Wednesday, April 19, 2006

It's Not How You Hit The Ball But The Color Of The Bat That Counts

Contemporary American athletics has been a success story in that those on the field have embodied the dream Martin Luther King professed at least public ally where achievement would be measured not by the color of one's skin but rather by the content of one's character and ability.

Washington's racist mayor Anthony Williams thinks he knows more than both historical wisdom and the invisible hand of economic forces in that he believes the city's new baseball franchise, the National's, should not be sold to the most competent managers but rather to ones whose primary qualifications are the pigmentation of their skin in that this whiney politician insists minorities need to be given portion of this lucrative prize.

In the running for ownership is one group of investors with former Secretary of State Colin Powell and another featuring retired Redskins Art Monk and Charles Mann. Since Monk and Mann have darker complexions than Powell, does that mean they are more deserving of the team than Powell?

If you turn and say, well skin color does not matter, then on what ground can you then turn and denounce the impropriety of the team predominately being owned by Whites? After all, since Caucasians are the minority in DC anyway, shouldn't they be the ones granted special status?

Why should White folks be penalized if Black people don't exhibit financial acumen? Should we take away set asides for Asians when they rise to the top despite being fewer in number? Better yet, perhaps we should set aside a number of starter positions on each sports team for short, dumpy Jews.

It's high time some referee stepped up to the plate and called foul on these minority supremacists that constantly police White Americans for the slightest hint of ethnocentrism yet go out of their way to accrue benefits and privileges for their own little specialized tribe.

by Frederick Meekins

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