Tuesday, January 05, 2010

French Thought Police Plot To Invade Private Homes

This is to be done in the name of preventing "psychological violence".

However, what advocates of this law might not be telling you is that, to the left-leaning man-haters out there, this offense consists of little more than simply disagreeing with a woman, verbally boring into a woman during a spat started by a woman, or merely speaking to one when they've basically told you to shutup.

It should be interesting to see how this law plays out.

For you see, France is being overrun by Islamic immigrants and it is part of their religion to beat their wives and even kill them when they get out of line.

Since France is a Western European social democracy, in most instances these multiculturalists lack the spine to declare that a foreign culture is in the wrong.

Therefore, what will happen will be that the Muslims will continue to do whatever it is they do to their women and it will be the European male that will be further denuded for fear of criminal prosecution.

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