Friday, October 19, 2012

Walmart Smiley Frowns At Shutterbugs

Don't expect me to say anything good about Walmart any time soon.

I was in the "Holiday" section taking pictures of some decorations.

Some withered crone of a manager jumped all down my throat, asking me what I was taking pictures for.

I responded for my own pleasure.

She replied it was not permissible to take pictures in Walmart.

Are they afraid I was going to document them mistreating their employees?

Maybe I was taking the pictures to send to the Chinese slave children that made the ornaments but don't get to enjoy Christmas.

I guess a multibillion dollar corporation is afraid me making a dollar or two trying to sell the pictures at some rinky-dink craft fair is going to collapse their corporate structure.

I replied that I did not realize Walmart was so PISSY and walked off.

Those that worship at the altar of big business rather than common sense will reply that Walmart can set whatever policy it wants.


I am just as free to bad mouth them over my experience as much as I want.

From that smoking hag's response, you would have thought I was in the lady's lingerie department aiming my camera up under the fitting booth.

There wasn't even anybody else in that part of the store where this encounter took place.

Walmart needs to advance with the times on this issue.

We are well into the second decade of the 21st century.

Likely over half of those walking into these stores already have photographic technology on them in terms of either their smartphones, their tablet computers, or even stand alone pocket cameras.

You can't tell me other people don't take pictures of things in these stores that catch their eye. Perhaps some brave souls should start Take A Picture In Walmart Day.

by Frederick Meekins

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