Wednesday, February 26, 2014

So regarding these churches that flaunt the term “multiethnic” in their mission statements. Is that just a snobby way of vocalizing a generalized loathing of White folks? In regards to evangelism and such, is the urgency of someone’s need to hear the gospel message determined by skin color with that decreasing in an inverse proportion in relation to the number in the congregation already of that particular skin color or ethnicity? And if outreach methods are to be modified to appeal to assorted audiences and demographics, will there be any specifically targeting Whites that who, though do not necessarily bear those of other backgrounds any particular ill will, are turned off by the anti-Americanism and anti-Western proclivities inherent to multiculturalism. After all, those of the other backgrounds for the most part were the ones that came knocking to be let in out door. You don’t go into someone else’s house and then proceed to urinate all over the living room rug.

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