Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Illustrations Used By Social Media Theologians Jump The Track Of Sound Doctrine

A photo is making its way around Facebook of a railroad crossing and a locomotive.

The crossing light is labeled "Street Preacher" and the locomotive is labeled as "Wrath Of God". Interestingly, this graphic is being promulgated by a group of Calvinists.

However, if that variety of soteriology is the correct interpretation, there is no point for the light to blink its warning.

For if the oncoming train represents the wrath of God, that would mean that the conductor of the train is also the one depressing the accelerator keeping the car hurdling towards the tracks since the only ones capable of stopping have been pre-selected by the conductor.

Advocates of the system respond that the purpose of the blinking light is not to save lives in the analogy but rather to glorify God.

So in essence, those holding to this viewpoint advocate a God so vain that He demands to be glorified by mangled corpses having no say in the matter.

And in some ways even worse, those hypothesizing this illustration as a model through which to comprehend cosmic truths are actually upholding a God so petty that He is not beyond deception in order to have His own ego stroked.

The light is supposedly there to warn motorists as to the danger of the oncoming train, but it ends up being a way for God to proverbially toot, or perhaps rather flash, His own horn.

Sometimes when you read what some of these deluded theologians post, you can't help but gawk in befuddlement wondering if they ponder the fanaticism of what they spew.

By Frederick Meekins

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