Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Why Shouldn't Parents Pay Children For Good Grades?

A discussion on 4/24/13 edition of WMAL's morning show considered whether or not it is proper for parents to pay children from good grades.

Fundamentally, shouldn't this be for each family to work out for themselves without the opinion of outsiders carrying much weight one way or the other?

What's so wrong for education to be incentivized quantifiably?

Those opposed to this economic exchange with the context of one of life’s closest relationships are often at their heart the most avowed adversaries of capitalism and the free market.

Often, those opposed to parents providing some kind of tangible motivation encouraging academic achievement insist knowledge ought to be its own reward.

But even if knowledge does nothing more than position you to see what frauds most people are and to be able to sneer down your nose at the duped condescendingly, what’s the point of acquiring knowledge if not for some kind of advantage?

Frederick Meekins

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