Saturday, July 11, 2015

No Pleasing Historical Revisionists

There is little pleasing historical revisionists these days.

There is a movement to redo a World War I memorial in Emmitsburg, Maryland honoring the town's veterans of that particular conflict.

Three of the names are singled out for being “Colored Soldiers”.

Given the nature of the era in which the monument was erected, shouldn't historical revisionists be delighted that the town fathers recognized the contribution of these particular patriots anyway despite the perceptions that might have been prevalent in that day?

Had the original monument incorporated all of the names as a singular group, multiculturalists would likely instigate a kerfuffle how the Black soldiers should have been singled out for special recognition because of answering the call of their country to duty despite not being allowed to enjoy the blessings of that country in their day to the fullest.

If American History is now to be viewed as an integrated whole, will the same civic leaders issue a proclamation how such a progressive and forward thinking hamlet will from this day henceforward no longer be celebrating Black History Month but rather simply History Month?

By Frederick Meekins

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