech?

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On The Flash, if Eobard Thawn was erased from the timeline altogether, does that mean the entire series now resets itself? Because it was established earlier in the season that he murdered the real Dr. Wells and assumed his identity in order to build the cyclotron 20 years earlier than it would have been. (And will riot police need to be called in at Comicon should debates about this get out of hand?)

A Facebook theologian said “Furthermore, should preaching God's Word be contingent upon what is popular to keep the tithes and offerings coming in? Many churches have prospered that do not preach the gospel such as Joel Osteen's congregation.” That comment was in response to my own about if you are going to insist that dead babies go to Hell, don’t expect much in the collection plate or even for the parents to come back to church if that is the degree of comfort your ministry provides. It must be something to go through life that devoid of emotion. Preaching God’s word might not be contingent upon what is popular. However, neither does it necessarily be expressed in such a way as to rub salt in what has got to be one of life’s most crippling psychological wounds.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Pastor Threatens Damnation Of Children To Silence Critics

Pastor Jason Cooley at SermonAudio homilized that, if you are critical of the pastor in front of your children, your children might apostatize from the faith in the future.

Dependent upon what the pastor is accused of doing, if the deed is sufficiently egregious, doesn't the pastor also bear some of the responsibility for this potential religious abandonment?

What this pastor was doing from the pulpit was attempting to frighten critics into silence.

Pastor Jason Cooley admonished in the sermon that one ought to largely remain silent regarding a pastor's errors or mistakes.

He likened this form of criticism and analysis to a form of backbiting or secret whispering spoken of unfavorably in Scripture.

Often a pastor's sermons consist in large part of what others have done wrong even if the names are changed.

Therefore, what is so wrong with the average Christian, as part of their own ministry, exposing errors on the part of pastors so that all throughout Christendom might be better protected against them when spiritually assaulted by similar doctrine and pastoral malfeasance elsewhere?

Scripture warns about spreading secrets and talking about that which one ought not or which there is no verifiable proof.

However, a sermon is a public oration.

As such a discourse, it is open to reflection by and cogitation upon by those that hear it. The role of the pastor is to protect the flock.

Then shouldn't it be the role of studied voices from within the flock to protect the flock from the pastor even if that protection consists of little more than assurance that more than one mind is formulating these kinds of concerns?

By Frederick Meekins

Harboring A Penis No Longer Disqualifies Applicant From Girl Scout Membership

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Christian Researcher Caryl Matrisciana Stricken With Cancer

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Is Chelsea Clinton A Crazy Bitch Just Like Her Mother?

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The Flash To Tackle Multiverse Cosmologies

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If Her Fiancé Can Accept Her Bastard Child, Will Bristol Palin Accept His Ex-Wife?

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Teacher Suspended For Refusing To Sacrifice Her Class To Rampaging Demoniac

Click On The Headline

Obama’s Blow $57,000 On Vacation While White House Propagandizes Bike To Work Day

Click On The Headline

Will Air Force Punish General Recognizing A Deity Other Than Obama?

Click On The Headline

Would John Kerry Abolish Internet Freedom To Placate Global Totalitarians?

Click On The Headline

Is Bill O'Reilly A Wife Beater?

Click ON The Headline

On Master Chef, will the Muslim gal featured on the commercial be required to handle pork products?

Monday, May 18, 2015

Pastoral Ego Nearly As Large As The Political

A pastoral round table discussion posted at SermonAudio as part of the News & Focus program of the Berean Baptist Church in Fayetteville, North Carolina snidely remarked that Mike Huckabee was only running for president to acquire additional name recognition and that he had no chance of winning.

The analysis is correct.

However, it elicits a number of additional observations.

I'm not really much of a Huckabee fan.

I just don't really care for candidates that insist that the government should track the weight of your children for national security reasons when some of their own offspring from an official family photo look like they top the 300 pound mark.

However, according to these pastors, are we to take away the impression that whether or not we attempt something should be predicated upon the possibility of earthly success?

Secondly, which of the candidates isn't running for name recognition in the form of the prestigious positions or lucrative book deals and speaking engagements that will accumulate at the end of the campaign trail?

What in life is not done for name recognition?

On an episode of Futurama, it was joked that all of civilization was just an attempt to impress the opposite sex.

When you come down to it, one of the primary reasons human beings procreate is so that your name will continue after you are dead.

Name recognition, in part, is why people get involved in ministry.

Sure, there is a deeply spiritual motivation to spread the Gospel.

However, if that is the only reason, why did the church posting this podcast attach its name to the file as well as those of the participating pastors?

By Frederick Meekins

Have Mother's Gotten The Shaft In Superhero Origin Stories?

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Establishmentarian Republicans Threaten To Execute Thought Criminals

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African Savage Beats Italian Girl For Daring To Wear Cross In Italy

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Will Diversity Fanaticism Corrupt The United Methodist Church?

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Vatican Insists It Hands Out Peace Medals Like Sailors With Chickletts On Shore Leave

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Liberal Presbyterians Jubilantly Celebrate Their Destruction

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Yellowstone Visitor Realizes If You Mess With The Bull You Get The Horns

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Military Worshippers Mock Patriots Raising Jade Helm Concerns

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Apostate Coopts Mother’s Day To Denigrate Whites

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A couple has started a GoFundMe campaign to finance their honeymoon. How is that any tackier than these wedding gift registries that demand brand, item, and quantity of a desired item?

Skyrocketing Baltimore Murder Rate Blamed On Lack Of Income Redistribution From Those That Earned It To Those That Have Not

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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Is Pope Francis A Economic & Geopolitical Ignoramus?

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Global Christianity: Eastern Orthodoxy

Laura Ingalls Wilder Heralded As Libertarian Pioneer

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Saturday, May 16, 2015

C.S. Lewis' Two Big Ideas

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Stan Lee Envisions Youtube As Hub Of Superhero Content

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Friday, May 15, 2015

Serving God As A Single

Overly Stringent Requirements Chase Away Potential Members

To a number of Christians, it is not enough to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved.

One is also obligated to become a formalized member of an organized congregation.

Then perhaps the requirements to join should not be so strenuous for some of them.

It might be one thing to ask the aspirant to renounce their sins and to give when they can.

However, there seems to be nothing in the pages of Scripture where one is required to join a “growth group” and to volunteer an hour a week to the church.

If you are attending the Sunday Service, that ought to be considered the hour that you are contributing.

Furthermore, isn't it challenging enough for the socially awkward and anxious to come to a neutral centralized meeting place?

I am sure as Sheol as part of these growth groups not going to the home of people I barely know to areas where I know next to nothing about the off site or on street parking.

Furthermore, isn't it enough for someone to confess that they believe in Christ for the remission of sins?

Should membership be contingent upon how dramatic or shocking one's past life testimony happens to be?

Joining a church should not have to be an audition for American Idol or some other reality series.

By Frederick Meekins

Contemporary Gnostics Recondition Students To Believe Genitalia Are Imaginary

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Jesuit Pulls A Pat Robertson In Insinuating The Only Thing That Saved Village Was Attendance At His Ordination

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What’s the big deal about Fox News calling poor people “leeches”? Thousands of hours of video tape accumulated this past year characterized as “civil unrest” document beyond a reasonable doubt that that is exactly what these deadbeats are.

Southern Baptist Missions Chairman Badmouths Private Property More Than Holy Rolling

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Headline Potpourri #71

A liberal pundit on Cashin In on Fox News insisted that the riots were the result of racist housing policies in Baltimore. Maybe these Blacks should be interspersed into rural areas where the Rednecks wouldn't be afraid to exercise the Second Amendment when threatened by uppity deadbeats.

Those verbalizing the word “thug” have been accused of actually thinking the “N-word”. And what if they did? Those saying the word “thug” weren't the ones rampaging in the streets and destroying property.

The Iranian Supreme Leader has Tweeted that, in America, police kill citizens for no reason. That is opposed to as in the Islamic Republic where law enforcement put to death woman going out in public with uncovered heads and toss homosexuals off of multistory buildings.

Donald Trump condemned the Muhammad cartoon exhibition as being unnecessarily provocative of Muslims. Should his beauty pageants be abolished for the same reasons? Those of that particular faith aren't too keen either on broads prancing about in high heels and skimpy swimsuits with their boobs jacked up and their hindquarters swaying in the breeze.

In a church membership class posted on SermonAudio, those in attendance for the proceedings were required from the sound of it to fill in a seating chart of those around them each week supposedly for the purposes of learning the names of the fellow students. If Independent Baptists insist that their practices are derived from sola scriptura, where is the precedent for the described classroom procedure described in the pages of Holy Writ? If a church requires such rigmarole, doesn't the church run the risk of alienating those with social anxiety? For I know I'd go running out of their at the end of the class like Chiroptera fleeing Ghenna.

A number of supporters are listing among his qualifications for the Presidency that Ben Carson is Black. Perhaps Rand Paul's should list among their preferred candidate's qualifications that the Kentucky ophthalmologist is White?

If the White House can serve tacos during its celebration of the contrived Mexican holiday of Cinco de Mayo, why is it condemned as racist for assorted student grounds to serve these dishes at assorted activities and functions?

On a News and Focus program, William Strum of Berean Baptist Chuch condemned short term missions trips. But aren't the shortcomings of those undertakings more the fault of professional religionists that shame the average Christian for little involvement with transborder outreach and how even something like vacation has to be justified on the grounds of profound spiritual implication? Can't someone just go to the beach or mountains to be going to the beach or mountains? Does the reason have to have a string of Bible verse references following it?

According to an academic study referenced on Generations Radio with Kevin Swanson, Nigerian children are supposedly better off than than those in Baltimore. Does that include the 214 girls rescued from Boko Haram that are now pregnant. At least those impregnated outside of marriage in Baltimore probably had a bit more say in the matter.

A Facebook theologian admonished that one should only pray for a request if it is God's will. But unless one possess precognition or clairvoyance, regarding a variety of morally ambivalent issues of which Scripture is not necessarily definitive, you aren't really going to know what God's will is until a chronometric potentiality has already elapsed.

Speaking in reference to the Muhammad Cartoon Contest, Al Sharpton insists that, even if you have a right to do something, that does not mean you should do it. Mind you, this is the street thug that applauds those that do that to which they have no right such as the vandalism of private and public property. One of the acts he instigated at one time even resulted in the loss of innocent human life.

Are those outraged by the restaurant sponsoring a White Appreciation Day discount as bent out of shape over President Obama establishing programs such as My Brother's Keeper that benefit only Colored youth?

The Afrosupremacists outraged over southern youth posing with Confederate paraphernalia are the same subversives and terrorist sympathizers that exhibit little concern or condemnation of the property destruction that takes place during riots in ghettos such as Ferguson and Baltimore.

The same Afrosupremacists outraged over southern youth posing with Confederate paraphernalia are the same subversives and terrorist sympathizers that exhibit little concern or condemnation of the property destruction that takes place during riots in ghettos such as Ferguson and Baltimore.

In a Lutheran Sunday School class, an Ethiopian pastor smugly remarked that Ethiopia is mentioned around forty times in the Bible whereas America is not mentioned. If Ethiopia is such a wonderful place, why is the pastor here rather than in Ethiopia. And if he is counting among those references those mentioned in the Book of Daniel, I don't recall those being all that positive. From that text, it sounded like Ethiopia would become part of some Islamist or Third World alliance that would attempt to attack Israel towards the end of the age.

Shouldn't the fact that most Westerners have had few encounters with actual demonic sorcery or witchcraft serve as a testament to the power and vitality of the Christian worldview rather than as a pretext to launch a rant on how dimwitted Whitey is? If you are teaching from Acts 8 and skip over the encounter with Simon the Sorcery instead to harp how wonderfully crosscultural the encounter between Phillip and the Ethiopian eunuch, don't you as a pastor bear the responsibility for failing to teach Americans as to the reality of these spiritual dangers?

A pastor praised the Baltimore mother that slapped her son for participating in the riots. From the pulpit, the minister announced that this woman should be nominated as mother of the year. But wasn't what we witnessed more a last ditch effort to interdict a lifestyle of failed parenting? To remain consistent, shouldn't a minister that just a week or two before suggesting that Bruce Jenner is mentally screwed up because of the increasing number of women that wear pants not lift up as the ideal Proverbs 31 mother someone that has birthed multiple children outside of marriage by as many men and who is covered with tattoos?

As part of a mother's day sermon, a pastor condemned young women for not knowing how to cook from scratch. Where is it detailed in the Scripture that meals must be prepared from scratch and cannot be out of a can as ridiculed in the pastor's snide comment regarding Chef Boyardee? If a pastor is going to hold women up to such an impossible standard, is he adept at what would be considered manchores such as gutting his own livestock or even auto repair? Shouldn't someone that lives in an apartment complex where the staff handles the yardwork and maintenance be reluctant about criticizing other basic tasks no longer completed as they were in the 1800's?

A Lutheran Church I visited needed over $3000 for its vacation Bible school program. Who knew cloth puppets and snack cookies were such big business. $2000 was to be for advertising. Are they flying in Davey & Golitath to film a commercial?

Rick Perry said it is healthy to question the government but not the military. But is not the military part of the government? How about when the government through the military is used to implement anti-Christian, pro-gay policies? Composed of fallen individuals like every other human organization, though it can be respected, free citizens are still within their rights to question the military.

The Colorado restaurant celebrating White Appreciation Day has extended the discount to all customers. Does the United Negro College Fund now intend to be as broadmindedly magnanimous in the disbursement of the organization’s scholarships?

In a sermon, a pastor admonished that, if a member was not able to attend a given Sunday, they were obligated to listen to the sermon online. That was so the truant parishioner could receive their “marching orders”. Where the member ought to march is straight out of the church. For down the road, you could very well find that the marching order you are given is to guzzle down the funny-tasting Koolaid.

Mooch Obama gave a graduation speech blaming Whitey for all of her problems. Denzel Washington's commencement oration emphasized the importance of recognizing God to a person's success. Here's a novel idea. How about doing away with celebrity speeches and just hand out the diplomas?

An online meme pictures a man carrying a bow and arrows. The text reads, “Your dad doesn't hunt? Well, happy Mother's Day to your dad.” I've yet to see a Biblical text proving that men that don't like to hunt are effeminate. If anything, if Esau and Nimrod are among the foremost examples of hunters mentioned in the Bible, they don't seem to be spoken of all that favorably. Nothing screams masculinity like running off into the woods with a bunch of other men because that is what the group pressures everyone into doing.

The Washington Post insists that marriage is a constantly evolving social institution that has not always consisted of our current understanding as a relationship between a loving man and woman. If that is the standard, technically there is really nothing wrong when ISIS savages take toddler brides. And if a man and woman come to an agreement where the man can horsewhip the woman when she fails to prepare dinner to his liking, are we as pluralists and relativists required to publicly ascent to that as well?

In coverage of the horrific Philadelphia train derailment, CNN ran the headline “Midshipman Among The Fatalities”. Will the occupational backgrounds of the other victims also merit a broadcast graphic? Given that the tragic passing of this individual was not related to his Department of Defense status, is he worthy of more pity than the others? Why not make public lamentation for the deceased passenger with the largest bank account?

A Calvinist meme reads, “If you as a man are at liberty to choose your own house, friends and wife, has not the Lord God the liberty to do the same? The thing of it is, though it might feel like you are living in Hell if you select the wrong spouse, the person you don't select to marry does not burn throughout all eternity as a result. Furthermore, the use of marriage as an analogy in matters of soteriology ultimately breaks down. Christ might have the church as his metaphorical bride. However, that bride is ultimately composed of multiple individuals. You, as an individual, according to the moral law established by this God, are limited to a single mate (contrary to what certain populations in Utah might insist). Under predestination, if God is free to select as many as He wants to incorporate into this mystical body, isn't He ultimately at fault if He allows an individual to slip into Hell?

By Frederick Meekins