Monday, March 27, 2006

Abstinence Within Marriage

I guess this will eventually become such a fad within the church as well that those not consumating their marriages will come to be seen as somehow holier than those that do just as those favoring the arranged marriages popular in the courtship movement are being applauded as more religious than those that date.

One can't base marriage on sex, but if one is going to leave it out of marriage all together, why even bother getting married to begin with since there would be little there as an award for putting up with the nagging and bickering endemic to any human relationship confined to tight quarters since both pleasure and progeny have been removed from such nuptial equations. Furthermore, since such people have sworn off these most basic of desires, does this mean they lack the desire of the higher psychological and emotional fulfillment that comes from kissing and hand-holding?

I guess by even raising such a question, I have shown myself less advanced or spiritual. However, I find it interesting that the movement even has chatrooms and the like, but why would one go to a chatroom focused on one's sexuality (or lack thereof) if one had no interest in others of a similar sexual persuasion?

Frankly from the wimpish appearance of the couple posted alongside the story (he with girlsh long hair and her with a pale, malnourished look), wouldn't suprise me if most of these folks were vegetarians (probably pacifists too) and might reinvigorate their elan vital if they merely got some meat into their stomachs.

It has been said all of civilization is an attempt to impress the opposite sex. While one does not have to be a slave to this particular aspect of human nature, much of human accomplishment would be quite diminished without it.

by Frederick Meekins

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