Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Granted. It’s probably not a good thing if a pulpit constantly dwells on topics such as “The Purpose-Driven life” and “Your Best Life Now”. However, often criticisms of these publications and topics are formulated in such a fashion that the proper Christian is to never take the time to consider these kinds. However, when a person is feeling hopeless or down in the dumps, is a constant and blunt haranguing of total depravity really going to uplift the individual. But then again, if the person was to somehow make it out of their own personal slough of despond, they might end up not as relying so much on the church leadership to pull them around like a cow with a ring it its nose. Some of these churches make the claim that either Jesus is the Lord of all or not Lord at all and about heap damnation upon those trying to ponder how that implications plays itself out beyond the Sunday morning worship service.

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