Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Michelle Bachmann Inserts Her Nose Into The Dead Corpse Of Fred Phelps

Michelle Bachmann is reported to have said the following on Fox News.

“Fred Phelps was hated for speaking the truth about the militant homosexual. The militant homosexual is no friend of God, and no friend of America. I'm not saying I agreed with Fred's methods, I'm just saying I agreed with Fred.”

Usually, Bachmann is more insightful than this.

So you should go around telling parents that their children died in car wrecks because your states wasn't tough enough on the sodomites?

Furthermore, it was doubtful that the Amish school children slaughtered by a deranged gunman that the Phelps cult insisted got what they deserved were preparing for a gay pride rally.

The problem with Fred Phelps was not his stance against homosexuality.

Where he went off the deep end was blaming everyone else for things over which they had no control.

And would Michelle Bachmann so eagerly insert her nose into the rectal cavity of this religious lunatic if her own personal tragedies were ridiculed and exploited for the sake of ecclesiastical showmanship?

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