Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Second Episode Of Jericho

The second episode of Jericho's second season is a vast improvement over the first primarily because of subtle points mentioned rather than major dramatic elements.

For example, one character alludes to the fact that the contractor rebuilding the town "barcodes everything", causing the astute viewer to wonder if the townspeople might be next. Also of interest was the revisionist history text, the pending Constitutional convention (making you wonder what liberties will be abolished in the name of national security), and that the security contractors (Blackwateresque mercenaries) that came to loot the town in season one in what had to rank amonng one of the most dramatic hours in television histroy have been put in charge of Jericho by the shadowy Illuminati-like cabal behind the conspiracy.

This show is so hitting on the truth behind the scenes, don't look for it to be renewed for the fall.

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