Wednesday, May 28, 2014

In his condemnation of a man that ducked from a baseball bat hurling in his direction, Allan West heralded the woman that caught the bat as a “true Valkyrie, a strong woman of Sparta”. Besides mixing his mythologies, shouldn’t we now stop to ask some serious questions about Allan West if he intends to uplift Sparta as some kind of ideal to aspire to? It must be pointed out that Sparta was among the most communal of Greek city states where unfit children were deemed unworthy of continued existence, where youth were subject to state sanctioned pedophilia, and wife swapping was common. Apart from military prowess, Sparta actually had quite a bit in common with the platform of the Democratic party. If Colonel West finds it appropriate to mock a man instinctively getting out of the line of fire, should he be elected President, does that mean that he intends to forego Secret Service protection?

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