Wednesday, August 03, 2011

The Friendly Neighborhood Mulatto Man

Turning Spider-Man into a half-Black and half-Hispanic individual is being justified on the grounds of opening up whole new narrative possibilities.

In other words, the plight of a studious White lad trying to look after his widowed Aunt just isn't as exciting as it use to be.

As leftist as Marvel Comics is becoming, in their mind it would probably be considered speciesist now for humanity to deny Galactus the opportunity to consume the Earth the next time he gets hungry.

Those opposed to the change in Spider-Man's ethnic background will be denounced as racist.

However, aren't those making the change the one's wallowing in ethnicity since they are the ones saying that a White wall-crawler isn't good enough in light of supposed advances in diversity though it is probably a safe bet to assume that the famed Marvel Bullpen is still predominately non-minority in terms of those weaving these illustrated adventures.

Would the very same tolerancemongers excited regarding the creative possibilities that a non-White Spider-Man opens up be as enthusiastic regarding a non-Black Fat Albert?

by Frederick Meekins

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