Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Bastiat Prize Prejudiced Against Blogs & Self-Publishing

Readers will note that rule number six of the Bastiat Journalism Prize forbids entrance of self-published or posted on blogs.

Rather ironic since the prize was supposedly established to promote the institutions of a free society.

It is claimed the self-published are not as good as writers whose works have been stamped by the imprimatur of media and literary elites.

Mark Twain was "self-published" at one point; does that mean we should ostracize his scribblings from the annals of our literary heritage?

Shouldn't a prize established to honor one of liberty's foremost spokesman judge writing on its own merits rather than by the pedigrees that have vetted it?

by Frederick Meekins

P.S. I guess I'll have to give up the name "Frederick" since it was not bestowed upon me by a committee of my betters but merely by my parents.

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