Thursday, May 16, 2013

Morley Safer Insists Common Americans Not Fit To Exercise The First Amendment

Media dinosaur Morley Safer has remarked on a number of occasions he would trust citizen journalism about as much as he would trust citizen surgery.

However, given the way institutionalized medicine has botched the health of numerous patients over the years, isn't there a role for the citizen to play in monitoring the healthcare industry short of full blown surgery?

Thus, in attempting to construct an analogy dismissive of the common American exercising his First Amendment rights, doesn't the aged 60 Minutes correspondent inadvertently create a justification as to why citizens utilizing Internet as an alternative to concentrated mass media is essential to the survival of the Republic itself?

Contrary to Morley Safer, why shouldn't the person believing aliens are out to get them be allowed to use advanced technology capable of presenting the arguments and evidence in a manner as visually attractive as the New York Times?

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