Thursday, June 27, 2013

Quote Needs Protection From Fringe Movement

There is much admirable in the following quote.

"Biblically speaking, freedom does not mean being able to do whatever you want. Freedom is the ability to function the way God designed you to function."

However, there is a question that needs to be asked.

To what extent will authorities external to the indivdual play a role in enforcing this ideal?

To the average Christian, the above quote means marriage being between one man and one woman, taking care of one's children, and property protections against bandits both criminal and governmental.

However, certain limitations must be put in place to protect against those on the fringes of the Christian Reconstructionist movement thinking that functioning the way God designed you includes putting to death those that do not go to church on Sunday and denying certain civic opportunities such as running for elected office, voting, and even the owning of property to those not holding membership in acceptable establishment churches.

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