Monday, July 09, 2007

Ming No Longer Merciless

According to, the primary antagonist in the pending Scifi Channel adaptation of Flash Gordon will no longer have the "Merciless" qualifer at the end of his name Ming in order to make him a more "well-rounded" 21st century style adversary.

While the new Baltar on the reimagination of Battlestar Galactica grows on you after awhile as half the fun there was seeing how long it would take before it would be found out that he was in large part responsibile for the surprise attack on the Colonies as a result of his womanizing rather than lust for power as was the case of the original Baltar, it only works in part by making him a bit of a sympathetic yet mildly comedic buffoon with the Cylon Seven showing up to titillate him at the most inappropriate times.

One can only hope one of science fiction's archetypal characters will not be ruined in a similar manner.

At least the promotional advertisements are retaining musical allusions to the Queen theme song from the Flash Gordon Movie. "FLASH!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!"

by Frederick Meekins

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