Monday, February 24, 2014

CNN Undermines Freedom Of Conscience


CNN is categorizing a bill in the Arizona legislature that would allow a business to deny service to open homosexuals on religious grounds as "anti-gay".

Often, journalists hoping to feign an affectation of objectivity will shop around for quotes that affirm the bias preferred by the media outlet.

A pizzeria owner was found willing to cop to the following: “It's a ridiculous bill. Arizona has much bigger problems than allowing businesses to discriminate against people."

Couldn’t the same be said of this entire gay marriage rights movement?

Only a small minority really want this and most of those now professing this unending love for their partners will likely be separated within the year with the divorce obtained as soon as statutorily possible.

Instead, it is more about compelling the rest of society into applauding something they profoundly oppose.

Did this cable news network categorize the judicial decisions that would compel those opposed to gay marriages to provide services at such ceremonies as “anti-religious” or “ant-Christian”?

This has nothing to do with gays being banned from establishments where their preferences in partners has no bearing but rather in protecting those that disagree in the sectors of the economy where such proclamations of affection are at the center of such targeted enterprises.

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