Sunday, June 23, 2013

Setting Boundaries That Can’t Be Crossed

Like their predecessor at the five o'clock hour that had to be removed for revealing one too many truths, it seems that a number on Fox News Channel's "The Five" that normally express opinions more towards the libertarian or conservative end of things can seem to have their necks twisted to refute a number of previously enunciated positions

Surprisingly, some of the pundits apparently have little problem with federal agencies collecting vast quantities of data on American citizens.

It is argued that, if the case can be made that these measures are necessary for the nation's survival, we as a people should endure these chains enthusiastically.

But where does this expectation end?

If it means significant percentages of the population should be forcibly relocated to camps in concentrations without proof or allegations of any criminal activity, does that mean anyone warning of the plot should be denounced as a traitor?

What if, for the good and survival of the nation, it was suggested programs such as their own that stir dissension and cast in a negative light those struggling on behalf of the COMMUNITY needed to be removed from the airwaves?

Things have not yet deteriorated to those levels described.

But with revelations confirming what the discerning have suspected all along, citizens of conscience had better decide now where these kinds of boundaries lie as freedom continues to slowly disappear before our very eyes.

by Frederick Meekins

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