Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sometimes Striking A Child Should Be Appropriate

A Maryland substitute teacher was suspended for striking a student with a belt in order to break up a fight.

Perhaps those that have been duped into the you should never touch a child delusion should have allowed the ruffians to beat each other to death.

At least that way there would have been fewer mouths to feed on the school lunch roster and further contamination of the gene pool in a few short years could have been avoided.

On a more serious note, at the time critics were insisting that the pedagogue should have modeled proper deference to the state's designated public safety personnel and operatives in neutralizing threats to life, property, and good order.

Since this story broke, the nation has seen the results of what can happen when citizens are less than proactive or engaged in their own protection.

If it is inappropriate for a teacher to strike a child with a belt in a moment of emergency, why is it acceptable for a police or security officer to taser, pepperspray, or baton the disruptive and noncompliant other than this is how the population has been mentally conditioned?

By Frederick Meekins

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