Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Multiculturalism Deludes Christian Intellectual

On Facebook, a prominent Christian intellectual announced they were going to give a lecture contrasting the economic and cultural vitality of Asia with the economic and cultural degeneration of America.

Doesn't Christianity teach not to measure the spiritual health of an individual or society in the abundance of things?

That's at least what we are constantly reminded when the missionaries speak not so much as a way to encourage aide to the less fortunate but rather under the guise of bashing the American way of life.

Isn't this claim of a vital Asia made more so because this is the way assorted elites are conditioning us to think?

Asian culture is such a wondrous thing.

Recently, a Lebanese Muslim raped his sister and, when she got pregnant, he murdered her for disgracing the family.

Things are little better in other nations across the continent now being upheld as the ideal.

Female children are literally tossed aside unwanted in India and China.

And in other nation’s such as Thailand, others are sold into forced prostitution.

But I guess that’s also the fault of the average American that‘s never even set foot outside the United States.

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