Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Is Albert Mohler Losing His Spine

While Dr. Mohler is to be commended for tackling the new spate of cussing clergy, in other respects it seems at times he may be losing his spine.

Earlier this year, he condemned Ann Coulter for her remarks about John Edwards (laregley in part because Edwards is married and Coulter, insinuating that somehow this makes Edwards a better Christian despite not honoring marriage vows). And now, Mohler has repented around the 28 minuted mark of the above broadcast for calling the British royal family "spectacularly maladjusted".

If we are to go into apoplexy over something that trivial, the culture war is already lost.

Much of Mohler's ministry centers around the need to return to sterotypical gender roles. If that is the case, Mohler should talk like a man and not like a pious but overly fastidious grandmother.

by Frederick Meekins

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