Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A toddler exposed that the robbers of one Milwaukee home were not Black as originally told to police but rather White, leading to the eventual apprehension the babysitter and her boyfriend. In an attempt to curry favor with tolerancemongers, one social critic posted, “I doubt this story will be talked about on conservative talk radio.” Is there a reason why it should be? And I guess it is also George Bush’s fault that the residence was robbed to begin with. Is every other home invasion and robbery that takes place in the United States worthy of attention in areas beyond that in which the crime took place? This event will probably get more attention on Conservative talk radio than accurate accounts of the knockout game primarily as a phenomena where Trayvonite Blacks deliberately seek out White victims upon which to inflict significant cranial injury or stories of activist minorities fabricating attacks by Caucasian marauders will in the mainstream press. There, this might not be talk radio, but now it cannot be said that this story was not at least mentioned in conservative social media. But since it does not promote the “Whites are terrible; aren’t Blacks mistreated” mentality, I guess it does not count.

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