Friday, March 21, 2014

Daily Church Attendance Not Compulsory

A theologian remarked on Facebook that Roman Catholics are more dedicated overall to their respective belief system than most Protestants.

As evidence, the example was given of Catholics that attend church every day especially to receive the mass.

On of the strengths of Protestantism is its realization and contention that one does not require the assistance of a priest to commune with God if one does not so desire.

After all, the priesthood is of ALL believers and just not a professional class.

Thus, your access to God is as direct from your bed chamber as it is in the most magnificent cathedral.

It is only human limitations that impose such a distinction in these venues.

So aren't Protestants making a fuss that one ought to be in church daily to exhibit an acceptable level of devotion to God really insisting that going to church is not so much about worshiping God as it is about OTHERS seeing you supposedly worshiping God?

by Frederick Meekins

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