Thursday, November 10, 2011

Duggers Apparently Don't Know When To Quit

If no one is suppose to comment on the Dugger parents procreating out of control, then perhaps the couple should refrain from making public appearances.

No one is forcing the family into the spotlight.

If not for making a media circus of their fecundity, could they afford so many progeny?

Hypernatalists will remark none of this is the concern of outsiders since the Duggers provide for themselves.

Fair enough.

If so, perhaps leaders of the homeschool movement such as Kevin Swanson and sympathetic theologians such as Albert Mohler should also keep their noses out of the affairs of others and stop insisting that you don't really love children if you have fewer than five or are not married by 22 years of age.

Often those sympathetic to high birthrates applaud migrants both legal and criminal for families of multiple children.

However, if entitlement handouts were cut to these constituencies, the fertility of these demographics would fall more in line with that of Americans that actually earn their way in life.

Children can indeed be a blessing from the Lord.

So is chocolate.

And as any one that has overindulged in that delightful confection knows, you can reach a point where you have too much of a good thing.

by Frederick Meekins

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