Monday, November 09, 2015

Is It Racist For Whites To Celebrate Their Heritage?

In preparing Great Britain for eventual Islamist conquest and subjugation, a researcher at Leeds University has condemned Viking cosplay and popular depictions of Thor such as those in the Marvel movie series as racist.

But haven't these films gone out of their way to pander to minorities by casting a Black actor to play Heimdall despite the character being described as the “whitest” of the gods in Norse mythology?

Does this professor intend to speak out as vociferously against Muslim women that prance around in their obnoxious headgear largely for the purposes of intimidating brainwashed multiculturalists into compliance or minorities that insist upon wearing T-shirts telling everyone what color they are despite it already being obvious simply by looking at the person?

What's next?

Will Renaissance Faires be condemned for celebrating the unique beauty of plumper wenches over the malnourished sickly appearance preferred by the New World Order crowd?

By Frederick Meekins

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