Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pastor Equates Living Independently With Moral Degeneracy

According to Tom Cunningham on the 10/27/11 edition of Viewpoint with Chuck Crismier, it is not enough to remain abstinent.

You are little better than a fornicating reprobate if you have delayed marriage.

This likely means that, as a youth, Cunningham was likely the greatest whoremonger among his peer group.

Usually, those having lived the most debauched lives prior to finding salvation in Christ are the ones that end up imposing legalistic demands found nowhere in the pages of Scripture.

For example, in the interview Cunningham equates living independently with the "doctrine of demons".

Instead this pastor admits to pressuring youth into getting married between their junior and senior years of college.

But when those heeding his counsel don't have enough to pay their bills, is he going to bail them out of eviction and a ruined credit score?

If churches are going to increasingly come to the conclusion that singles are less than welcome, than neither should our tithe dollars be in the collection plate.

Balanced theologians have suggested that where the Bible is silent, that perhaps it would be best if we followed a similar course.

As God's complete revelation, His word teaches that, whether married or single, life is a mix of blessings and curses.

Perhaps the American family would not be in the mess it is in today if meddlers did not pry into matters best left to individual decision rather than to the preferences of clergy racked by guilt from their own questionable life choices.

by Frederick Meekins

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