Friday, May 24, 2013

Papal Infallibility A Scam

So which is it?

According to Pope Francis, atheists who perform good acts are not only exibiting the common grace bestowed by God upon all of His creation but also redeemed.

However, in regards to Protestants, towards the end of his tenure, Pope Benedict reinterated that Protestant churches aren't really churches but at best merely "ecclesiastical associations".

According to official Roman Catholic teaching, there is no salvation outside of the Church. This is symbolized by refusing the sacraments (especially the Lord's Supper) to those not on its official membership roles.

It, therefore, follows that Protestants can't be saved because they do not belong to an actual church.

Despite claiming to be the repository of the unchaning faith once delivered unto the saints and the innerant voice of Christ upon the earth, these popes are as vacilating as the Mormon god who is pretty much feeling around in the metaphysical dark really no smarter than the remainder of us finite slobs still struggling to figure things out.

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