Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Do Never Trumpers Have A Thing For Codpieces & Key Parties?

Ben Sasse published a book titled “The Vanishing American Adult”.

In the tome, the legislator criticized those that do not comport themselves with an austere sobriety.

Yet he appeared on the premiere episode of the Jonah Goldberg podcast where the host joked that he was wearing a spaghetti strainer codpiece.

The duo referenced how corn stalks could be urinated into in such a way so that liquid biological effluent could spill out onto an unsuspecting harvester.

If that was not enough, towards the conclusion of such an edifying policy dialog, a passing reference was made to “key parties.”

I will admit that sometimes my content skirts along the edge of propriety.

However, never did I posture that my own sense of virtue would preclude me from voting for Donald Trump because of the tycoon’s uncouth utterances as did these preeminent public intellectuals.

Nor, unlike Sasse during his book tour, would I question the masculinity of college students for refusing to climb a tree twenty feet tall for the purposes of adorning an evergreen with a mere Christmas decoration.

By Frederick Meekins

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