Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Trump's Comments No More Distasteful Than Other Remarks Undermining America

John McCain wants Donald Trump to apologize for remarks perceived as insensitive to veterans. Fair enough.

But that apology should only be offered should McCain also apologize in part for snide remarks he has made regarding grassroots conservatives over the years but more importantly for undermining border security.

Distasteful as they were, not a single person will be physically harmed as a result of Trump's callous quip.

Thousands have no doubt been injured and their lives ruined as profoundly as a prison of war as a result of McCain's failure to protect the border.

It is suggested that Donald Trump's unfortunate remarks regarding John McCain should disqualify the billionaire from the presidency.

Then why haven't Barack Obama's remarks that have been just as offensive and perhaps an even more profound threat to America's constitutional foundations disqualify him from occupying the Oval Office?

Perhaps these should be reviewed once again.

As a candidate, Barack Obama denigrated rural Pennsylvanians for bitterly clinging to their guns and their God.

Would he have said something similar regarding Muslims?

As a candidate, Barack Obama told Joe the Plumber how wealth should be seized from those that produced it and redistributed to those that have not really made much of an effort at being productive.

As president, Obama reiterated the collectivist perspective when he chided entrepreneurs, business owners, and any other American that struggles to pull their own weight, “Hey, you didn't build that.”

by Frederick Meekins

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