Friday, March 16, 2012

Where Will Cylon Sinks Lead Next?

In a public restroom, these new cylon sinks are a delight as one doesn't have to touch a filthy faucet for the water to turn on.

However, the question must be asked.

At some time in the future, will government force this upgrade on the residential sector?

No longer would individuals be allowed to determine for themselves whether the water will be cold or hot.

Instead, a bureaucrat will determine the tepid in between.

Don't laugh.

Need one be reminded of low flush toilets?

Already, utility authorities are taking steps through the proliferation of so-called "smart meters" so that they might ultimately be the ones to make your climate control decisions for you.

Eventually, those insisting on determining for themselves the temperature of their water will be painted as opposing energy conservation or exhibiting burn sensitivity in children.

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