Friday, March 02, 2012

Straight Out Of Central Casting

A screenwriter couldn’t pick a better name for a new Bond girl.

It seems sex addict Sandra Fluke’s name might correctly be pronounced “Fluk”?

So does make her mom “Mother Fluk”? Since she has such loose morals, does that make her a “cheap Fluk”?

If she really does go bankrupt from her acute promiscuity, would that make her a “worthless Fluk”?

If she falls down in the mud does that make her a “dirty Fluk”?

And most importantly, should she find herself alone in the dorm by herself, does that imply “Fluk herself”?

So if Sandra Fluke and Anthony Weiner ever got together, would the wedding invitation be pronounced "Fluk Weiner"? Maybe infamous AIDS activist Luke Sissyfag could serve as flower girl.

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