Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Gaze Upon The Ghettoized Future --- If You Dare

I tried to watch some of it myself as C-Span's coverage of these Communist powwows is quite enlightening as they usually take a hands-off approach and allow the coverage speak for itself. At one ant-war rally a while back, they showed some rock band whose most memorable lyric was "F-Dick Cheney", something the American people were not told about on the collaborationist evening news as socialist sympathizers in the mainstream media usually paint such gatherings as wholesome and all American.

However, since the rally was primarily in Spanish, I did not have the stomach to sit there and watch this human bilge dance upon the grave of my country.

Frankly, if these activists are not going to use English at such gatherings, they should be put under surveillance for subversion since the average America does not know what is being said. For all we know, they could be speaking about putting the Anglos in relocation camps.

Yet, I did hear a few such as Virginia Congressman Jim Moran extol illegals as "the hardest working Americans" in what amounted to his exhortation of the glories of retaining a slave race in our midst for the purposes of doing work he himself is too good to do and noticed from one woman masquerading at being an Indian how she purposefully left out Caucasians and White folks in her enumeration of the various people groups within out borders.

Those favoring an immigration policy that does not take into account the ethnicity and linguistic backgrounds of those coming here should be compelled to watch all four hours of this Marxist filth and then turn to their children and tell them this is the ghettoized future mommy and daddy want for you.

by Frederick Meekins

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